A multi-module management system designed by HCSS for construction companies.

About HeavyJob

With HeavyJob, you can easily record daily jobsite information such as labor hours, equipment hours, progress quantities, major material receipt and usage and daily notes. This information is instantly available throughout the company in the form of time cards, payroll hours, equipment usage analysis, material analysis and notes.

HeavyJob Job Field

HeavyJob/Field uses a unique crew concept as a shortcut to quickly fill out timecards. Crews are set up with labor, equipment and cost codes used the first day. Thereafter, the crew is modified each day for any changes in personnel, equipment or cost codes, and used to create a new timecard. On many days, this whole process will take less than two minutes.

HeavyJob Manager

In addition to all the features of HeavyJob/Field, HeavyJob/Manager consolidates data from all your jobs providing:

  • Company-wide summaries of Profitability, Productions, Equipment Utilization, Etc.
  • Exports to Accounting
  • Executive Level Reports

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