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maestro* Construction

A software system designed by Maestro Technologies.
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Maestro* is an all-inclusive tool integrating contact management, timesheets, sub-trade management and flexible billing. Maestro*Construction is specifically designed to meet the estimating, job costing, project management and accounting needs of general contractors and construction managers.


  • Automatically create budgets, subcontracts, purchase orders and billing contracts
  • Maintain pricing in product and resource catalogues
  • Quickly develop estimates using modules and templates
  • Calculate profitability by applying various mark-up rates
  • Extend functionality through embedded Excel worksheets
  • Bid management

Budget Management:

  • Original and modified budgets
  • Drill down on changed budgets to see change orders details
  • Lock-out individual phase/activity codes to stop posting of future expenses

Project management:

  • Detailed project inquiries with multi-level drill down
  • Easily attach electronic documents such as faxes, emails, RFIs, RFQs, plans, photos and others
  • Automatically log emails and fax transmittals
  • Create submittal and drawing logs Customizable management of all project issues and other details
  • Centralized management of project changes and issues with automatic update of budget, billing contract and subcontracts

Commitment Management:

  • Automatically create purchase orders from estimates
  • Automatically create and update subcontracts from estimates and change orders

Time & Equipment Costing:

  • Easy entry timesheets including Excel import
  • Linked payroll

In addition, the following technology and general features are applicable to all business types mentioned.

  • Fully bi-lingual (English/French)
  • XML Transaction Engine
  • XML Web Server
  • MS Outlook Integration
  • MS Excel Integration
  • MS Word Integration
  • MS Office Integration
  • Pivotal Data Inquiries
  • Unlimited Drill Down or Data Navigation
  • Unlimited User Defined Fields
  • Excel Import/Export
  • List Generator
  • Integrated Email/Fax with Transmittal History
  • Integrated Electronic Document Management
  • Extensive User Security
  • Billing options:
    • Multiple billing formats including progress billing, cost plus, lump sum, time & material and others
    • Automatically create and update billing contracts from estimating and change orders
  • General Accounting:
    • Apply holdbacks to all transactions
    • Create payment approval processes and enter cash receipts
    • Design comprehensive financial reporting
    • Drill down on financial reports in real-time
  • Payroll:
    • Automatically import time from maestro* job costing
    • Manage multiple unions and print ROE’s, T4’s and T4a’s
    • Supports both Canadian or US payroll

Reviews of maestro* Construction

An anonymous maestro* Construction user says...

Complete ERP for heavy construction company including project management, preventive maintenance scheduling & accounting.

The good: All inclusive, no need for a third party product for our needs. Work order, contract management, project analysis, preventive maintenance all in one software bundle.

The bad: Some bugs in the beginning, still some to sort out. Support is slow at solving issues.