An ERP software for the construction industry featuring project management, accounting, and estimating tools.

Product Overview

TimeSuite is an ERP software designed for the construction industry. It offers advanced features in accounting, project management, estimating, and more. The software automates the “percentage of completion” method of accounting. It also helps drive profitability through project managers’ job status projections. Developed initially by a construction-specific CPA firm, it combines accounting and IT expertise to optimize construction site management​.


  • Automates over/underbillings and accrued wages
  • Provides SOC projections
  • Advanced cost control with job status projections


  • No local support outside of the US

Target Market

Small and medium-sized project-oriented businesses. Well-suited to general contractors, developers, and home builders. Also good for engineering firms and mechanical/electrical/HVAC companies.

About TimeSuite ERP

TimeSuite offers an ERP software solution tailored for project-oriented businesses. It encompasses three interfaces: desktop, web, and mobile, providing a unified system accessible through these varied platforms. The software features dynamic screens, dialogs, tabs, and facilities. Users can customize their views for detailed access and security control, enabling them to activate necessary features while deactivating those that are unnecessary.

The architecture of TimeSuite is relational, avoiding outdated modular structures. It centralizes data, allowing for flexible menu item integration as tabs within any record’s dialog, as long as there’s a logical connection. The system’s setup is versatile, breaking away from the rigid processes seen in modular systems. This adaptability allows for quick implementation, ranging from days to weeks, unlike the lengthy processes typical in modular systems. TimeSuite also offers reporting capabilities, with customizable reports and forms.

TimeSuite streamlines the percentage of completion accounting method. It provides a comprehensive summary of contracts, linking directly to the income statement and balance sheet. The software automates various processes, including over/under billings, accrued wages, and burdening utilities. A summary of contract log keeps track of projections throughout each project. An automated audit trail simplifies the correction of data entry errors. The platform also allows for detailed transaction analysis from dashboards, grids, and reports. Security features are strong, offering extensive access profiles and roles for precise security control.

TimeSuite Features

  • Accounting
  • Project Management
  • CRM (Customer relationship management)
  • Efficient Scheduling
  • Geo Timecard with Geo Fence Capabilities
  • In-depth Estimating including Bid Packages and RFQs
  • Production Control and Tracking
  • On-Screen Takeoff
  • Property Management
  • Content Delivery (Document Control)
  • Various Project Tools (RFIs, Submittals, Daily Logs, Punch Lists, etc.)
  • Approval Processes (POs, Subcontracts, AP Invoices, Timecards, etc.)
  • Project Status Projections
  • Plans and Annotations with a PDF Viewer
  • Form Creation including Certificate-Based Signatures
  • Task Management with Kanban Board Capability
  • Extensive Import Facilities
  • Card and File Folder System (an alternative to Windows File Explorer)
  • Dual Report Writers (TimeSuite Web/Mobile and Crystal Reports)
  • Resource Management (Dollars, Hours, and Resources)
  • Service Dispatch and Work Orders
  • Centralized Email System
  • Email and Calendar Integration with Outlook and Google
  • Text Messaging Capabilities
  • Customizable Notifications and Cartesian Dashboards
  • Banking and Credit Card System Integrations

TimeSuite Target Market

The software is ideal for various project-oriented entities, including:

  • General Contractors
  • Developers
  • Home Builders
  • Mechanical/Electrical/HVAC companies
  • Other Subcontractors
  • Engineering Firms
  • Other project-oriented organizations

TimeSuite Pricing

The cost of TimeSuite starts at $5,000 for implementation and training, with an ongoing subscription cost that starts at $500/month. There are two pricing models. One is based on number of users and one is based on annual revenue . There is a free trial available. There is no free version available.

Starting Price
$417 /month
Price Range Learn More
   $     $     $     $     $   
   $     $     $     $     $   
Pricing Details
Plus $5,000 for implementation and training.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of TimeSuite ERP

Submitted on June 28th, 2023 by Anonymous

TimeSuite had a good demo and they were nice enough to custimize their program to meet our specific pre-construction needs. But it would have been a longer time implementing and getting our clients and GCs set-up and comfortable with the program. We were looking for something a bit more mainstream.

The Good…

They were able to custimize it to our needs.

The Bad…


Submitted on May 25th, 2023 by Anonymous

We are evaluating TimeSuite right now after it was recommended to us by Software Connect.

The program seems ot have some very strong features for a construction ERP. We really liked that it is a fully integrated ERP that handles everything from accounting to construction management.

And their accounting program seems to be pretty strong for construction companies.

The only negative so far is that they are a smaller company and don’t have local support for us in Canada. We are switching from a different smaller program and are worried about lack of support.

The Good…

Strong construction accounting program

The Bad…

Doesn’t have local Canadian support

Submitted on December 19th, 2022 by David J.

While the other software was for the construction industry, we’re not contractors, we’re developers. While our needs are pretty similar to a contractor, they’re not exact, so we needed a solution that was pretty close to what a general contractor needs.

TimeSuite ToolBox fit the bill. I’m training with them now. I’d like to say that TimeSuite is going to solve all my problems but I’m so new in it, I just feel like I’m just dipping my toe in. I think their support has been pretty good so far.

The systems I was using for as a design engineer, while good for an engineering company, just weren’t sufficient for the additional capacity stuff I’m handling. I always felt like I was limping by. There is a lot of capacity here for me to keep for respondants and drawings and schedules.

I wanted to take what is called a critical path method because I can take tasks and schedule them out (a task with the city, a task with the utility company, task with state highway department). Because these are all with different entities, they all work like separate silos simultaneously. Stuff could come in all the time with these different vendors.

A critical path would tell me what is needed to be done by whom. TimeSuite is writing a routine so I can put all those in as critical path methods and then drop out a to-do list to identify what is imperitive to get done today, what is imperitive to get done this week, and what is to get done in two weeks to stay on track.

For me, boy, I could end the day feeling a lot more confident that I’ve done everything I can do and I’ve reached out to everybody I can reach out to to do the best job we can at keeping everything on track with this.

What I can tell you is since getting started with TimeSuite and started getting some of the training, I’m convinced that their software is going to get the job done as soon as I can figure out how to master the software.

Submitted on December 23rd, 2020 by Diane Smiley

Toolbox isn’t just an accounting system, it provides us with management information, project management, cost control, estimating and sophisticated time and material project billing. The software helps us control and drive our business.

The Good…

Toolbox is very well done. Every aspect of the system is nice to use, and the support is awesome! I’ve used other systems that I thought were considered the best in the construction industry. Toolbox is significantly better than what I thought was the best. The owner of our company has high expectations, and Toolbox gives us the ability to meet those expectations. Also worth mentioning is the fact that TimeSuite is a great company to work with. They are very customer service oriented, and have over the years accommodated our toughest information and reporting requests.

The Bad…

This is difficult. What I like least about Toolbox might be something I like best about another software.

Submitted on November 2nd, 2020 by Anonymous

I love it’s facility of use. The software is very fast, and the reports are very professionally done and comprehensive. The support staff is very nice and helpful. If we have to make a support call, we get help right away. The support is excellent.

Submitted on October 30th, 2020 by Cole

TimeSuite is a web, mobile and desktop accounting, scheduling, project management, CRM and estimating software.

The Good…

I like its ease of use and that it is a complete package.

The Bad…


Submitted on October 30th, 2020 by Sherri

Fantastic accounting program!

The Good…

Does so much more than Quickbooks!

The Bad…

They have fixed all the previous issues and it works great!

Submitted on July 16th, 2019 by Anonymous

TimeSuite Toolbox is an excellent accounting software for Construction companies. That said, the customer support is extremely lacking. Because there are a lot of nuances to this program and many ways of achieving the data input, it isn’t always consistent. There have been times that I have been unable to get any support and had to wait a few hours to try again. Currently, I have a serious corruption in our database that came about when they upgraded the SQL version on our server. This has been going on for months and they can’t seem to resolve it. So 4 stars for the software and 2 stars for their support (which we have to pay for annually)

The Good…

Flexibility. It allows for just about any report you can dream of and the ability to build your own report is there, however, it is daunting and there is a very large learning curve.

The Bad…

The company support. We have had some issues where information isn’t coming out right and although they can pinpoint what was causing the problem, it isn’t apparent, so you really need to know accounting to catch these things. Then you pray that you can get the person who knows the answer on the line to fix it that day.

Submitted on June 11th, 2015 by Dave

Toolbox is very intuitive, and easy to use. I am familiar with Quickbooks, and I thing Toolbox is just as easy to use. It is real time, and does the audit trail for you. The entry screens and grids are customizable. The financial reporting features automate posting and reversing over under billings, and accrue wages. The percentage of completion features are more comprehensive than any of the other systems that we reviewed. The full summary of contracts automatically ties into the income statement, and the system burdens my costs in a way that matches our estimating. The support is great, and I’m usually able to get right through without having to get called back. I love the dash-board reports. I read another review that said the Toolbox could not track credit cards. That is not accurate, and we love that feature.

The Good…

The ease of use, and speed.

The Bad…

We love the system.

Submitted on December 10th, 2013 by Anonymous

Construction or contractor accounting software.

Does more than its competitors in the same price range but lacks some items that the larger softwares have

Small staff all on different time zones so sometimes it could take a day to get an answer

Not able to account for credit card liabilities. You must make journal entries.

Tracks cost of employees very well

The Good…

Ability to track all costs and very budget driven

The Bad…

Not able to accrue credit card liabilities, hard to get in contact with support staff who have the answers.