A construction ERP system designed by Maestro Technologies.


Specific Modules Are Associated With Each of These Business Types.

General Contracting

  • Estimating
  • Project Management
  • Subcontracts
  • Change Orders
  • Progress Billing
  • Project Costing
  • General Accounting
  • Canadian Payroll

Trade Contracting

  • Estimating
  • Project Management
  • Change Orders
  • Progress Billing
  • Cost Plus Billing
  • Project Costing
  • General Accounting
  • Canadian Payroll

Service Contracting

  • Service Contracts
  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling
  • Service Work Orders
  • Inventory
  • Contract Billing
  • Project Costing
  • General Accounting
  • Canadian Payroll


  • Estimating / Model Management
  • Lot/Unit Sales
  • After Sales Service
  • Project Cost Redistribution
  • Project Management
  • Progress Billing
  • Project Costing
  • General Accounting
  • Canadian Payroll

Heavy Construction

  • Bidding & Estimating
  • Project Management
  • Projections
  • Progress Billing
  • Project Unit/Dollar Costing
  • General Accounting
  • Canadian Payroll

Concrete & Quarry

  • Concrete/Quarry Quotes
  • Ticket Import (interface)
  • Ticket Management
  • Ticket Billing
  • Transport Payables
  • Project Costing
  • General Accounting
  • Canadian Payroll

Fleet Management

  • Vehicle Profiles
  • Vehicle Preventative Maintenance Scheduling
  • Mechanic Work Orders
  • Project Costing
  • General Accounting
  • Canadian Payroll


  • Estimating
  • Customer Order Desk with Quotes
  • Purchase Planning (MRP1)
  • Multi-Site Inventory
  • Distribution
  • Order Billing
  • Project Costing
  • General Accounting
  • Canadian Payroll

In addition, the following technology and general features are applicable to all business types mentioned.

Fully Bi-Lingual (English/French)

  • Both languages are installed
  • Set workstation language by user login
  • Set workstation language on the fly from the menu
  • All forms are sensitive to Customer/Supplier/Employee language setting

XML Transaction Engine

  • Access all of the functions within Maestro using XML. For example create purchase order, create customer, get project listing, etc.
  • Documentation of XML functions is provided so that you can create interfaces to 3rd party or internal software applications even without assistance from Maestro

XML Web Server

  • Access all of the XML Transaction Engine functions over the internet VIA TCP/IP
  • Create interactive web sites for customer/supplier/employee self service
  • Interface to 3rd party software in remote locations

MS Outlook Integration

  • Import contacts directly from Outlook
  • Send emails and faxes directly from Maestro
  • Transfer emails directly to Maestro from Outlook

MS Excel Integration

  • One-touch transfer to Maestro from almost anywhere in Maestro
  • Maestro data is properly formatted complete with headings. You won’t have to cut and paste and separate to get useable data
  • Maestro uses Excel as our standard import tool. Excel imports are available almost everywhere in Maestro

MS Word Integration

  • Create standard correspondence templates and attach them to Maestro’s document management feature that is available everywhere throughout the application
  • Create document workflow processes that merge Maestro standard data and Maestro user-defined data to user-defined documents

MS Office Integration

  • Word, Excel and Outlook features are integrated throughout Maestro

Pivotal Data Inquiries

  • Pivotal data inquiries are 3-dimensional grids that can be customized on the fly. If you’ve worked with Pivot Tables in Excel then you will be very familiar with this concept
  • Customized views can be saved for personal use or shared with other users
  • Create formulas for new columns such as totals and ratio’s
  • Format column data
  • Choose summary total formats such as sum, average, count
  • Export views to Excel, quick reports or email
  • Switch to graph views to see data presented in any number of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional graphical formats such as line, bar or pie charts

Unlimited Drill Down

  • Double click on information in Maestro’s interactive inquiries to see the details at the next level
  • Drill from the source document all to way to the general ledger and back up again on a different path
  • For example from project inquiry you could drill down on the subcontract summary to see al of the subcontracts, then drill-down on a particular subcontract to see its details. From here you could go to the invoices tab and see a list of invoices for this subcontract. Then you could drill down on the invoice to see the payment details. Then to the cheque and to the general ledger. Drill downs are virtually unlimited

Unlimited User Defined Fields

  • Extend the functionality of Maestro without programming
  • Add new fields with formatting and dependencies
  • Apply the new fields to data entry screens, reports, and forms
  • Make new fields required to ensure that users enter information before moving on
  • Format the layout of the user-defined fields screen

Excel Import/Export

  • One-touch transfer to Maestro from almost anywhere in Maestro
  • Maestro data is properly formatted complete with headings. You won’t have to cut and paste and separate to get useable data
  • Maestro uses Excel as our standard import tool. Excel imports are available almost everywhere in Maestro

List Generator

  • Quickly generate lists of information from almost anywhere in Maestro
  • Specify field names to include
  • Specify conditions for filtering information
  • Print to quick report
  • Export to Excel

Integrated Email/Fax With Transmittal History

  • Email or fax anything that you can print through Maestro
  • Integrated to Maestro address book and Outlook for contact selection
  • All Maestro reports and forms are automatically converted to PDF documents when emailed or faxed
  • Emails and faxed, including PDF attachments are stored in Maestro’s transmittal log for future reference

Integrated Electronic Document Management

  • Store documents on-line for quick access. Make your physical file cabinets one-way
  • Create user-defined categories
  • Attach standard correspondence templates
  • Create Word and Excel documents directly within Maestro
  • Specify responsible user and due date

Extensive User Security

  • Users have individual logins and passwords
  • Administrators can reset but not see users’ passwords
  • Restrict access to users by company, project, project type, project category, employee, employee group and others
  • Restrict access to specific menu items
  • Additional security by module
  • Create security groups

After Sales Service


  • Linked to sub-trade purchase contracts
  • Work orders
  • Work order dispatch
  • User-definable work order forms

Bidding, Estimating and Model Management


  • On-screen or digitized take-off
  • Integrated excel for extended formula creation
  • Integrated product catalogue
  • Estimate/model templates
  • Integrated bid management
  • Auto-create project, client, budget, subcontract, purchase order and billing contract
  • Administrative and profit mark-up
  • User-defined bid/quote forms

Canadian Payroll


  • Automatic transfer of hours from job cost
  • Union management with automated multi-vendor disbursements
  • Unlimited employee history
  • T4/Releve 1 management
  • ROE printed, electronic and web formats
  • Human resources management

Change Orders


  • Integrated to project issue log
  • User-definable quote forms
  • Pending, submitted and approved status
  • Auto-update to budgets, subcontracts and billing contract

Concrete/Quarry Quotes


  • Create quotes for customers specifying materials, price mark-ups or specific pricing
  • Create general annual pricing by customer of specific pricing for a customer’s project
  • Concrete/Quarry quotes are user-definable

Contract Billing


  • Integrated to change order module

Cost-Plus Billing


  • Mark-up tables by contract
  • Manual override of suggested billing

Customer Order Desk With Quotes


  • Customer quotes integrated to fax/email
  • Order management integrated to fax/email

Customer Orders Point of Sale Billing


  • Specify taxes, discounts, terms, service fees and holdback’s/retention
  • Specify different delivery/billing address
  • Specify salesperson or team for commission calculation
  • View sales history for customer
  • Quick access to customer order and product inquiries



  • User-definable packing slips
  • Ship all or specific items
  • Shipping reports

General Accounting


  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • General ledger
  • Disbursements
  • Cash receipts
  • Aging reports
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Journal Entries
  • Recurring
  • Reversing
  • 12 and 13 period accounting
  • Unlimited history
  • Unlimited open periods
  • Close and re-open periods as required
  • Inter-company transactions
  • Multi-company consolidations
  • Multi-currency transactions
  • User-defined financial statements and balance sheets
  • Unlimited drill-down/up
  • One-touch Excel export
  • Multiple tax codes
  • User-definable disbursements and stubs



  • Multi-site and multi-location
  • Automatic unit conversions
  • Min/Max inventory levels
  • Site to site inventory transfers
  • Physical count management
  • Inventory inquiry with unlimited drill-down/up
  • Catalogue management
  • Multiple price lists for sales and purchasing
  • Multiple vendor product codes and pricing
  • Product kits
  • Lot, serial number and variable size item management

Lot/Unit Sales


  • Manage deposits
  • Closing costs
  • Buyer contract



  • Order desk
  • Shipping management
  • Order planning (MRP1)
  • Production management
  • Product kits
  • Product catalogues
  • Multi-site inventory
  • Different delivery and billing addresses

Mechanic Work Orders


  • Work orders are generated by selecting equipment from the scheduled maintenance list giving you control over when equipment is taken out of use
  • Work orders include general descriptions, labour, material, billing items and assigned equipment lists
  • Equipment documentation can be printed with work orders
  • Maintenance history can be included on work orders
  • Work order forms are user-definable
  • Work orders are fully integrated to costing and billing functions within Maestro

Multi-Site & Multi-Location Inventory


  • Create separate inventories for multiple warehouses
  • Create multiple locations within each warehouse

Order Billing


  • Create invoices from customer orders
  • Automatically invoice shipped items
  • Specify taxes, discounts, terms, service fees and holdback’s/retention
  • Specify salesperson or team for commission calculation

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling


  • Individual task schedules by equipment type
  • Site visits by equipment
  • Common materials by task
  • Estimated time by task

Progress Billing


  • Track holdback/retention
  • User-definable schedule
  • User-definable forms
  • Integrated to change order module

Project Cost Redistribution


  • Transfer common costs such as land and utilities to multiple sub-projects

Project Costing


  • Multi-level projects with roll-up reporting and inquiry
  • Comprehensive project inquiry with unlimited drill-down/up
  • Unit costing
  • Daily cost reporting including labour
  • Daily production reporting

Project Management


  • Project issue log for recording al issues related to each project
  • Change order management including auto-update of budgets, subcontracts and billing contracts
  • User-defined document workflow for RFI’s, RFQ’s and other documents
  • Document Management with user defined categories and assigned due dates
  • Contact Management with integrated email/fax/transmittal log



  • Unit and dollar projections
  • Budget/actual/committed/projection reporting

Purchase Planning (MRP1)


  • Analyze inventory demands to determine product ordering requirements
  • Automatically create requisitions to re-supply inventory of raw materials to ensure materials are available for production runs
  • Forecast future requirements taking into account typical delivery delays for each material

Service Contracts


  • Zones, mark-up rates and invoicing tables
  • User-definable contract forms
  • Record general and technical details related to contract
  • Equipment lists
  • Site visit lists
  • Multiple locations per contract
  • Automatic renewals
  • Electronic documentation by equipment type and installed equipment

Service Work Orders


  • User-definable work order forms
  • Preventative maintenance and unscheduled maintenance work orders
  • Work order templates
  • Integrated to material ordering and labour hour management
  • Integrated time and materials billing



  • Track holdback/retention
  • Multi-item subcontracts
  • User definable forms
  • Integrated to change order module

Ticket Billing


  • Billings are automatically created from tickets that have been either imported or entered manually into the Maestro ticket editor
  • Invoices are user-definable including the grouping of information such as separate invoices by customer/project

Ticket Import (Interface)


  • Import tickets from 3rd part batching and scale systems
  • Special interface with Marcotte concrete batching system allows for import of tickets and two-way synchronisation of customers, products and jobs over the internet (if required)
  • For non-synchronised interfaces Maestro allows for the editing of imported information prior to updating Maestro’s ticket management database. This allows you to quickly identify and resolve missing or incorrect product and customer issues

Ticket Management


  • Tickets are re-produced in Maestro and can be edited after import to include additional fees
  • Wait times can be automatically calculated based on information provided by dispatch solutions such as Marcotte systems
  • For aggregates purchased from 3rd parties Maestro’s rapid-entry screen will allow you to quickly enter tickets to calculated customer billings, quarry payables and transportation payables/costing without in a single line without duplication. This process can reduce the time to billing by days and even weeks
  • When receiving transport and quarry invoices Maestro’s quick reconcile feature will help to ensure that you are being invoiced properly without re-entering ticket information

Transport Payables


  • Define internal transportation rates for owned trucks
  • Define external payable rates for 3rd party trucks
  • Define transport rates, zones rates and KM/Mileage rates
  • Specify whether transport revenue is allocated to the plant/quarry or to the truck
  • When receiving transport invoices Maestro’s quick reconcile feature will help to ensure that you are being invoiced properly without re-entering ticket information

Vehicle Preventative Maintenance Scheduling


  • Equipment usage can entered directly in fleet module, imported through Excel or entered with labour timesheets
  • Separated maintenance schedules can be defined for government enforced programs and manufacturer warranty enforced programs
  • Maintenance lists can be generated using actual usage values or values estimated based on actual records plus anticipated usage
  • Thresholds can be specified to ensure that equipment appears on the maintenance schedule when the usage comes within a specified percentage of the next maintenance task
  • Work orders are generated by selecting equipment from the scheduled maintenance list giving you control over when equipment is taken out of use
  • Maintenance schedule contain a list of tasks each with estimated time and materials
  • Many manufacturers provide electronic access to their maintenance schedules via the Internet. These can be imported to Maestro via Excel

Vehicle Profiles


  • Purchase and financing information
  • Chassis, engine and tire specifications
  • Preventative maintenance schedule
  • Warranty components
  • Integration to depreciation module
  • Equipment costing schedule for tracking equipment costs and generating cost plus billings
  • Equipment billing schedule for calculating equipment rental revenue
  • Unlimited custom fields for equipment in general and for specific equipment types
  • Link related equipment such as trailers or on-board equipment
  • Specify up to two usage types per equipment piece for measuring the usage of the equipment for preventative maintenance scheduling purposes

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