A full ERP system designed by Penta Technologies for large enterprises.


Built with state-of-the-art technology and an open ORACLE database, PENTA delivers with Project Management, Financial Management, Equipment Cost Control and Labor Management.

PENTA’s Project Management Module is a comprehensive solution that allows you to increase margins through better job and cost control. PENTA manages labor productivity, complex work breakdown structures, complete and accurate forecasting, inter-department information sharing, and unresolved claims management.

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PENTA achieves this through:

  • Real time database updates upon data capture and entry
  • Trend analysis reporting
  • Comprehensive job forecasting
  • Customized job inquiry
  • Oracle open system design
  • Change request management

PENTA Financial Management Is:

  • Never out of balance due to PENTA’s edit controls and Oracle’s Rollback and recovery.
  • Built with unique Organizational Unit structure for complex financial reporting
  • Complete with automated closing features and foreign exchange capability
  • Robust, intuitive and integrated into the complete PENTA suite of modules
  • One system capable of meeting all your organization’s unique and complex needs.

PENTA’s Equipment Management Module provides comprehensive, complete and accurate cost data for your equipment management decisions. PENTA alleviates the need to rent, and incur additional expense by empowering you with the location of every piece of your equipment, its current status and usage, and alerting you to necessary Preventive Maintenance requirements.

PENTA delivers with:

  • Global visibility of equipment location and usage
  • Automatic project charges based upon equipment location
  • Integration with other PENTA modules to provide complete Fixed Asset depreciation
  • Rates by job, cost code, contract type, rate schedules
  • Reports to track and quantify expense, revenue and usage

PENTA provides valuable information to reduce equipment cost, improve maintenance scheduling, increase revenues and ensure the highest rate of usage possible for each piece of equipment.

PENTA’s Labor Management Module provides accurate and timely information to the Job Cost system with real time updates from point of data entry through reporting. Upon entry, data is available for cost reporting throughout the system. Remote from job sites or via collected time cards, PENTA’s Labor Management gives you:

  • Rate tables and self-adjusting fringe benefit calculations
  • Automatic Davis-Bacon work calculations
  • The ability to handle reciprocity cross charges
  • Automatic production and distribution of layoff checks
  • Reports for leased employee payroll

PENTA also offers powerful drill down tools for detailed job cost information down to the payroll transaction level in a real-time, on-line environment allowing for the tightest control at every level.

Distinguishing Features

PENTA, the enterprise engine for e-commerce, is the only financial and project management solution on the market specifically designed from the ground up for the construction industry. A total enterprise software solution including job costing, PENTA offers seamless integration of project management, financial management, equipment cost control and labor management.

It is widely recognized as a leading system solution for A/E/C organizations and is fully engineered and built using state-of-the-art software development techniques designed for superior depth of product and ease of use. From Financial Systems, Project Management, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, to Inventory, Labor, and Fixed Asset/Equipment Cost, PENTA offers unparalleled flexibility and customization.

Project Management, Including:

  • Job Costing or job cost accounting
  • Time and Billing
  • Subcontractor Control
  • Change order/Variance Control
  • Materials Management
  • Purchasing and Item Tracking
  • Accounts Payable

General Ledger and Financial Reporting, Including:

  • Inter-Company Transaction Processing
  • Inter-Company Consolidations
  • Multi-Currency Accounting

Payroll, Including:

  • Time Recording
  • Labor Distribution
  • Employee and Department Utilization
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Client Billing
  • Fixed Asset Management

Equipment Costing, Including:

  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling
  • Usage Analysis
  • Cost Analysis

PENTA is built upon widely accepted open systems information technologies allowing easy integration with products outside the PENTA suite. This is just one of the ways PENTA focuses on meeting the challenges faced by large firms with sophisticated management requirements that involve multi-company organizational structures, diverse project management needs, geographically dispersed locations, and international operations. As a result, the PENTA customer base now includes some of the most prominent firms in the worldwide E&C industry.

PENTA Accounts Payable

PENTA’s Accounts Payable function offers powerful control over your organization’s complete accounts payable process. From allowing unlimited cost distributions to a single invoice to automatically determining payment distribution systems or calculating currency conversion, PENTA’s Account Payable functionality automatically keep keeps your cost-to-complete current and systems completely balanced.

PENTA Accounts Receivable

PENTA’s Accounts Receivable module helps you easily control the complexities of recording and maintaining sales, tracking cash receipts and monitoring retentions. You benefit from improved collections and increased cash flow with flexible customer master information, on-line, interactive recording of receipts, and extensive historical summaries and detailed on-line inquiry capabilities and automatic A/R statements.

PENTA Auditing

PENTA quickly creates easy to follow audit trails that let you trace any transaction from a summary level down to the details: who entered a transaction, where they were working at the time, and when it was entered.

PENTA Bill of Materials

PENTA allows essential job item tracking to help you maintain better control over costs. Whether your need is to track parts, material, stock item or assembly, PENTA allows you to classify all items you order or track as part of the system. You can uniquely identify each and link them to specific jobs, purchase order line items, or track based on actual costs by linking to an AP invoice. PENTA’s Bill of Materials functionality powerfully handles all the details associated with billing.

PENTA Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

With fully integrated financial and project management modules, PENTA is a powerful addition in your budgeting, planning, and forecasting toolbox. It offers complete freedom to set up financial reporting structures that conform exactly to your operations no matter how large of complex. This freedom is balanced by rigorous controls that ensure data integrity and reliability.

Further, PENTA offers comprehensive budget vs. actual reporting, including maintenance of multiple budgets; budget information setup and summarized reporting facilitated through use of budget-only general ledger accounts.

PENTA Cash Management

From anticipating due dates, automatically generating positive pay files to protect against check fraud, and developing cash positioning reports on jobs or projects to managing the ability to track and record on collection ability and offering a committed cost feature to prevent overpayment or unauthorized payment to vendors or subcontractors, PENTA’s Cash Management puts you in control.

PENTA Fixed Asset Management

Construction or CAD equipment is an important source of revenue for certain types of engineering and construction firms. Companies who charge equipment out to projects need tools to help monitor expenses and revenues generated by their equipment to gauge how effectively it is being used. PENTA’s Fixed Asset and Equipment Cost modules provide these tools.

PENTA Foreign Currency Conversion

PENTA is fully multi-currency capable.

PENTA General Ledger

PENTA’s General Ledger functionality offers a powerful, real-time method of tracking your accounting activities while giving you complete control and flexibility over the system. With extensive drill down capabilities and attractive, easy to use windows, you can see a high level overview of your entire system or simply click on any item to drill down to the detail level.

PENTA Inventory Control

PENTA’s Inventory Management system consists of four key components: product management, inventory control, sales order entry and billing, and procurement. These four components are designed with an eye for integration and with enough flexibility to meet your requirements should you need to track finished goods inventory management.

PENTA Job Cost

PENTA’s Job Cost functionality helps you manage your projects via comprehensive cost and revenue tracking, detailed reporting, user specified distribution and allocation, and comprehensive status features.

PENTA Payroll

For labor-intensive organizations, payroll is one of the largest administrative challenges. PENTA’s Payroll module can drastically reduce the overhead required to manage your company’s payroll. Its integrations with the Job Cost module highlights potential overruns and provides easy access to labor cost details so you can quickly identify and correct problems.

PENTA Project Management

Effective control of project cost has been identified as the single most important engineering and cost management activity in terms of impact on profitability. The experience of PENTA’s design and support staff, the versatility of PENTA’s coding mechanisms, and the power and flexibility of PENTA’s reporting tools combine to give you the competitive edge you need in this vital area.

PENTA Purchase Order

PENTA Purchasing is fully integrated with Job Cost, General Ledger, Invoicing, and Fixed Asset modules giving you complete detailed on-line queries and the ability to track and forecast purchases to meet your needs.

PENTA Report Writer

In addition to extensive on-line drill down queries from all PENTA modules, PENTA offers a comprehensive array of hundreds of standard reports with click and print functionality. Easily modified and with easy to read templates, PENTA reporting is fast and simple. Custom reports are also available based upon specific needs.

PENTA Time & Billing

PENTA offers powerful Time and Billing functionality. Whether remote or in-office, PENTA offers automatic booking of payroll accruals as open payables in Accounts Payable. You can use the Labor and Overhead Distribution report to review and verify your labor costs and associated overhead amounts; or use the Labor Hours Distribution and Labor Hours Distribution by Project Manager reports when you want to keep pay information confidential.

PENTA also offers certified payroll reports that provide you with labor cost information - categorized by job - that you can submit to the government or use to substantiate work you have performed for your customers; including itemized payroll taxes, deductions, reimbursements, fringe benefit amounts, and the net pay amount at the employee check level for government reporting.

Or, use it to substantiate work performed by summarizing to the project level, breaking out only that portion of the employee pay relevant to a selected project.

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Product Overview

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User Reviews of PENTA

Submitted on February 11th, 2015 by Anonymous

PENTA is a good fit for mid-sized to large commercial and industrial contractors, including Electrical Contractors, Mechanical / HVAC Contractors, Fire Protection Contractors, Heavy Civil Contractors and EPCs— particularly those who manage a lot of labor — but not typically for those who are focused on residential construction.

The Good…

PENTA was built to meet the demands of commercial and industrial field service organizations that manage equipment, maintenance agreements, inspections and more.

PENTA makes field techs, crew foremen, service managers and support staff more efficient with a complete system designed to manage: • dispatching, work orders, customer service history, maintenance contracts and more • mobile field service using an iPad app • recording and transmitting of job labor, equipment, and production data from the field • inspections • info flows into core financials.

With PENTA, you can even give your customers self-service access to service history via a Customer Portal, reducing your support costs, building stronger customer relationships, and enhancing revenue.

The Bad…

PENTA isn’t an estimating package, but it does allow you to use an estimating tool you prefer.