A full ERP system designed by Jonas Construction Software.

About Jonas Enterprise

The Jonas Enterprise solution is a fully integrated, highly flexible, industry specific software package designed for mid-sized construction and service management companies. Jonas Construction Software specializes in providing complete construction software products to run every facet of your operation, from construction accounting and job cost to service management and mobile field solutions.

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Strengths of the Jonas Solution Include:

  • Fully Integrated: Jonas Enterprise has over 40 modules to select from, each module is designed in-house and works seamlessly with all other elements of the * Jonas software system. This maximizes data accuracy and efficiency by eliminating duplicate data entry.
  • Reporting: Jonas Software includes hundreds of standard reports, along with a variety of fully-configurable report generators. This means that you can create the exact reports you need, when you need them.
  • Ease of Use: Jonas Enterprise is highly configurable. During implementation, Jonas will ensure that the system matches and supports your internal processes–not the other way around.
  • Security: Jonas is extremely secure, with a user-level management system that allows you to tightly define what individual users can access within the system. The security functionality is supplemented with detailed audit trails allowing you to follow up on any irregular entries
  • Stability: Over 1200 construction companies, 15,000 users–with revenue ranging from $5 MM to over $100-- use Jonas Construction Software every day as their core enterprise management solution. Not only is this software exceptionally robust, it’s also backed by a highly experienced team of accounting, software and construction industry experts that are available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Jonas solution is comprised of logically-grouped modules described as Systems. Clients have assembled solutions made up of a combination of the following systems to best meet their unique operational needs.

Accounts Payable

With the Accounts Payable (AP) module, managing supplier and subcontract invoices to gain better control over cash flow couldn’t be easier. Let the system choose which invoices to pay based on Due date and possible lost discounts. Automate functions like lien waivers, holdback / retainage release, direct deposit payments and recurring payables. There are flexible purchase categories, discount terms and payment terms. Issue print checks, manual checks, online payments and/or credit card payments. Set up recurring payments. Easy to use, one-click reversals with a full audit trail.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable (AR) module gives you full control over client invoicing and receivables and gives your accounting group a simple and accurate tool to manage cash receipts. Posted invoices are stored to allow quick processing; one click reversals, copies to be e-mailed right from the screen, invoice copying to create a new invoice or a quick way to see; invoices for a customer, by job, by date range, etc. All from the same screen. In addition, holdback / retainage is calculated and released automatically. Sales can be analyzed by; sales rep, categories, customer type, job, etc. Special features include flexible finance charges and a contra to AP features to use when your customer is also your vendor.

Change Order Management

The Change Order Management module tracks requests-for-information (RFIs) from inception through approval to ensure that money is never left on the table. Creating and monitoring potential changes to the scope of work couldn’t be easier. And when change orders are created, the Change Order Management module automatically updates the estimate, progress billing and subcontract if applicable.

Equipment Management

Managing your equipment is key to managing your business. In the Equipment Management module, every piece of equipment is considered a profit center. You can manage up to seven different rate levels for charging equipment to jobs and work orders, and sophisticated depreciation calculations and maintenance scheduling reporting, you gain a better understanding of the true cost of each piece of equipment while simplifying own, rent or lease decisions.

Integration between the Equipment Management and Payroll modules eliminates duplicate data entry when accounting for operator time.

Fixed Assets

The Jonas Fixed Assets module allows you to closely monitor the location and value of your fixed assets and simplifies the management of depreciation and amortization. Track assets by category and location with related purchase and selling prices, and calculate depreciation with automatic monthly journal entries using a variety of rates and methods.

General Ledger

The Jonas General Ledger is fully GAAP compliant and designed specifically for contractors, the General Ledger module is both powerful and easy to use. Open accounting period flexibility allows you to work in the current period (month, quarter, year, etc.) while the previous period is still open. User-level security clearly defines who can post transactions to any given period, and multi-company accounting automatically completes routine inter-company transactions.


The Jonas Inventory module provides a way to track and cost parts and other materials. Inventory can be charged to jobs and work orders directly through the Inventory module, or from the Job Cost and Service modules.

Job Cost

Now you have all the tools you need to manage your projects from the beginning bid through completion. The Jonas Job Cost application manages all aspects of project administration through a single screen. Integration with other Jonas applications means you have access to critical information to manage your business more effectively.


The U.S. payroll system provides exceptional flexibility to meet the needs of virtually any payroll situation, including processing of unionized payroll, certified payroll, and apprentice work. Multi-direct deposit/check features offer flexibility for both employees and contractor.


The Jonas Procurement module automatically generates purchase order batches for stock replacement or specific jobs. The system can identify preferred vendors or vendors that offer the lowest cost to improve your buying power.

Purchase Orders

Knowing what to buy and when to buy is key to managing your business. With the Purchase Order module, you can manage your RFPs and approved purchase orders from a single repository. Configurable data entry control and revision tracking allows you to customize the purchasing process to fit your particular business needs. Note: purchase orders for inventory and non-inventory items can be created automatically via the Procurement module or manually through the Purchase Order module.

Subcontract Control

The Subcontract Control module makes managing complex tasks automated and easy. Full integration of the Subcontract Control module with the other Jonas solution elements allows subcontract information to flow seamlessly throughout the entire system, creating commitments for subcontracts as well as automatic alerts for expired insurance certificates. This robust module also tracks all required certificates, creates subcontract change orders and allows you to manage holdback / retainage.

Time and Attendance

Managing your time has never been easier with the Time & Attendance application from Jonas. This program consists of a comprehensive accrual program for plan hours eliminating the need for manual calculation and complexities associated with vacation and sick pay rules. T & A provides timely information for both employer and employee to make informed decisions.

Tool Crib

The Tool Crib module is designed to allow you to know where your tools are at all times. This program provides a complete system for tracking and locating your tools, whether they are in the shop, on a job site or out for repair.

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User Reviews of Jonas Enterprise

Submitted on August 18th, 2020 by Anonymous

Buyer Beware…System is not user friendly. You will have to hire more employees for the same amount of work as the system is not effecient.

The Good…

Service Dispatch Board

The Bad…

Everything!! Not user friendly. Not efficient. Takes 3 times as long to do a simple task like billing a customer.

Submitted on August 5th, 2019 by Anonymous

Payroll in Jonas is horrible. You can create your own reports but you have to pick the data from a small list of data, not the data you need. Vacation if accrued by anniversary date has big problems. Data for an employee is in pieces all over the place. Deductions require an ongoing life balance (2017 deduction must be added to 2019 balances) and doesn’t show how much is remaining on the deduction. Group agreements for fringe cost has required me to setup one for each employee, during open enrollment this will take hours to change before doing payroll. Lots of other problems, their accounting department uses Great Plains software.

The Good…

I like the job cost part of the program so far. Fairly easy to use.

The Bad…

Payroll & A/P

Submitted on July 17th, 2018 by Anonymous

The solution is just getting old from a functionality stand point. It’s really hard for me to get any reporting or data out of the solution

Submitted on October 15th, 2015 by Frank Calfa Jr

I’ve been using Jonas since 2008. We had a canned solution. It was a moderate accounting system but we used it a lot. There was no intergration between accounting and job costing. When we closed at the first year, we thought we could just put it in the computer and everything would come out. Come December 31st, it was a mess because job costing and accounting were not matching up. We ended up having to close on a monthly basis and it was a nightmare trying to close and match up job costing and accounting.

Going with Jonas, they have integration so the two are locked at the hip. We’d rarely go off between accounting and job costing. They are always matched. The project managers now are working with real-time data and can recover costs quickly.