Jonas Enterprise

A full ERP system designed by Jonas Construction Software for construction companies.

About Jonas Enterprise

The Jonas Enterprise solution is a fully integrated, highly flexible, industry specific software package designed for mid-sized construction and service management companies. We specialize in providing complete construction software products to run every facet of your operation, from construction accounting and job cost to service management and mobile field solutions. Jonas Enterprise has over 15,000 users and 40 modules built in-house since 1990.

Accounts Payable

With the Accounts Payable (AP) module, managing supplier and subcontract invoices to gain better control over cash flow couldn’t be easier. Choose which invoices to pay and when and automate functions like lien wavers, holdback / retainage release, direct deposit payments and recurring payables.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable (AR) module gives you full control over client invoicing and receivables and gives your accounting group a simple and accurate tool to manage cash receipts. A wide range of invoicing options are available in the construction accounting software, including progress billing, AIA, job cost, preventative maintenance contracts, work orders and time and material billing. In addition, holdback / retainage are calculated and released automatically.

Canadian Payroll

The flexibility of Canadian payroll software is very similiar to U.S. payroll software in that it is able to meet the needs of any payroll situation, including unionized payroll processing, certified payroll and apprentice work. Additionally, multi-direct deposit/check features offer flexibility for both employees and contractor.

Change Order Management

The Change Order Management module tracks requests-for-information (RFIs) from inception through approval to ensure that money is never left on the table. Creating and monitoring potential changes to the scope of work couldn’t be easier. And when change orders are created, the Change Order Management module automatically updates the estimate, progress billing and subcontract if applicable.

Construction Management

The Construction Management module is an intuitive tool for managing projects that were awarded without a bid. From simple time and material billing to more complex fee-based structures, Construction Management helps you easily calculate project invoices based on detailed cost information and ensures that billable items are never missed.

Counter Sales

The Counter Sales module offers a simple point of sale product for contractors that sell parts to the wholesale or retail market. Full integration with the Inventory and Accounts Receivable modules eliminates the need to enter sales data multiple times.

Document Management (Digio)

Fully integrated with the entire Jonas solution, Document Management allows you to electronically capture, file, organize, retrieve, share, manage and generally control all documents generated from your Jonas software system and third party applications, such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Outlook) and Adobe Acrobat (PDF files).

The Document Management system streamlines day-to-day operations and lowers administrative costs by eliminating the time spent on manually copying, routing, filing and searching for paper documents. It also mitigates the risk associated with not finding the critical documents you need to support issues like change orders, work site delays and supplier disputes.

Equipment Management

In the Equipment Management module, every piece of equipment is considered a profit center. With up to seven different rate levels for charging equipment to jobs and work orders, and sophisticated depreciation calculations and maintenance scheduling reporting, you’ll gain a better understanding of the true cost of each piece of equipment while simplifying own, rent or lease decisions. Integration between the Equipment Management and Payroll modules eliminates duplicate data entry when accounting for operator time.


The eService module is a Web-based portal that provides your customers with on-demand access to valuable information via the Internet. After securely logging in to eService, your customers can initiate new work orders, view service and equipment history and look at their outstanding invoices. When the Service system is used in conjunction with eService and Jonas Mobile, you’ll have a complete, end-to-end solution for managing service work and strengthening customer relationships.

Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets module allows you to closely monitor the location and value of your fixed assets and simplifies the management of depreciation and amortization. Track assets by category and location with related purchase and selling prices, and calculate depreciation with automatic monthly journal entries using a variety of rates and methods.

Flat Rate

The Flat Rate module makes it easy to design flat rate book prices for particular service tasks or import rates from your current flat rate pricing provider. The use of multiple books with multiple rates and special customer-specific pricing is supported. Integration with the other Jonas solution modules makes sure that updated data is seamlessly transferred to Inventory as materials are used.

General Ledger

Fully GAAP compliant and designed specifically for contractors, the General Ledger (GL) module is both powerful and easy to use. Open accounting period flexibility allows you to work in the current period (month, quarter, year, etc.) while the previous period is still open. Jonas construction accounting software’s user-level security clearly defines who can post transactions to any given period, and multi-company accounting automatically completes routine inter-company transactions.


The Inventory module offers a flexible way to track and cost parts and other materials. Inventory can be charged to jobs and work orders directly through the Inventory module, or from the Job Cost and Service modules. In addition to standard construction inventory functionality, such as min/max quantities, non-stock items, purchase history, multiple valuation methods and so forth, the Inventory module also has advanced functionality for building kits and assemblies. Links from the Inventory module to pricing services like Allpriser and TRA-SER ensure that you always have access to the most up-to-date pricing available for your industry.

Job Cost

The core of the Job Cost system is the Job Cost module, which helps you tracks five different cost types (actual, estimated, change order, committed and forecasted final) and understand variances between each type. A built-in report generator gives your project managers full visibility into all of their jobs.

Job Scheduling

The Job Scheduling module clearly highlights project tasks that need to be scheduled and the resources that are available to complete them. Project managers can easily design scheduling views that group subcontractors and internal resources by skill sets, locations and date ranges.

Jonas Mobile

The Jonas Mobile solution dramatically reduces overhead, increases technician productivity and shortens billing cycle times by automating your field service operations. Jonas Mobile allows dispatchers to send work orders to technicians in the field via a mobile device. During a service call, the technician enters labor, materials and comments using the mobile device, and electronically captures the customer’s signature on the work order. A copy can then be printed out for the customer and the completed ’ and signed ’ work order is sent back to the main office in real time.

Master Report Generator

With the Master Report Generator, you can design any financial report you need - quickly and easily. This simple financial report writing tool allows you to create your own custom financial reports to supplement the standard reporting options within the Jonas accounting software. The Master Report Generator gives you complete access to summary financial and job related information and the ability to include budget and actual costs from user-defined periods in your reports.


The Procurement module automatically generates purchase order batches for stock replacement or specific jobs. The system can identify preferred vendors or vendors that offer the lowest cost to improve your buying power.

Project Management

From one screen, your project managers can access Actual Billing, Actual Cost, RFI , Submittal , Transmittal , Proposed Change Orders, Actual Change Orders, Purchase Order, and Subcontract information. All of this information is available with drill down capability.

Purchase Order

With the Purchase Order module, you can manage your RFPs and approved purchase orders from a single repository. Configurable data entry control and revision tracking allows you to customize the purchasing process to fit your particular business needs. Note: purchase orders for inventory and non-inventory items can be created automatically via the Procurement module or manually through the Purchase Order module.

Safety Work Hours

Safety Work Hours provides information for contractors to determine safety records of their staff helps contractors determine the source of injuries through comments for each entry.

Service Contracts

The Service Contracts module gives you the ability to create and manage prepaid service contracts and pre-schedule required visits so they appear directly on the dispatch board. Service Contracts automatically matches revenue to work performed and allows you to easily track service history by customer and piece of equipment. In addition, strong reporting tools help ensure that your contracts are profitable.

Service Work Order

The Service Work Order module is the core of the Service system. With this module, you can quickly create work order tickets and review enquiries, site and equipment history and purchase orders all from a single screen.


The Service Dispatch module provides a visual tool for dispatchers to view and manage the service department. Dispatchers can view tickets by technician, geography, work type or any number of other user-defined classifications, and can drag-and-drop work orders to move them between technicians or schedule dates and times.

Subcontract Control

With the Subcontract Control module, complex tasks become automated and easy. Not only will you pay your subcontractors the correct amount, you’ll never pay them with an expired certificate. Plus, you can create printed payment certificates so each subcontractor can see exactly what they are being paid for. Full integration of the Subcontract Control module with the other Jonas solution elements allows subcontract information to flow seamlessly throughout the entire system, creating commitments for subcontracts as well as automatic alerts for expired insurance certificates. This robust module also tracks all required certificates, creates subcontract change orders and allows you to manage holdback / retainage.


With the Takeoff module, you can stop re-keying data and take control of your procurement process. Enter data once to create a detailed list of required elements and the Jonas solution will automatically transfer this data to estimates, change orders, proposals and procurement for the order of goods.


The Tasking module allows you to create checklists for technicians to use onsite to record numeric values, such as pressure and temperature, and create a record to indicate that each service task was completed as contracted. Tasking is also available for Jonas Mobile (see below), which allows checklists to be completed on a handheld device and automatically attached to the work order in the back office system.

Time & Attendance

The Time & Attendance application of Jonas Payroll Software consists of a comprehensive accrual program for plan hours eliminating the need for manual calculation and complexities associated with vacation and sick pay rules. T & A provides timely information for both employer and employee to make informed decisions.

Tool Crib

The Tool Crib module provides a complete system for tracking and locating your tools, whether they are in the shop, on a job site or out for repair. The Tool Crib module allows you to charge tool rental rates to jobs, which becomes an incentive for project managers to use tools more efficiently ’ and return them on a timely basis. This process dramatically reduces your capital investment in tools and allows each item to become a profit center.

U.S. Payroll

The U.S. payroll software provides exceptional flexibility to meet the needs of virtually any payroll situation, including processing of unionized payroll, certified payroll, and apprentice work. Multi-direct deposit/check features offer flexibility for both employees and contractor.

Web Portal Solutions

Web portals are rapidly becoming a standard tool across every industry. 10 years ago online banking was in its infancy but today it is hard to imagine operating without a web portal. The same basic story goes for the advent of online travel booking which came along a few years later. It has taken somewhat longer for the technology to permeate into the construction space but now that it is becoming available it will become industry standard within the next couple of years. Jonas currently offers three online construction management portal (eService, eTimesheets and eBackup) products.


Jonas eService is a portal which service contractors can provide to their customers. Service customers use a secure login to access the portal where they can log work orders, view work order and equipment history and see their outstanding accounts payable. E-Service functionality is becoming a standard request in most large request for quotes and will soon be expected from all service customers. A service contractor without e-Service will soon be like a bank without online banking. More information on how eService can take your Service Department online.


This module is a web based solution for logging labor hours remotely and will automate your company’s time and attendance process. Hosted by Jonas ’ so there’s no software to install or maintain ’ the online labor time entry system is an easy-to-use and efficient system to help contractors manage their most valuable resource ’ your staff. This new addition to Jonas will benefit those contractors that have remote crews or service people with a need to report time to a centralized payroll. In addition to promoting a paperless work environment there are a number of other benefits to an online payment process.


Jonas eRouting is an easy-to-use live mapping tool that lets service contractors track the location of their technicians, trucks and work orders in real time. eRouting uses the proven technology of Google Maps to display the location of your work orders. It can also be integrated with your GPS tracking system to display the location of your vehicles. With eRouting you can select the closest qualified technician to the job simply by plotting positions on a map. With the map in view, you can click on a work order to see its location. You can also click on a truck to find its location, and view what work is being performed at that site. Jonas eRouting keeps you informed and increases efficiency by saving time and money thus allowing you to complete more work orders throughout the day.


Jonas eBackup is a unique alternative to traditional backup methods, replacing conventional tape-based systems with a fully automated online solution. It provides centralized and automated backups of PCs, file servers and application/database servers, with secure offsite storage and online restoration capabilities. eBackup is secure because data is electronically vaulted and moved via the Internet to a remote location. If needed, data can be accessed instantly once there is an Internet connection. This means that your valuable data is only a few clicks away.

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