A full ERP system designed by Construction Industry Solutions for construction and heating, a/c and ventilation companies.


COINS is a total solution for contracting: winning contract, performing contracts, performing maintenance contracts, and managing the business. COINS software can be accessed securely using in-house networks, via the Internet, or from wireless devices.

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COINS modules are fully integrated and specifically designed to meet the needs of the construction industry. Key modules are listed below:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Call Management System
  • Construction Billing
  • Construction Information Manager (imaging and workflow)
  • Equipment Management
  • General Ledger
  • Human Resources
  • Inventory
  • Job Status
  • Marketing
  • Mobile Technician
  • Payroll
  • Production Tracking
  • Project Management
  • Purchase Order
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Service Management
  • Subcontract Management

With over 30 years experience developing software and services for the construction industry, COINS can help you use your IT systems to increase profitability.

Accounts Payable

COINS Accounts Payable helps you do a better job of planning and disbursing your firm’s cash. Designed specifically for construction companies, COINS Accounts Payable is full of features to make your job easier:

Enter vendor and subcontract invoices on flexible, user-definable screens.

  • Handle discounts, charge-backs, pre-payments, partial payments, and voids easily and securely.
  • Enter and monitor contract labor.
  • Process A/P invoices, checks, and manual payments in batches for greater security and control.
  • Enforce the invoice approval process by using automatic holds.
  • Generate lien waivers.
  • Produce annual 1099 forms.
  • Review invoices and payments online using on-screen inquiry with drill down.

Accounts Receivable

COINS Accounts Receivable helps you manage current receivables and retention receivable and easily recalls complete billing and cash receipt histories for each job. As part of the COINS accounting package, Accounts Receivable is designed to optimize profitability through better management of receivables. It lets you:

  • Monitor accounts receivable and retention receivable.
  • Accrue finance charges.
  • Send statements.
  • Automatically update job costs with billings and cash receipts.
  • Determine over/under billing and job profitability on a timely basis.
  • Manage and document the collection process
  • Provide quick access to customer history and account information.

Call Management System

The Call Management System is a comprehensive service scheduling and dispatch system that is tightly integrated with COINS Service Management. Designed specifically for construction companies with service operations, CMS is full of features to make your job easier:

  • Quickly enter service calls.
  • Use ýdrag & dropý scheduling boards to assign, reassign, reschedule, dispatch, and complete calls.
  • Spot schedule conflicts and easily reschedule visit.
  • Page technicians automatically with new or changed calls.
  • Seamless integration with optional Mobile Technician wireless application.

The Call Management System also features built-in review and approval workflow for payroll, inventory transfers, and work order billing.

Construction Billing

COINS Construction Billing facilitates the entire construction billing process, helping ensure that bills are accurate and complete. It lets you:

  • Retrieve costs, quantities, or productivity measurements from COINS Job Status.
  • Calculate invoice amounts automatically, based on multipliers, price schedules or billing rates.
  • Set caps or ýnot to exceedý amounts.
  • Bill and track change orders separately from the base contract.
  • Manage the internal review and approval process.

COINS Construction Billing supports the types of billing common in the construction industry, such as lump sum (AIA), time and materials (T&M), and unit price billings.

Construction Information Manager

COINS Information Manager (CIM) provides document management and control to support your construction business. CIM makes it simple to scan, route, and add notes to documents for key business and functional processes and then easily access documents related to the data that you are currently viewing in a COINS session.

Key features include:

  • Workflow management to control the movement of documents through your company for entry, review, approval, and other activities.
  • Scanning of individual paper invoices, insurance certificates, packing slips, contracts, and other types of documents.
  • Distributed access to documentation within the business, as allowed by security rules.
  • Seamless integration with COINS.
  • Automated indexing to COINS.
  • Embedded email capabilities.

Equipment Management

The COINS Equipment Module is designed to handle all aspects of construction equipment management: charge equipment to jobs, bill for equipment use, track costs, maximize equipment profitability, and more. Key features include:

  • Charge owned and leased equipment usage to jobs and customers.
  • Track revenue by piece of equipment or equipment class.
  • Track detailed costs (ownership and operating) by piece of equipment.
  • Track equipment by location.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance and repairs and monitor associated costs and downtime.
  • Monitor costs and charges for better determination of rates and greater profitability.
  • Track the personal use of company vehicles, sending required information to the COINS Payroll module.

General Ledger

The COINS General Ledger Module is designed specifically for construction companies to summarize company-wide financial information and help better manage your business. It includes:

  • Intercompany accounting and reporting capabilities.
  • Journal entries automatically created by transactions in other COINS modules for accuracy and minimal direct input.
  • Monthly and interim financial statements.
  • User-defined accounting structure for companies, divisions, profit centers, and accounts.
  • User-defined financial statements for maximum control of the contents and formatting.
  • User-defined financial ratios to help you evaluate financial statement information.

Human Resources

The COINS Human Resource Suite meets the special needs of construction companies with comprehensive employee administration. The Human Resource Suite centralizes employee processing in one secure repository. It includes 5 major components, each designed for the construction company environment:

  • Base H/R: employee information, employee relations, training and development.
  • Applicant/Employee Tracking: position requisitions and applicants (employee and external applicants).
  • Benefits Management: eligibility and enrollment in health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, cafeteria plans, 401(k) plans, and other defined benefit plans.
  • Safety Administration: incident information, workers compensation claims, OSHA reporting, safety inspections, citations, and safety analysis.
  • Time and Attendance: attendance and accrual information based on Payroll time card information for vacation, sick time, and other accrual plans that you define.


The Inventory functions of the Purchase Order/Inventory Module enable the user to enter and print purchase orders, process receipt of goods, adjust inventory quantities, track inventory at different locations, and process physical inventory counts.

Job Status

COINS Job Status helps you grow your business by increasing profitability and providing instant status reports for owners. Real-time business intelligence identifies troubled areas so you can make decisions that optimize revenue and reduce expense. COINS Job Status has the features you need to control costs for greater profits, including:

  • Job costs automatically updated by other COINS modules.
  • Computer-calculated cost projections.
  • Comparisons of incurred with estimated at completion dollar, hour, and quantity information.
  • Project Managers Forecast Menu used to make current job cost forecasts.
  • Contract status and job status reports in detail or summary by job, project manager, job type, etc.
  • Advanced revenue recognition capabilities and automatic over/under billing calculations.
  • Indirect and overhead cost recovery.
  • Special reports designed for Lump Sum, Unit Price, Cost Plus, and Time & Materials jobs and jobs controlled by construction managers.


COINS Marketing is designed to support the marketing activities of a typical construction company, including the following key functions:

  • Record and maintain information on companies and their contacts.
  • Record and track leads.
  • Track companies and contacts against projects.
  • Track internal personnel allocated to projects.
  • Track links between internal personnel and external contacts.
  • Record details of meetings, correspondence and diary activities and share them with others in your organization
  • Manage the project bidding process.
  • Coordinate and manage PR events.
  • Monitor the bid or proposal process.
  • Perform bid win/loss analysis.

In addition, COINS Marketing enables you to define role-based steps involved in a business process via the Activity Workbench.

Mobile Technician

Mobile Technician makes use of affordable mobile devices and reliable technology to send information to field technicians and capture information from them during the call, which it sends back to COINS for back office processing. Mobile Technician lets you:

  • Eliminate rekeying data from handwritten service reports.
  • Email the signed service report to the customer as soon as the work is completed.
  • Track technicians in real time for more effective dispatching and increased productivity.
  • Maximize sales opportunities for additional work.
  • Prepare invoices more quickly.

COINS Service Management and CMS include a workflow system that electronically routes information from Mobile Technician. This results in more accurate payroll, billings, contract history, and equipment history, with no redundant data entry.


COINS Payroll is a complete construction payroll package that handles the complex demands of construction payroll processing: security, tax calculations, fringe and deduction calculations, check printing, and more. COINS Payroll meets a wide variety of processing requirements:

  • User-definable time card entry screen.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payroll cycles.
  • Multiple states, localities, and/or unions within one pay period for any employee.
  • Multiple ways of recording employee time, such as by job/phase/cost code, equipment, or work order.
  • Multiple labor pay and charge rates per payroll period for any employee.
  • Electronic direct deposit.
  • Layoff processing.
  • Creation of A/P invoices for taxes, fringes, and deduction payments.
  • Burdened payroll costs reflected as job, equipment, or work order costs.
  • Embedded business intelligence for analysis of time cards, earnings, calculations, employment and wage data.

Production Tracking

COINS Production Tracking is designed to help contractors determine progress toward completion of a job when work done is not easily measured at the cost code level.

In Production Tracking, cost codes are subdivided into Work Packages that represent physical sections (or drawings) of the area defined by the cost code. Each Work Package is further broken-down into the Operations (i.e., tasks) required to complete the Work Package. The result is accurate, detailed productivity measurements at the detailed level. As a result, accurate and automatic calculations can be made at the cost code level.

Project Management

COINS Project Management provides the tools that top-notch project managers need to record and control project communications and proactively manage change orders. Key features of Project Management include:

  • Set up a personal PM Dash Board, selecting from weather forecasts, calendar, task list, open issues list, and more.
  • Quickly enter, print, and find project communications of all types using project-level Contract Management menus: change requests, change orders, purchase orders, subcontracts, and more.
  • Organize, search for, and analyze project communications of all types, making it simpler to make well-informed decisions and meet project deadlines.
  • Customize templates for cover letters and other merged documents.
  • Add your corporate logo to forms and reports.

Purchase Order

The COINS Purchase Order/Inventory Module is designed specifically for the construction procurement process. It provides access to the purchase order, receipt, expediting, and other information that you need to order, track, receive, and pay for construction materials. Key features include:

  • Enter and print purchase orders on a user-definable entry screen.
  • Commit P/O costs to jobs, equipment, or work orders automatically.
  • Initiate subcontracts with purchase orders for better control.
  • Manage P/O revisions and change orders.
  • Track inventory, with multiple inventory locations.
  • Validate accounts payable invoices against the purchase order and prevent invoices that exceed purchase order amounts from being paid.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

COINS Reporting and Business Intelligence is a group of applications and technologies for querying and reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP), statistical analysis, forecasting, and data mining against the COINS database. A ‘business intelligence’ layer underpins the COINS reporting solution. It simplifies and extends your view of the COINS database, making the creation of even the most complex reports a relatively straightforward task.

Whether reporting and business intelligence is integral to your enterprise’s operations or you need it to meet a special requirement, COINS offers a solution. Three options are available:

  • Report Writer
  • Designer
  • Application Adaptor

Sales Order Processing

Use the COINS Sales Order Processing Module to quickly and efficiently handle all phases of order entry. You can use it to:

  • Enter sales orders. Several different kinds are supported, including normal orders, quotations, and Point of Sale (POS) orders.
  • Manage inventory in real time. Items are committed to an order immediately, and inventory is automatically adjusted upon shipment.
  • Automatically create back orders when items are not available in inventory.
  • Print pick lists, packing slips, and bills of lading.
  • Perform sales analysis and commission reporting.

Service Management

COINS Service Management is designed specifically for contractors with service operations. It address all facets of service: trouble calls, call scheduling, dispatching, billing, contracts, periodic maintenance with task checklists, and payroll.

  • Quickly enter, schedule, and dispatch service calls.
  • Generate and schedule periodic or preventive maintenance (PM) calls.
  • Produce detailed task lists for PM calls according to contract requirements.
  • Integrates with Mobile Technician for wireless field service.
  • Increase the speed and accuracy of billing with electronic routing, review and approval.
  • Track service profitability at the contract, work order, and customer level.
  • Monitor equipment history and costs.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction the option of self-serve access to service information.

Subcontract Management

Subcontract Management is accomplished using the COINS Accounts Payable Module. It lets you control subcontracts from the initial contract with a subcontractor through the final retention payment, including:

  • Flexible support for different types of subcontracts, including lump sum and unit price.
  • Subcontract change control.
  • Control and reporting of subcontract amounts, amounts billed, retention, and amounts paid on each subcontract.
  • Automatic creation of Unit Price pay estimates.
  • Subcontract compliance tracking of insurances and other issues, with automated invoice holds.
  • Lien waiver tracking.
  • Subcontractor ledger.

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User Reviews of COINS

Submitted on October 13th, 2019 by Anonymous

Using an iPad will help massively with paperwork and having to take off a number of elements with contract work.

To lead our business, we have to invest in the right technology so we can get the best out of our teams and get the best quality information. COINS is an industry leading product. A significant percentage of construction companies use COINS, so I think our company should be aligned with those companies and use the best technologies available.

We’ve tried to work with the developers to let them know what would work best for our industry, which has helped us get a software that is fit for our purpose.

This integrated system has a lot of benefits and gives the buyers more control.

Submitted on October 13th, 2019 by Neil Fitzsimmons

We have chosen the COINS Cloud to provide the business with an IT platform that will deliver a simplified, resilient and cost-effective IT service to all of our employees.

Submitted on October 13th, 2019 by Kevin Booth

We decided to look for a new ERP system 5 years ago. We’ve been in business for 25 years and our old system was not keeping up with technology. We wanted a fresh start to propel our company into the next generation.

We’re primarily in the home building segment, and trying to find someone who understands and specializes in home building was key for us. COINS definitely fills that need for us.

COINS has a great implementation team, they are very thorough, and at the end of the implementation, you’re going to get the results you desire. As simple as it sounds, having an up to date and accurate WIP schedule is great and COINS offers us that.

One of the reasons we chose COINS was their culture. We see it as a partnership, and COINS mimics our core culture. Everybody I’ve met shares our same core values and gives back through their foundation. Giving back to the community is important.