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A full ERP system designed by Jonas Construction Software for construction companies.

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About Jonas Premier

Jonas Premier is a new construction ERP system running in the Microsoft cloud. It is a complete offering for contractors including ; Job Costing, Subcontract Management, T & M Billing, Progress (AIA Style) Billing, GL, AP, AR, Bank Management, Purchase Order, Inventory, Time Entry and integrated Document Storage. Jonas Premier is a complete solution. With over 20 years of industry experience we know what software needs to deliver to contractors. Increased productivity Be easy to learn and get started A very flexible Job Cost System Built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud means Jonas Premier is infinitely scalable. There is no hardware cost and it is accessible everywhere. The Cloud is the 21st century’s answer to software delivery. Modern technology, consistent screen design and three-levels of help on every page; means Jonas Premier is easy to learn and use; while providing Construction ERP functionality.

Accounts Payable

With the Accounts Payable (AP) module, managing supplier and subcontract invoices to gain better control over cash flow couldn’t be easier. Let the system choose which invoices to pay based on Due date and possible lost discounts. Automate functions like lien wavers, holdback / retainage release, direct deposit payments and recurring payables. There are flexible purchase categories, discount terms and payment terms. Issue print checks, manual checks, online payments and/or credit card payments. Set up recurring payments. Easy to use, one-click reversals with a full audit trail.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable (AR) module gives you full control over client invoicing and receivables and gives your accounting group a simple and accurate tool to manage cash receipts. Posted invoices are stored to allow quick processing; one click reversals, copies to be e-mailed right from the screen, invoice copying to create a new invoice or a quick way to see; invoices for a customer, by job, by date range, etc. etc. . All form the same screen. In addition, holdback / retainage is calculated and released automatically. Sales can be analysed by; Sales rep, categories, customer type, job, etc. Special features include flexible finance charges and a contra to AP features to use when your customer is also your vendor.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

Ad-hoc reporting uses the power of Microsoft SQL Azure plus your own Microsoft Excel. The data is pulled down from the cloud and presented in Excel. Once the report is created you only need press a button to refresh it.ÿ


User security is role-based making it easy to set and understand the access rights for every user. To make it even friendlier you can give a user more than one role, simply add (or subtract) roles to change their rights. Access can be full ‘read/write’ or read only, by screen. Every organization has users who are more comfortable having read only access to some of the data. Letting the users’ set their own preference’s saves keystrokes in every screen.

Bank Management

Identify bank branches, bank accounts, on-line payment and credit card payments. Plus bank reconciliation is included.


For jobs that require T&M billing Jonas Premier supplies a very formidable tool. You have an unlimited number of mark-ups and fee calculations. Standard mark-ups are defaulted or over-ridden by customer preference. For jobs that require progress billing/AIA there are an unlimited number of reports and applications. A powerful and easy to use drag and drop form-designer, utilizing Microsoft Word, allows you to create alternatives to the standard forms. Every customer can have their own default forms.

Document Storage

Document Storage was not an after-thought, but a priority when creating Jonas Premier. Relate any documents ’ both those created in Jonas Premier as well as those created outside of the application ’ to vendors, customers, jobs, parts, etc. It is truly amalgamated into all aspects of the Jonas Premier solution.

Form Designer

Jonas Premier is shipped with a complete suite of standard forms. They can be modified with Microsoft Word to create as many formats as you need. Every customer file allows for the selection of default standard forms.

General Ledger

Designed specifically for contractors; the General Ledger (GL) module is both powerful and easy to use. Open accounting period flexibility allows you to work in the current period (month, quarter, year, etc.) while the previous period is still open. The breadth of the functionality of Jonas Premier is highlighted in the GL; multi-company, multi-division, multi-currency, multi-journal, flexible tax reporting, a drag and drop financial statement generator and one click reversals allows quick fixes. User-level security allows an accounting period to be closed to operations but open to the accountant for period end entries.


The Inventory module offers a flexible way to track and cost parts and other materials. Parts are tracked by category, sub-category and by serial number. We store the cost history by vendor. In addition to standard construction inventory functionality, such as min/max quantities, non-stock items, purchase history, multiple valuation methods and so forth, the Inventory module also has advanced functionality for building kits and assemblies.

Job Costing

The heart of Jonas Premier is the Job Cost module. It helps you tracks five different costs (actual cost, original estimate, change orders, estimate at completion and committed cost) and automatically calculates the variance between your current estimate and the estimate at completion. Busy owners need only scan the variance column on the standard reports. Reporting utilizes the power of Microsoft SQL Azure plus your own Microsoft Excel, in addition to the full complement of standard reports. The costing dimensions are flexible by job. Simple jobs have a simple costing structure, comprehensive jobs have a more sophisticated costing structure ’ your requirements by job dictate the structure, not the software. When it comes to change orders, you will never lose track of your pending change orders. All job cost reports show pending change orders, so revenue is never gets forgotten.


Like all modules in Jonas Premier, it is very flexible in offering both multi-subledger and multi-currency functionality. P.O.'s can be created from templates or existing P.O.'s to save keystrokes and increase accuracy. They can be issued for; a single job, multiple jobs or for stock. By individual line you can store your date required and your vendors promised delivery date. Freight can be split between lines based on quantity or dollars. Your inventory can be shipped and tracked to job, warehouse or staging area. Email Purchase Orders right from your desktop. A powerful posting engine generates an accrual entry upon the receipt of goods. Units of measure are configurable and unit of measure conversions are available. Complete with full committed costing.

Standard Reporting

Jonas Premier is shipped with a full suite of standard reports. This reporting tool allows you to print to view on-screen, drill down to the underlying detail and with one click send to pdf, word or excel

Subcontract Management

With the Subcontract Control module, complex tasks become automated and easy. Pay when paid is simple to use and part of the payment process plus you’ll never pay them with an expired certificate. Full integration of the Subcontract Control module with the other Jonas solution elements allows subcontract information to flow seamlessly throughout the entire system, creating commitments for subcontracts as well as automatic configurable alerts for expired insurance certificates. This robust module also creates subcontract change orders and allows you to manage holdback / retainage.

Time and Expense

With the Time and Expense module you can enter employees time, crew time, calculate group deductions, manage union reports and track prevailing wages by job. Fringes can follow the cost or be re-directed. It is fully adaptable to your requirements and is, of course, integrated with job costing and T&M billing.

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