Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

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A full ERP system designed by Sage. Formerly Sage Timberline Office.

About Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (formerly Sage Timberline Office) has proven accounting and estimating applications, covering the entire project lifecycle. Integrated Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate product suites include accounting, estimating, procurement, production management, project management, property management, and service management applications as well as reporting and other tools. These products help construction and real estate professionals manage projects, run real-time reports, track costs, produce estimates, forecast cash flow, evaluate properties, and more.

Backing its software products with award-winning support, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate serves the needs of commercial and industrial contractors, corporate owners, real estate developers, real estate managers, residential builders, specialty and service contractors, and government.

Among the more than 65 separate software applications available from Sage Timberline, there is a unique combination that will create an optimum solution tailored to the needs of your organization.


Within its suite of accounting products, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate offers the following applications.

Accounts Payable - Accounts Payable puts you in charge of the entire payables process - from the minute invoices come in your door, through the approval process, payment selection, and check printing. Invoice entry is simple and efficient with a spreadsheet entry grid that can be navigated by keyboard or mouse. Payment selection is even easier with a process that can select invoices to pay by any criteria you define. And generating vendor checks is a snap with advanced check-writing capabilities like two-party checks and customizable checks and stubs.

Accounts Receivable - Accounts Receivable gives you tools to stay in touch with clients and on top of receivables to proactively manage your cash position. Solid accounting capabilities make it simple to process cash receipts accurately and quickly. Automatically post payments to the oldest outstanding invoice or manually post individual invoices or items. Enter unapplied customer payments and miscellaneous job cost receipts all in one session. And easily issue debit and credit adjustments as needed.

Billing - Use Billing to create free-form customer invoices at any time. Or take advantage of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s integration to automatically produce time-and-material, cost plus, lump sum, progress billing, and unit-priced invoices based on your contracts.

Cash Management - Cash Management is an easy-to-use tool that lets you view and track cash transactions generated in Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Accounts Payable, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Job Cost, and Property Management applications and reconcile them with your company’s bank statements and general ledger. What’s more, Cash Management also simultaneously tracks your register and bank balances, giving you a simple way to stay on top of your cash flow and ensure that accounts are funded at optimum levels.

Contracts - Provided with Accounts Receivable, Contracts manages the details of your customer agreements in one convenient location to drive billings, coordinate receivables processing, and enhance change order management.

Equipment Costs - Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s fully integrated Equipment Cost module manages the details of equipment cost, revenue and usage to help you maximize your return on investment.

Financial Statement Designer - Financial Statement Designer allows you to quickly and efficiently modify predefined financial statements or create your own custom statements from scratch. The Financial Statement Designer makes it easy to define the contents of each column, perform calculations on financial data, and print statements for current and prior periods.

General Ledger - General Ledger is Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s storehouse for financial activity and history. Accounting information from other Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate applications flows seamlessly to General Ledger where it’s stored in an account format that you customize to fit your business. There, the information is easily retrieved and reported using integrated information access tools. Tight integration ensures that subsidiary ledgers stay in balance with the general ledger, that clear audit trails lead to original activity, and that account reconciliation is fast and efficient. General Ledger’s flexible accounting format allows you to maintain multiple divisions, regions or companies within the same database. And customizable reports and financial statements let you present the numbers in virtually any format required by your company or business partners.

Job Cost - Job Cost gives you complete control over commitment and change order management. Enter subcontracts and purchase orders directly into Job Cost, or import them from other programs, then track them against invoices for total control of committed costs. And manage every step of the change order process–from pending through approval–to ensure change order profitability. Using integrated information access tools, your project information is always immediately available. Interactive inquiries let employees view information–such as potential cost overruns, percent complete, and production units in place–onscreen in seconds. And customizable reports let you calculate and print information in any format you choose for in-depth project analysis.

Payroll - Payroll processes even the most complex construction payrolls automatically. And information generated in Payroll flows throughout your accounting for cost analysis.

Remote Time Entry - Remote Time Entry is an efficiency tool designed to enhance payroll productivity and labor cost management. Using Remote Time entry, labor information can be entered directly at the job site then transferred electronically to the home office for efficient posting to Payroll.

Bid Management

It can be challenging to build and manage bidder lists, not to mention putting bids together quickly and efficiently in order to submit a proposal on time. And, once a project is awarded, it often becomes a race against time to engage with and select subcontractors so construction can begin. Keeping track of the sheer number of back-and-forth communications throughout the entire process is overwhelming–not to mention the inevitable sharing and tracking of changes that arise throughout the project. With Sage Bid Management you’ll experience true collaboration among everyone on the project including estimators, subcontractors, and material suppliers. The solution helps estimators and bid coordinators automate and more efficiently manage the entire bid process. As a result, estimators can spend more time on vendor/subcontractor prequalification, selection and negotiating the best contract terms. Best of all, information can be viewed, accessed, and shared with bidders from a single, convenient, and secure online location. With improved visibility into project documentation, you’ll gain better control throughout the preconstruction phase of every project–laying the foundation for successful and profitable projects.

Effectively Manage Your Entire Bid Process

Sage Bid Management allows estimators and bid coordinators to efficiently manage all aspects of the invitation to bid process. Share all types of files; find, view, and track who has what while you’re away from the office or just on the go!

  • Select, qualify, and send bid packages to best-fit and prequalified subcontractors.
  • Reduce the time spent answering questions on project details and specification changes by granting bidders access to up-todate documents online.
  • Easily track sub/supplier communications as well as document distribution throughout the preconstruction phase.
  • Get visibility into bid activity to reduce oversights and ensure you’re always up to date.
  • Spend less time on administrative churn and more time choosing the right sub and negotiating the best terms.

Improve Collaboration and Minimize Risk

Sage Bid Management keeps everyone in the loop with automated information sharing throughout the bid management process. With better visibility, you can monitor all activities including vendor certifications and prequalifications to help ensure you select the right sub or supplier for the job. You’ll also be able to better manage administrative tasks and reduce risk–leading to more profitable projects.


Within its suite of estimating products, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate offers the following applications.

Bid Management - Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s Bid Management–offered in Standard and Extended versions–provides the tools you need to save substantial time through every phase of the invitation-to-bid process. A password-protected, central online solution allows anyone in your organization to easily create invitation-to-bid packages (ITB) in minutes, and then efficiently distribute them to selected subcontractors via e-mail, by fax, or online. Bid Management assures that you’ll generate the bid response needed for timely, accurate and competitive estimates.

CAD Integrator - Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s CAD Integrator speeds the estimating process by utilizing a standardized language to define CAD objects and their associated objects. Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate draws on the common information format of Industry Foundation Classes (IFCs), used to standardize CAD objects such as doors, windows, walls or HVAC ductwork. Because the objects are universal, an IFC door is always recognized as a door, regardless of which CAD software you’re using.

Cut & Fill - In minutes, Cut & Fill determines quantities at an accuracy level difficult to match using manual takeoff methods. And a more accurate earthwork estimate means less money wasted on costly mistakes. This is the application to quickly calculate cut, fill and strip quantities by simply digitizing the boundary of work, contours, layers, and elevations for the existing and proposed surfaces. The software then determines the cut and fill quantities and graphically displays the results.

Database Editor - Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s Database Editor provides a set of Windows-based tools for streamlined setup and easy maintenance of the estimating databases you use with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate estimating software. Quickly add records and update fields in multiple records all at once. Global changes are immediately visible in a spreadsheet-style view. And database Editor ensures referential integrity of records throughout your database.

Digitizer - Digitizer lets you quickly and accurately generate linear, area, and counted takeoff in seconds. It’s the application to automate your entire digitizing process and reduce all your manual spreadsheet and paper calculations. Much of the timesaving benefits of Digitizer reside in its estimator-friendly dimension list. Rather than having to jot down digitized dimensions on a separate piece of paper or run manual calculations with an outside spreadsheet program, you can use Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate to automatically set up a customized dimension list. The dimension list stores all your regularly used dimensions that you can call on to complete an existing estimate or save for use with future estimates on similar jobs. You build your dimension list only once, not every time you start a new estimate.

ePlan Takeoff - Connecting Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s estimating software with On Center’s On-Screen Takeoff" application, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate ePlan Takeoff lets you generate counts and quantity takeoffs directly from electronic drawings for instant use in your estimates. ePlan Takeoff gives you the ability to quickly transfer project dimensions including lengths, areas, and volumes. It streamlines takeoff, provides a takeoff audit trail, and lets you create accurate estimates without ever needing to pore over bulky blueprints.

Estimating - Whatever your estimating demands, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate provides complete software that works the way you want it to. For a fast, accurate estimating system that’s easy to use, choose between Estimating Standard and Estimating Extended. Estimating Standard combines key estimating efficiencies with all the ease and intuitive point-and-click, drag-and-drop technology available. The software also serves as the foundation of our more advanced Estimating Extended. Estimating Extended offers you our most comprehensive package of advanced estimating tools. The software starts with the power of Estimating Standard and adds even greater takeoff, analysis and productivity capabilities.

Estimating Databases - Aside from Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s core Estimating application, which include sample databases with standard items and customizable estimating factors, you can also add industry-specific estimating databases. Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s estimating databases contain thousands of items and many assemblies you can use right away–with the added capability of incorporating your company’s estimating procedures and policies as they relate to unique items, formulas, assemblies, and productivity and conversion factors.

Estimating Explorer - Our Estimating Explorer software gives you the tools to organize, manage and analyze hundreds of estimates with ease. No more tracking down bids through bid journals or estimate archive logs. Instead, you can sort Explorer’s comprehensive master list of estimates by name, status, estimator or other criteria to find any estimate within seconds. Even manage your bid schedules using the software’s built-in calendar to log important events, such as bid dates, pre-bid meetings, and site inspections. Estimating Explorer not only organizes your estimates, but gives you the tools to stand back and analyze your work. Need to know what your estimating volume is in certain markets? Or how your unit costs vary by project type? Use Estimating Explorer’s management reports and graphs to quickly find the answers. Or link estimate information directly to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access for further analysis.

Estimating Report Manager - Estimating Report Manager simplifies the task of reporting on estimates that you produce with your Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate estimating software. For extensive analysis and reporting, you can easily export estimate data into a reportable file to use with Crystal Reports® or Microsoft® Access. Select any estimate for reporting, combine estimate items, round item quantities, allocate add-ons, and more. The software provides sample Crystal Report designs, including proposal templates and cross-tab reports, for professional-looking presentations of estimate information. It’s a simple way to organize and manage all estimating reports in one central location.

Estimating TRA-SER Integrator - This software automates item pricing, giving you the ability to import and update your Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate database with item pricing from the i2 Technologies solution. With Estimating TRA-SER Integrator, you have direct access to i2 TRA-SER Pro software–pricing service software for electrical, plumbing and HVACR components. You choose the i2 databases you want to use, which prices to import, and whether to adjust pricing by a multiplier or import it ýas is.ý Once you’ve set up the integration, maintaining item pricing is as simple as a few mouse clicks.

Estimating Viewer - Estimating Viewer makes it possible for anyone connected to your network to view and print Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate estimates. In addition, users have access to all the advanced sorting and reporting capabilities previously only available to estimators using Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s estimating software. So, at any time, someone can quickly see where costs and quantities have varied between two similar projects. Or zero in on where unit costs have changed between conceptual, interim, and final estimates. With Estimating Viewer, you have a safe way to share your estimate information, without having to be concerned with edits that could compromise your takeoff, database, or spreadsheets. Your data always remains intact, no matter how many people are reviewing it. And the ability to grant instant, electronic access means you no longer need to spend valuable time circulating estimates from one person to the next.

Mobile Estimating - Mobile Estimating offers a practical way to take estimating technology to the field. Designed for hand-held devices such as Palm Computing organizers, this application enables estimators to perform detailed takeoffs remotely and then transfer them into a Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate estimate for a detailed bid or change order. This is the tool to give you access to the same Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate estimating data you use back in the office. Cover page information, item numbers and descriptions, assembly numbers and descriptions, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) codes, a wide range of other variables can all be stored on a hand-held device. From wherever you need to be, you can gather all the project details necessary for an accurate, complete bid.

Model Estimating - Model Estimating lets you create detailed conceptual estimates by answering a series of basic questions about a project. You simply respond to an on-screen survey and let Model Estimating tap into the Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s first-of-a-kind Construction Knowledgebase to produce fast, precise estimates. Backed by exhaustive detail, everything you need to support your bid, concept, or estimate is there in black and white–costs, quantities, crews, hours, and waste factors.

Scheduling Integrator - Project success rides on your team’s ability to plan ahead. So the more time you have to troubleshoot a job, the better. With Scheduling Integrator, you have the tools to start the ball rolling long before construction begins. Quick, realistic project schedules are an estimate away when using the Integrator to connect Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s Estimating to industry-standard scheduling software such as Primavera or Microsoft Project for Windows. Why build a schedule from scratch? Scheduling Integrator gives you instant access to labor and equipment details, material items, productivity factors, and estimator notes. The task plan for building a schedule is practically done for you. Simply open the project file in your scheduling software and you’re well on your way. A great tool to jump-start and simplify the scheduling process, and give your team more time to plan for success.


Within its suite of procurement products, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate offers the following applications.

Buyout - Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s Buyout allows companies working within Estimating to quickly and accurately turn detailed estimates into RFQs and purchase orders. You’re able to take advantage of material and subcontract items in your estimates to solicit prices from potential suppliers and subcontractors, issue purchase orders, and automatically transfer the commitments to Job Cost, Purchasing and Inventory applications.

Inventory - Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s Inventory is a stock control application designed to keep you on top of all aspects of material management. Efficient data entry processes allow you to record receipt issues and adjustments, while automated item tracking manages an unlimited number of inventory items for multiple locations. Through tight integration with Purchasing, Inventory makes it possible to consolidate purchasing and replenishment of inventory items through one information source. And interfaces to Accounts Payable, Job Cost and Equipment Cost allow you to efficiently capture all your material management details within Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.

Mobile Inventory - An integrated application designed for Palm OS handheld devices, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s Mobile Inventory application speeds the counting and distribution of inventory, improves tracking accuracy, and tightens control of your inventory management and issuing processes. The software provides the dual functionality of inputting new stock counts and performing physical inventory counts without a direct connection to a networked PC. Remote warehouse personnel can perform these tasks and upload the data into your system when it is convenient. By avoiding paper documentation and eliminating any re-keying of inventory items, on-the-spot control is achieved assuring both accuracy and ready access to the status of inventory.

Mobile Purchasing - An integrated application designed for Palm OS handheld devices, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s Mobile Purchasing application allows you to start the purchasing process as soon as you recognize the need. It provides a simple and accurate way for field personnel to enter a purchase order, a blanket order, or subcontract order directly from a remote location. Mobile Purchasing eliminates relaying a purchase order by phone and the possibility of mis-entering order information into your system. Project managers and superintendents save time by entering orders on the spot and submitting them without delay to your purchase order system.

Procurement TRA-SER Integrator - This software automates item pricing, giving you the ability to import and update your Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate database with items and pricing from the i2 Technologies solution. With Procurement TRA-SER Integrator, you have direct access to i2 TRA-SER Pro software - pricing service software for electrical, plumbing, and HVACR components. You choose the i2 databases you want to use, which items and prices to import, and whether to adjust pricing by a multiplier or import it as is. Once you’ve set up the integration, maintaining item pricing is as simple as a few mouse clicks.

Purchasing - Purchasing handles everything from generating requisitions and purchase orders, to tracking purchase order change orders, to issuing receipts, return authorizations, invoices, and more. Through tight integration with Inventory, Purchasing also gives you the ability to consolidate purchasing and replenishment of inventory items through one information source. And interfaces to Job Cost, Equipment Cost and Accounts Payable allow you to efficiently capture all your material details.

Production Management

Within its suite of production management products, Sage Timberline offers the following applications.

Homebuilder Management - Homebuilder Management System, developed and supported by Builder MT, streamlines workflow and optimizes business practices. Get control of the essential homebuilding functions by automating the flow of information. Coordinate accounting and estimating applications to better manage the entire production process.

Production Scheduling - Production Scheduling, developed and supported by Builder MT, helps you actively manage and exchange information between your field supervisors and the corporate office. You’re able to provide supervisors on job sites with a handheld information system to keep accurate construction schedules, reduce errors, and maintain consistent cycle times.

Sales Interface Module - Develop and exchange information between Sage Timberline’s Homebuilder Management System and leading front-end sales automation applications. Developed and supported by Builder MT, this is the module to create retail sales pricing for various models and options, and communicate this information to sales offices.

Project Center

Give project team members the ability to collaborate in real time throughout all phases of construction so your projects move forward–on time and on budget. Sage Construction Project Center helps teams reduce risk and drive efficiencies by automating the sharing, distribution, and tracking of all project-related details, including email communication, documents, approvals, and more! In today’s fast-paced, documentation-reliant construction environment, everyone on a project can access up-to-the-minute information from a convenient and easy-to-use online location using a web browser. Available anytime, anywhere–cloud-based information sharing saves time, improves collaboration among team members, reduces confusion for everyone involved, and keeps parties well-informed. Whether it’s a request from the field, an RFI from a subcontractor, or an approval from the owner, Sage Construction Project Center provides access to the information so action can be taken immediately.

Keep Projects Moving Forward–on Time and on Budget

By connecting your entire project team to the cloud, they can access the information they need when they need it, stay wellinformed, and ultimately run a more efficient and profitable project. Share all types of files; find, view, and track who has what while you’re away from the office or just on the go!

  • Drawings
  • RFIs
  • Daily logs
  • Specifications
  • Submittals
  • Punch lists
  • Contracts
  • Meeting minutes
  • Cost events
  • Change requests
  • And more . . .

Improve Collaboration and Keep Teams Well-Informed

Sage Construction Project Center helps project leaders keep everyone informed easily and effectively. By automating the process for accessing, sharing, and tracking information online throughout the project, your entire team becomes more organized, efficient, and well-informed.

Eliminate Confusion and Minimize Risk

Eliminate the risk of litigation and costly delays by establishing smooth workflow for accessing information such as drawings from the cloud. Ensuring everyone is working from the most recent information and helps avoid confusion and costly mistakes.

Project Management

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate offers the following project management application.

Project Management With all the facts in one central database, and inquiries and reports that are easy to customize, you’re able to quickly get to the details that will identify issues before they grow into problems. Stay on top of subcontracts and performance. Effectively manage change orders. Compare actual costs against budgets. Streamline your RFIs, submittals, and other project documentation. And improve workflow between accounting and operations. Sage Timberline’s project management software puts an end to shuffling data and entering the same information twice.

Property Management

Within its suite of property management products, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate offers the following applications.

** Advanced Retail** – Advanced Retail automates the entire percentage rent process. You indicate the breakpoints, percentages and effective dates, and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate does the rest by calculating the overage rent for you, based on tenant sales reports or estimates. Advanced Retail also recalculates overage rent at year-end based on audited sales figures. Because percentage rents can vary by department or sales category, the application lets you track and calculate them with user-defined sales categories. Flexible sales tracking functionality makes it easy to monitor the performance of every tenant–from small independents to national chains. Investigate sales trends and communicate them to executive management, lenders, investors and tenants.

** Database Integrator** – Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s Database Integrator links your Timberline Valuation application to Property Management and General Ledger data. Included with your property management package, this tool eliminates the need for complex and cumbersome spreadsheets or any manual re-keying of data.

** Excel Integrator** – Excel Integrator automatically creates a series of Microsoft Excel worksheets based on calculated results from Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s Forecasting and Valuation software.

** Expense Controller** – This is the tool to provide onsite staff with a simple, time-saving solution for creating purchase orders and transmitting vendor invoices to the home office for payment. Linked to your General Ledger data, Expense Controller presents users with budget comparisons on-screen. Your onsite managers are thereby able to track budgeted amounts as soon as purchase orders and invoices are created. Centralized data links original work orders, purchase orders, and invoices to assure accuracy and allow an efficient approval process. As needed, invoices may be submitted directly for payment without requiring a PO. Hardcopy invoices can be bar-coded with unique information which can subsequently be scanned to automate the approval process.

** Forecasting** – Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s Forecasting is a comprehensive financial analysis application designed with unequaled integration capabilities and ease of use, allowing real estate professionals to more quickly and accurately produce property cash flow projections, budgets and more. Forecasting integrates with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s Property Management and General Ledger applications, which allows it to always have the latest rent roll and general ledger information to use as a basis for cash flow projections. Saving time, reducing errors and assuring quicker reporting cycles, Timberline integration technology automatically transfers data to Forecasting.

** Investment Reporting** – In addition to the 100-plus reports that are part of Forecasting, Investment Reporting gives you an even greater range and depth of analytical information for more effective decision-making in any economic climate.

** Management Planner** – Management Planner is an asset management tool that can be added to Forecasting or Valuation to keep track of to-do’s and maintain complete lease and property abstracts.

** Property Management** – Property Management is your source for lease management and accounts receivable processing. The application features a unique data structure that puts the lease document at the heart of the software, making it flexible enough to accommodate virtually any lease agreement, including multiple leases per tenant, multiple units per lease and multiple tenants per lease. Property Management easily adapts to unique lease clauses and calculations. What’s more, this core property management application contains a broad range of standard inquiries and reports that provide you with instant online access to stored lease and property information. Property Management transforms your lease agreements from static legal documents to dynamic information generators.

** Residential Management** – Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s Residential Management is an integrated residential solution for tracking, managing and reporting daily site activities while eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. This application provides onsite personnel with automated cash transaction processing, applicant screening, traffic monitoring and more. Managers gain access to all the information they need to operate properties profitably. Meanwhile, head office personnel are able to pull up real-time accounting data, generate portfolio reports and run demographic analyses. Centrally managed at your head office for data integrity and security, you’re able to individually grant access permission on a site-by-site basis. Only site-relevant information will be accessible by staff at any given property. Full integration with Timberline accounting software means that data entered into the system at a property generates general ledger transactions and accounts payable invoices from each property.

** Valuation** – Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s Valuation application provides real estate professionals with comprehensive analytical tools to more accurately gauge the future performance and value of lease-based real estate holdings. Valuation equips managers with the capability to quickly and accurately forecast future cash flows, prepare financial budgets, determine future property values and provide a variety of investment return scenarios. With access to this information, managers can then put a ýstake in the groundý for predicting future financial performance. You’re able to model virtually any type of lease-based real estate at any stage of development. Implement as a stand-alone system or link it to Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s Property Management and General Ledger data. The software can also retrieve data from practically all other data resources.

Reporting and Other Tools

Within its suite of reporting and other tools, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate offers the following applications.

Address Book - Address Book provides a central location from which to access and manage all of your company’s business contacts and related information. Included with the purchase of any Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate application, Address Book ensures that everyone always has the most recent and complete contact information within instant reach. Changes or updates to contact information, such as an address change, made in one area of the company are automatically reflected throughout all Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate applications and made available to all users throughout your organization. For companies already using Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate products, Address Book contact data can be easily synchronized with contacts in existing Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Estimating databases.

Crystal Reports - Transform your information into presentation-quality reports. Simple design tools and built-in assistance guides you through common report-building tasks such as connecting to your data source, selecting fields and records, grouping, sorting, and formatting. A wide range of standard formatting customization features allow you to select colors and fonts, include images, and add other elements such as your company logo. Report templates, including both formatting and data access operations, can be customized, saved, and applied consistently across a variety of reports.

Information Assistant -Information Assistant is a productivity tool for employees who need access to accounting information, but don’t need the Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate core accounting on their desktop. By combining the power of reports and inquiries with automated issue tracking, Information Assistant helps employees work more efficiently, make better decisions, and stay informed.

Inquiry Designer - There’s no reason to print a report whenever you need a quick answer that’s in the system. Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate inquiries instantly deliver information on-screen. Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate accounting applications come with more than 100 standard inquiries, each of which provides on-screen access to business and accounting information. With Inquiry Designer, you’re able to customize the presentation of the information contained in each of these inquiries, so that you can access the data most relevant to you or create your own from scratch. When designing inquiries you can include data from any Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate application, and apply any formula, condition or note you choose.

ODBC - Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) allows the free flow of information between Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate and other ODBC-compliant programs, such as Microsoft Office applications. You select the Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate data you want to access, then link it to your other program. Once the link is established, you can easily keep your Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate accounting information current in the other program. You can also use other software programs to write to certain fields in your Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate system. For example, use ODBC to transfer a vendor database from another program into Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.

Report Designer - Report Designer gives you the ability to quickly and easily modify Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s 500-plus reports or create your own. Building reports is as simple as pointing and clicking on any field in Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s database and dropping it into the report template. Reports can be totaled at any level, and conditions can be applied to print only the information you want to see. Once designed, reports can be placed on the main toolbar, which can be customized for each employee, giving them quick access to the reports and inquiries they use most often. For added convenience, you can also create macros to print a specific set of reports with a single click of the mouse.

Service Management

Within its suite of specialty service products, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate offers the following applications.

Service Agreements - If preventive maintenance a part of your servicing commitment, the Service Agreements module lets you track service agreement dates, view preventive maintenance schedules, and program your system to prompt you when service agreements are due. You’re also able to assess service call profitability and account for additional revenue gained when making the calls.

Service Inventory - Service Inventory makes it easy to maintain an accurate perpetual inventory. This add-on application enables you to automatically update inventory at the time of invoicing, track minimum and maximum inventory levels, perform accurate physical counts, look up AKA part numbers and much more.

Service Management - Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate’s core Service Management software gives you the tools to better communicate with customers, techs, and accounting as you track vital service information. The smooth interface with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger streamlines operations by eliminating duplicate processes. How? Accounts Payable vendor information, invoices, purchase orders, and other financial details are entered only once. Add-on modules further improve your operation by putting you in complete control of field purchasing, service agreements, and warranties, as well as preventive maintenance.

Service Paging - Transmit work order details instantly to technicians equipped with alphanumeric pagers and increase your efficiency and reduce technician travel costs with Service Paging. Companies with Web-enabled paging services are able to send pages to techs in the field. And every time you page, it gets logged into a reporting and tracking file. You can re-notify technicians by automatically sending a second page and you can choose from 40 different fields to customize information you want to send.

Service Purchasing - Service Purchasing gives you tighter control by fully connecting your purchasing with your Service Management. You’re able to quickly match vendor invoices to purchase orders, automatically update inventory part costs, and lots more.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

Submitted on January 17th, 2019 by Anonymous

Difficult to do things like look at things on a consolidated basis, can’t export into Excel, property management side not well built out, rent rolls are not well panned out and causes us to have to hand type things back into Excel. This may be because the system wasn’t setup correctly or is a true limitation of Sage

Submitted on November 4th, 2018 by Anonymous

Dissatisfied, product was too cumbersome and made reporting difficult

Submitted on October 24th, 2018 by Anonymous

I got my renewal notice and it went up another $800 for the next year to $6,200. This seems like way too much money for the size of our company.

Submitted on February 21st, 2018 by Anonymous

I love it, only because I’ve used it for so many years and I’ve seen it grow, only downside is it doesn’t have mobile capabilities and we have to use a VPN

Submitted on August 17th, 2014 by Anonymous

The product has many features, so is better suited to the larger contractors, but it would work fine for smaller ones also. It does take some thought in the set up process and someone with construction background. An AP clerk is not going to see the big picture. It is a good idea to attend the classes offered during the set up process to help answer questions and facilitate setting up the modules. The maintenance contract comes with annual updates to the software and the help over the phone is terrific. The project manager find having access to costing information without needing the accounting staff a big plus and it encourages them to look at cost information more frequently.

The Good…

The report writer is great. Once you have written a few reports, it is so simple to write a new report when you need it. The reports that come with the software are a good start, but I have modified many to my own taste.

The Bad…

Accounts payable has a few weaknesses dealing with partial payments of retainage and tracking purchases for 1099 purposes. The latter is being worked on for a future software update.

Submitted on December 16th, 2013 by Anonymous

This program is very complex and not user friendly. Made for large companies that have money to spend on classes

The Good…

It seemed like an easy transitional program, again too difficult without a lot of help from a professional

The Bad…

Too complex

Submitted on December 16th, 2013 by Charles

It is difficult to use, it requires extensive training, and the reporting is not very user friendly

The Good…

Not much

The Bad…

We will abandon it some time within the next two years

Submitted on December 10th, 2013 by Anonymous

Sage 300 captures a lot of data that can be used to evaluate the business. There are many tools that can help streamline a process such as groups of vendors that always get paid the same way. Or set expense allocations for select bills. I love that you can customize the screens and fields by user so that a novice does not get bogged down with unused cells. I’m not impressed with the canned reports. You can export them into Excel but not in a raw data format so they are difficult to use.

The Good…

Customization of screens

The Bad…

The reports. I was expecting a more robust report system that easily allows anyone to add columns to a report. You can filter on anything which is nice but you can’t add any row (easily). There is a different report writing tool that can be used but it is not easy to use and its not something that you would give to your AP clerk to customize an AP Aging by adding the days outstanding.