A full ERP system designed by Construction Industry Solutions for construction and heating, A/C, and ventilation companies.

Product Overview

COINS Software is tailored for the construction industry. The system transitions companies from manual, paper-intensive processes to integrated, mobile-supported operations. It features project delivery, finance and operations, supply chain, time management, and service management capabilities.


  • Responsive technical support
  • Supports paperless, mobile processes
  • Handles payroll preparation, project management


  • Additional costs for report modification
  • Documentation is sometimes outdated
  • Customization can increase the quality assurance load

Target Market

Construction companies with 200 to 5,000 employees seeking an industry-tailored ERP system​.


COINS software caters comprehensively to the construction industry, handling everything from contract acquisition and execution to maintenance contract fulfillment and overarching business management. It’s designed for access through various platforms including secure in-house networks, the internet, or via wireless devices, ensuring versatility and mobility.

COINS Key Features and Modules

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable: These modules ensure effective cash flow management, handling tasks like invoice processing, payment management, and maintaining comprehensive billing histories.
  • Call Management System: This system streamlines service scheduling and dispatching, offering functionalities like drag-and-drop scheduling and integration with the Mobile Technician app.
  • Construction Billing: The module simplifies the billing process, supporting various billing methods and integrating seamlessly with other COINS modules for cost and job status tracking.
  • Construction Information Manager: This module manages document control and workflow, providing scanning, indexing, and secure access to essential documents.
  • Equipment Management: It handles equipment allocation, cost tracking, and maintenance scheduling, ensuring optimal use and profitability of equipment.
  • General Ledger: Specifically designed for construction companies, it supports intercompany accounting and provides customizable financial statements and ratios.
  • Human Resources: Tailored for the construction sector, it manages employee data, benefits, safety administration, and attendance, encompassing all aspects of employee management.
  • Inventory Management: Within the Purchase Order/Inventory Module, it facilitates inventory control, purchase order management, and physical inventory counts.
  • Job Status: This module provides real-time insights into job costs and profitability, supporting informed decision-making for business growth.
  • Marketing: Designed to support construction marketing efforts, it includes functions for lead management, project bidding, and event coordination.
  • Mobile Technician: Enhances field service efficiency by providing real-time data transmission and collection, reducing manual data entry, and speeding up invoicing processes.
  • Payroll: A comprehensive solution for construction payroll, accommodating diverse processing needs and ensuring compliance with tax and labor regulations.
  • Production Tracking: Assists in detailed productivity measurement, facilitating accurate job completion tracking.
  • Project Management: Equips managers with tools for effective communication and change order management, enhancing project control.
  • Purchase Order: Streamlines procurement processes, offering tools for efficient purchase order management and inventory tracking.
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence: Offers a suite of applications for data analysis and reporting, enhancing visibility into business operations.
  • Sales Order Processing: Supports efficient order management from entry to fulfillment, integrating with inventory management for real-time updates.
  • Service Management: Covers all aspects of service operations, from call handling to billing and contract management.
  • Subcontract Management: Facilitated through the Accounts Payable Module, it offers comprehensive management of subcontractor relationships and compliance.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of COINS

Submitted on October 14th, 2019 by Anonymous

Using an iPad will help massively with paperwork and having to take off a number of elements with contract work.

To lead our business, we have to invest in the right technology so we can get the best out of our teams and get the best quality information. COINS is an industry leading product. A significant percentage of construction companies use COINS, so I think our company should be aligned with those companies and use the best technologies available.

We’ve tried to work with the developers to let them know what would work best for our industry, which has helped us get a software that is fit for our purpose.

This integrated system has a lot of benefits and gives the buyers more control.

Submitted on October 14th, 2019 by Neil Fitzsimmons

We have chosen the COINS Cloud to provide the business with an IT platform that will deliver a simplified, resilient and cost-effective IT service to all of our employees.

Submitted on October 14th, 2019 by Kevin Booth

We decided to look for a new ERP system 5 years ago. We’ve been in business for 25 years and our old system was not keeping up with technology. We wanted a fresh start to propel our company into the next generation.

We’re primarily in the home building segment, and trying to find someone who understands and specializes in home building was key for us. COINS definitely fills that need for us.

COINS has a great implementation team, they are very thorough, and at the end of the implementation, you’re going to get the results you desire. As simple as it sounds, having an up to date and accurate WIP schedule is great and COINS offers us that.

One of the reasons we chose COINS was their culture. We see it as a partnership, and COINS mimics our core culture. Everybody I’ve met shares our same core values and gives back through their foundation. Giving back to the community is important.