ISO 22716 cosmetics GMP compliance software from Cosmetri

About Cosmetri GMP

Cosmetri GMP is an ISO 22716 compliance solution for cosmetic businesses. This solution ensures manufacturing, testing, packaging, transporting, and storing processes of cosmetic products are up to code. Cosmetri GMP can be purchased and used as a standalone system, or integrated with Cosmetri Product Manager.

Cosmetri GMP can be fully implemented by manufacturers within 2-3 days, with no setup fees. Fully scalable for any size of company. Two hours online training are included. The Product Manager can be integrated with Cosmetri GMP to extend the software for manufacturers requiring full ISO 22716 GMP management.

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  • GMP Dashboard
  • Internal Audits
  • Issue Management
  • Department and Role-Based Permissions
  • GMP Document Management
  • Product Recall Management
  • Out of Specification Investigations
  • Customer Compliant Management
  • UE/SUE Management

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User Reviews of Cosmetri GMP

Submitted on May 27th, 2020 by Stephan Ulvund Øien from Kosmetikk Laboratoriet

A all in one software solution to make sure you and your company comply with the newest current ISO22716 Cosmetic GMP.

The Good…

Being a small company I don’t have the benefit of having a large organization with alot of knowledge and know how. Cosmetri GMP makes it possible for us as a small company to comply in an easy way, and to be confident that our products stay within current required regulation.

The Bad…

As a creative I hate numbers in general. But if I didn’t have Cosmetri GMP it would take me 3-4 times as much admin time to make sure I comply. But the feature where the software constantly looks over your ingredients to make sure you stay compliant is ingenious. It makes sure I sleep well at night!

Submitted on April 30th, 2020 by Simon Bowen from cosmetri GmbH

Intended specifically for cosmetics manufacturers, cosmetri GMP significantly reduces the complexity of complying with GMP ISO 22716. Fast and easy implementation means that you can be fully operational within 2-3 days. Online training included. No setup fees.

The Good…

Our existing customers love the simplicity, fast implementation and ‘all in one’ management of GMP tasks.

The Bad…

Full integration with cosmetri Product Manager is not yet completed.