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About Maestro*ERP

Maestro* ERP is an all-inclusive tool integrating contact management, timesheets, sub-trade management and flexible billing. Maestro* ERP is specifically designed to meet the estimating, job costing, project management and accounting needs of general contractors and construction managers.


  • Automatically create budgets, subcontracts, purchase orders and billing contracts
  • Maintain pricing in product and resource catalogues
  • Quickly develop estimates using modules and templates
  • Calculate profitability by applying various mark-up rates
  • Extend functionality through embedded Excel worksheets
  • Bid management

Budget Management:

  • Original and modified budgets
  • Drill down on changed budgets to see change orders details
  • Lock-out individual phase/activity codes to stop posting of future expenses

Project Management:

  • Detailed project inquiries with multi-level drill down
  • Easily attach electronic documents such as faxes, emails, RFIs, RFQs, plans, photos and others
  • Automatically log emails and fax transmittals
  • Create submittal and drawing logs Customizable management of all project issues and other details
  • Centralized management of project changes and issues with automatic update of budget, billing contract and subcontracts

Commitment Management:

  • Automatically create purchase orders from estimates
  • Automatically create and update subcontracts from estimates and change orders

Time & Equipment Costing:

  • Easy entry timesheets including Excel import
  • Linked payroll

In addition, the following technology and general features are applicable to all business types mentioned.

  • Fully bi-lingual (English/French)
  • XML Transaction Engine
  • XML Web Server
  • MS Outlook Integration
  • MS Excel Integration
  • MS Word Integration
  • MS Office Integration
  • Pivotal Data Inquiries
  • Unlimited Drill Down or Data Navigation
  • Unlimited User Defined Fields
  • Excel Import/Export
  • List Generator
  • Integrated Email/Fax with Transmittal History
  • Integrated Electronic Document Management
  • Extensive User Security
  • Billing options:
    • Multiple billing formats including progress billing, cost plus, lump sum, time & material and others
    • Automatically create and update billing contracts from estimating and change orders
  • General Accounting:
    • Apply holdbacks to all transactions
    • Create payment approval processes and enter cash receipts
    • Design comprehensive financial reporting
    • Drill down on financial reports in real-time
  • Payroll:
    • Automatically import time from maestro* job costing
    • Manage multiple unions and print ROE’s, T4’s and T4a’s
    • Supports both Canadian or US payroll

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User Reviews of Maestro*ERP

Submitted on December 16th, 2013 by Anonymous

Complete ERP for heavy construction company including project management, preventive maintenance scheduling & accounting.

The Good…

All inclusive, no need for a third party product for our needs. Work order, contract management, project analysis, preventive maintenance all in one software bundle.

The Bad…

Some bugs in the beginning, still some to sort out. Support is slow at solving issues.