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About TimeSuite ToolBox

Toolbox is a solid project, estimating and accounting application that is intuitive and customizable. Toolbox has a relational database architecture, and utilizes a relational SQL database tool. The relational architecture facilitates ease of use.

The difference between Toolbox and it’s competitors is that it has both a relational architecture, and utilizes a relational SQL database tools. Several competitors have converted to relational SQL database tools, but still have non-relational architectures.

Toolbox development began in April of 1994, and has had active users since October 1996. Toolbox has been developed for windows since day one (not a converted DOS system). Toolbox offers a single-entry, real-time method of processing.

Accounts Payable

Features Include:

  • Customizable Screens (Add or remove fields from input screen)
  • An automated audit trail facilitates error corrections
  • Date sensitive agings by job or vendor(separate column for retentions)
  • Customizable agings
  • Customizable Subcontracts agreements
  • Subcontractor check stub that provides the same information as a progress pay application/draw request
  • Customizable Purchase Orders and Subcontracts (Add your logo, drag and drop fields, add and remove data)
  • Buy out jobs effectively, and easily track committed costs
  • Calculate sales tax on POs, Subcontracts and Invoices
  • Use assemblies for Purchase Orders, Subcontracts, and/or AP Invoices
  • Retention
  • Track Lien Notices and Releases, and prompt user when notice is applicable
  • Auto fill option in Liens tab of job notebook shows all checks generated for Vendor/Sub
  • System warning when paying vendor/sub where lien notices exist
  • Hold Status for Invoices, POs, Subcontracts
  • Select/re-select print form from PO and/or Subcontracts
  • Unit costing
  • Active/Inactive status for vendors
  • Use Tax reporting. Unlimited sales and use tax entities
  • Pay by job, due date, discount date, or by vendor/vendors
  • Warnings for expired insurance/license dates for subcontractor reporting
  • Joint check functionality
  • Generate check from invoice entry
  • Warnings on duplicate invoices
  • Accommodates the one time miscellaneous vendor
  • Vendor discounts by days from invoice date, days from first of next month, days from first of second month
  • Calculate additional/second vendor discounts on POs, Subcontracts and Invoices
  • Notes section for each vendor
  • Mailing labels

Accounts Receivable

Features Include:

  • Customizable Screens (Add or remove fields from input screen)
  • Customizable Invoices (Add your logo, drag and drop fields, add and remove data)
  • Date sensitive agings by job or by customer (seperate column for retentions)
  • Customizable Progress billings for percentage of complete and units
  • Draw requests
  • Quotes
  • Credit limits
  • Billings Statements
  • Retention
  • Costs plus billings
  • Time and material billings
  • Active/Inactive status for customers
  • Service Billings
  • Sales tax reporting
  • Sale assemblies
  • Track revenues by estimator, project manager, superintendent, salesman, or region
  • Notes section for each customer
  • Mailing labels
  • GST/PST capabilities for Canadian Companies
  • Select/re-select print form from transaction
  • Email, fax or print forms

Document Control

Features Include:

  • Customizable entry screens are used by users to define the fields available for document creation
  • Field captions are customizable
  • Each document screen can have an unlimited number of user defined forms that can be used to generate documents
  • Each document retains the form that was used to create the external document
  • Users can attach an unlimited number of documents, pictures, etc to each document entry from
  • Users can email, fax and/or print created document out of Toolbox. These created docuements can also be attached to the document transactions
  • Documents can be organized by Job, Customer, Employee, Vendor, as well as several other customizable fields


Features Include:

  • Customizable .net grid provides users with the ability to choose the columns that the user wants to see on the bid item grid as well as the titles of the columns
  • POs and Subcontracts can be created from the bid item grid
  • Budgets and schedule of values are created/updated from the bid item grid
  • Users have the ability to selectively calculate sales tax on the cost of rows as well as the selling price of rows
  • Columns are drag and drop for positioning. Users can define column widths
  • Users can sort on any column. Users can have as many sorts as desired (i.e. primary, secondary…)
  • Users can define the formats and verbiage of their proposals
  • Users can email, fax and/or print proposals out of Toolbox. PDF or other formats can be saved with the estimate job
  • Assemblies can be created and pulled into the bid item grid. Unlimited tiering of Sub-assemblies can be set up. Assemblies can be redefined from within the bid. Assemblies can be pulled in from other bids
  • Inventory items can be pulled from specific locations
  • Unlimited item cost rates can be maintained for inventory and non-inventory items, and can be used to pull into the bid item grid
  • Inventory and non-inventory item look-up grid provides uses with a dynamic way of looking up item. Items can be looked up with any portion of the item codes, and/or descriptions
  • Users can utilize unlimited tiering capabilities
  • Sub items can be pulled in with assemblies or created on the fly
  • For each row, markups can be based on bid rates, markup percent, margin, or amount
  • Dimensions and computations on the dimensions can be selected

Fixed Assets

Features Include:

  • Enter equipment transactions to the job within payroll entry or through equipment journal entries
  • Unlimited equipment cost and billing rate scales
  • Profit and loss reporting on each piece of equipment, not limited to fiscal years
  • Tie to Income Statement that calculates over/under allocation of equipments in total and by piece of equipment
  • Track insurances, licenses, and serial numbers
  • Apply costs to both plants and/or jobs
  • Automated monthly depreciation entry to general ledger
  • Generate and maintain depreciation schedules
  • Meter readings automatically incremented
  • Calculate actual cost rates using historical data
  • Assign mechanic labor costs and other costs directly to pieces of equipment

General Ledger

Features Include:

  • Burdens post correctly between direct, indirect, and general and administrative expenses
  • Departments and Divisions reporting
  • Multi-company within the same database or with separate databases
  • Unlimited Departments can be selectively turned by GL account number. Thus, there is no requirement to add a new general ledger account
  • Cash Receipts and Cash Disbursements (hand checks) that do not have to be tied to AR or AP
  • Bank Reconciliations for each cash account at the same time, and edit/fix/print old bank recs
  • Instant insight into each general ledger account balances and transactions
  • Instant updating from any entry of any system transaction
  • Budget reporting
  • Customizable Financial Reporting
  • Full audit trail that includes user and system date/time stamp
  • Utilization of subsidiary postings that increase the functionality of the detail general ledger. Full detail reporting on summary postings if requested
  • Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Cash Flow Analysis


Features Include:

  • Customizable inventory transaction screen that allocates inventory to/from jobs
  • Multiple Inventory Locations
  • Import and maintain supplier pricing tables including conversion units, conversion factors, and discounts
  • Inventory is automatically reduced with point of sale or A/R invoices
  • Track quantity on hand and reorder points
  • Track unit costs from specific vendors, or default pricing that show up when entering POs and/or AP Invoices
  • Set up unlimited tiered assemblies for ordering/selling/applying to jobs
  • Set up unlimited billing rates. Set discounts at the customer level
  • Unit costing
  • Import/update pricing lists from external sources
  • Set up groups of inventory items (assemblies) for purchasing, billing, and allocating inventory to jobs
  • Assign pricing models to each item for bidding, quote generation, cost plus billing and AR billing

Job Cost

Features Include:

  • Unlimited tiering of levels for phasing/cost codes and billing codes and change orders
  • Set up phases/cost codes and billing codes to match CSI libraries or you own
  • Job Performance/Status area that allows tracking of jobs by take off line item. This area of the system facilitates a multitude of ways to implement job performance/status tracking.
  • Progress pay applications (percentage of completion or units). Handles sales tax on AIA equiv. Prints lien releases, and change order requests. Progress pay applications can be customized by the user.
  • Print customizable progress or final lien releases for subs, suppliers, etc.
  • Change orders can be approved, unapproved, pending-include or pending-exclude for both budgets and progress pay applications.
  • Track change orders seperately or under each phase/cost code.
  • Track lien notices and releases. User is prompted to review at time of payment.
  • Unlimited user definable cost types. (i.e. Labor, Material, Subs, Equip, Other, etc.)
  • Utilized job cost information entered into the system to facilitate billings.
  • Generate costs plus billings that ensure all costs incurred are billed for. The cost-plus billings formats can be customized by the user.
  • Identify default billing and pay scales for employees equipment and material for each job.
  • Default sales and use tax codes.
  • Burdens post to each line item cost or into separate line items based on cost type. Separate line item posting can be at the top level or job phase level.
  • Import budgets from most estimating systems or spreadsheets.


Features Include:

  • Multi-State/Province payroll
  • Union Payroll
  • Certified Payroll
  • Confidential Payroll
  • Enter equipment transaction through payroll entry
  • Import data from any PDA software that exports data
  • Burden can be applied across all employees or specific employees in many different ways
  • User definable setup for Pension/Deferred Compensation/Benefit plans, cafeteria plans etc.
  • Distribute to unlimited jobs, phases, cost codes, general ledger accounts, worker’s comp classes, unions, trade classifications, etc.
  • Magnetic Media
  • Notes section for each employee
  • Vacation and sick day accruals
  • Garnishments as well as unlimited definable deductions based on hourly amounts, percentages, or amounts within a period
  • Local and occupational tax/head tax calculations
  • Unlimited pay rate tables
  • Unlimited billing rate tables including rates for regular, overtime and doubletime
  • Time and billing for employee hours including mark-up/down and work in process
  • User definable tax definition changes for Canadian and other International payroll requirements
  • Import payroll entries from any system that downloads data
  • Limit payroll deductions, additions, contributions at the employee level


Features Include:

  • Unlimited material cost rates & billing rate scales
  • Profit and loss reporting on each plant, not limited to fiscal years
  • Assign equipment costs based on hourly or non-hourly units to plant
  • Assign labor time to plants through payroll entry
  • Apply materials coming off plant to jobs based on unit cost rates
  • Bill materials to customers through unlimited scales for material billing rates


Features Include:

  • Interface with Microsoft Schedule
  • Items updated/added in Toolbox automatically update in Microsoft Schedule
  • Items updated/added in Microsoft Schedule update in Toolbox
  • New scheduling capabilities from within Toolbox are currently in development

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User Reviews of TimeSuite ToolBox

Submitted on July 16th, 2019 by Sherri

TimeSuite Toolbox is an excellent accounting software for Construction companies. That said, the customer support is extremely lacking. Because there are a lot of nuances to this program and many ways of achieving the data input, it isn’t always consistent. There have been times that I have been unable to get any support and had to wait a few hours to try again. Currently, I have a serious corruption in our database that came about when they upgraded the SQL version on our server. This has been going on for months and they can’t seem to resolve it. So 4 stars for the software and 2 stars for their support (which we have to pay for annually)

The Good…

Flexibility. It allows for just about any report you can dream of and the ability to build your own report is there, however, it is daunting and there is a very large learning curve.

The Bad…

The company support. We have had some issues where information isn’t coming out right and although they can pinpoint what was causing the problem, it isn’t apparent, so you really need to know accounting to catch these things. Then you pray that you can get the person who knows the answer on the line to fix it that day.

Submitted on June 11th, 2015 by Dave from Advanced Electrical Solutions

Toolbox is very intuitive, and easy to use. I am familiar with Quickbooks, and I thing Toolbox is just as easy to use. It is real time, and does the audit trail for you. The entry screens and grids are customizable. The financial reporting features automate posting and reversing over under billings, and accrue wages. The percentage of completion features are more comprehensive than any of the other systems that we reviewed. The full summary of contracts automatically ties into the income statement, and the system burdens my costs in a way that matches our estimating. The support is great, and I’m usually able to get right through without having to get called back. I love the dash-board reports. I read another review that said the Toolbox could not track credit cards. That is not accurate, and we love that feature.

The Good…

The ease of use, and speed.

The Bad…

We love the system.

Submitted on December 10th, 2013 by Jennifer

Construction or contractor accounting software.

Does more than its competitors in the same price range but lacks some items that the larger softwares have

Small staff all on different time zones so sometimes it could take a day to get an answer

Not able to account for credit card liabilities. You must make journal entries.

Tracks cost of employees very well

The Good…

Ability to track all costs and very budget driven

The Bad…

Not able to accrue credit card liabilities, hard to get in contact with support staff who have the answers.