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A project management application designed by Procore for construction companies.
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Procore is your complete online construction management software. Procore is designed to combine standard construction software functionality (i.e. construction project scheduling and job logging) with the power of the Internet; providing you with automated e-mails, web-based document sharing, and digital photo archiving.

This product will completely keep job schedules accurate and up-to-date, manage your RFI’s, maintain comprehensive records of all team communications, coordinate change orders and punch lists, and makes it simple for superintendents to keep accurate daily logs. This is all available in a single web-based portal. The flat-rate, per-project pricing means that you can afford to perform bigger or smaller projects, without additional costs.

Procore is your complete construction project management solution. This product is divided into several pages, each with different information and features. The pages are as follows:

  • Project Home - The Project Home page provides you with a dashboard view of the status of your current projects. This dashboard will allow you to view RFI’s, change orders, construction project management tasks, and punch list items at a glance. Additionally, Procore focuses on providing you with software and information that highlights information rather than confusing you with it. They focus on providing you with a project management solution that not only gathers information but manages it properly. Finally, the Project Home Page will show you what tasks are on the schedule for that day, allowing you to stay on top of every project on a day-by-day basis.
  • Communication - The Communication page allows you to manage all e-mail communications related to a specific project. Procore will combine with your current e-mail to track and organize all relevant communications. Within the system, every project receives its own unique e-mail address. Simply including this email address on your project communications means that Procore can archive your messages, and keep them all in one central, safe location. Procore will automatically organize the e-mails in a familiar message board-style, thread format. Procore also allows you to perform an e-mail search throughout all e-mails in a project. Whether you use web-based software such as Hotmail or Gmail, or Microsoft Outlook, Procore will work with the system you already have.
  • RFIs - Procore will organize your RFIs, while adding an element of transparency and accountability to the RFI process. Procore uses e-mail to document and manage RFIs for every project. RFIs can be easily created by members of your teams or contractors. After completion they are transmitted and assigned to a project team member. In addition to the person responsible for closing the RFI, Procore can also include a distribution list of the people affected by this RFI. Procore also features scheduled automatic reminders to help keep your RFI process on track.
  • Change Orders - The Change Orders screen will allow you to change any order in the system, while maintaining a complete history of changes (and whom they were made by).
  • Punch List - The Punch List screen allows you to instantly approve items, add comments to any item, and see who has approved items.
  • Calendar - The Calendar screen gives you a completely customizable view of all tasks entered into a project schedule. Procore presents the construction project schedule in a calendar view, available as a daily, weekly or monthly view. Project tasks within the schedule are represented as individual bars; displaying the task name, resources assigned, and start/finish dates. All tasks can be drilled down to view the Task Detail screen; which allows editing of the items for each task. Whenever one of the schedule task data points is edited, Procore will require the user to fill in a text box with the reason for the change.
  • Daily Log - Proure’s Daily Log screen uses the power of the Internet to provide a way for your project managers to keep track of what happens on job sites, each day. The Daily Log screen will automatically log and archive weather reports for your job sites. The work log then brings the power of automation to you project management; by integrating with the project schedule to pre-load the scheduled tasks for that day into the Daily Work Log.
  • Reports - The Reports screen allows you to see a summary report of your projects, track all changed requests, and gives you a full history of every schedule change. Reports can be run for any date range.
  • Images - Procore’s Project Images page is used to store and view digital photos related to the specific project. Procore gives you unlimited storage with online access to photos.
  • Documents - Procore’s Document page is used to store and view documents of any type. As is the same with the Images page you can store an unlimited number of documents with online access to photos.
  • Job Cost - The Job Cost page allows you to view job cost summary data and committed costs for each project. You are also able to drill down to the details of each transaction to see what makes up even the smallest line items

Reviews of Procore

An anonymous Procore user says...

We find the solution too difficult to use. My project managers have issues connecting to it in the field and we need a system that is more simple than this.

An anonymous Procore user says...

We like the collaboration on the plans and that is primarily how we use it. On the jobs where we are the general contractor we only use it to distribute plans and communication so we aren’t constantly printing plans. Procore has no estimating features or job costing and we have to do that with our own internal programs