Cosmetri Product Manager

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Cosmetic manufacturing software from Cosmetri.

About Cosmetri Product Manager

Cosmetri Product Manager helps cosmetics and personal care businesses manage R&D, formulation, testing/QA, compliance and manufacturing/MRP workflows. Product Manager allows you to set compliance zones and advisory lists for specific ingredients. Check regulations for over 50 countries, including US FDA (+ Prop65) Canada, EU and Mercosur. The fully scalable, cloud-based software can be configured as an enterprise platform to maximize the effectiveness of teams and provide all staff members and roles with the tools required to perform their tasks.

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The features of Cosmetri Product Manager include:


  • Compliance Checker
  • Compliance Status Reports
  • Compliance Management, inc. US FDA, Prop65 and Canada
  • Ingredients Watch regulatory monitoring
  • Labels Management
  • Custom Advisory Lists
  • Generate Product Dossier


  • Advanced Formulation Tools
  • Fast Formula Clone
  • Formula Version Comparison
  • On-the-Fly Formula Costs
  • Sample Development
  • QA and Testing


  • 30,000+ Ingredients in Database
  • Manage Ingredient Safety/GHS Data
  • ‘Where Used’ Reporting
  • Advanced Search and Filtering

Raw Materials

  • Batch Management
  • Custom Properties
  • Manage Documents e.g. SDS/CoA
  • Safety Notes

Product Labels

  • Label of Ingredients
  • Allergen Declarations
  • Common Names
  • US/International INCIs
  • Manage Symbols and Artwork

Projects Management

  • Project Management
  • Custom Project Statuses
  • Associate Projects with Products or Customers

Customer Management

  • Tools for Contract Manufacturers
  • Online Customer Collaboration
  • Manage Products by Customer Groups
  • User Permissions by Customer

Safety Data

  • Manage Safety, Toxicity and GHS
  • Calculate Max. Daily Exposure
  • SED and MoS Calculations
  • Export Safety Data to Excel


  • Inventory Control
  • Expiration and Low Inventory Alerts
  • Fast Pack Out
  • Batch Tickets
  • Dispense Lists
  • MRP
  • Batch Traceability

QA Testing

  • Schedule Tests
  • Custom Test Statuses
  • Test Raw Materials
  • Formula Testing
  • In-Process Manufacturing QA
  • Product Batch Testing
  • Packaging QA
  • Retained Samples Testing
  • Stability Testing


  • Build Packaging Sets
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Packaging Cost Calculations
  • Packaging Inventory Management
  • Packaging Dispense List
  • Upload Packaging Documents

Cost Calculations

  • Product and Formula Costs
  • Live Exchange Rates
  • Formula Cost Comparisons
  • Retail Profit Margin Calculation
  • Distributor Profit Margin Calculation
  • Packaging Costs
  • Alerts for Missing or High Costs
  • Product Cost Monitoring

Team/Workflow Management

  • Integrated Workflow Management
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Set User Permissions
  • Team Collaboration Tools
  • Service Providers
  • Customers
  • User Timesheet
  • User Activity Reports

Tasks Management

  • Custom Tasks
  • Compliance Checker Auto Tasks
  • Task Statuses
  • Product, Formula, Ingredient, and Batch Tracking


Plan Monthly Pricing Annual Pricing Users Products
Starter $43/month $442/year 1 user 5 products
Business $110/month $1122/year 2 users 15 products
Enterprise $221/month $2255/year 3 users + $520/added user Unlimited products

Pricing in USD is approximated based on EU conversion. Subject to change.

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User Reviews of Cosmetri Product Manager

Submitted on June 9th, 2020 by Robert Hohf from RainShadow Labs (US)

This is a big step for our company as we have outgrown our old archaic method of generating formulas in Microsoft Excel and using non-industry specific manufacturing software.

I’ve been amazed about how quickly I can enter formulas in to cosmetri. It all just makes sense!

Submitted on June 4th, 2020 by Bernhard Keller from Phytovero GmbH

We started our business three years ago and began using Cosmetri immediately. I was so happy that we found a software that covered all our needs. From formulation planning, PIF generation to safety data analyses and calculations (SEM, MoS etc).

Without this powerful tool it would have been impossible to fulfill all the compliance and regulation tasks in reasonable time. Nowadays, we use every function of Cosmetri, and this software is at the heart of our business. Last month we realized our ISO:22716 certification. Cosmetri and all the documentation provided was a real big help.

Submitted on June 4th, 2020 by Jaana Ailus from Laponie Skincare

What I love about cosmetri is how easy it makes R&D work. I can easily create stability testing programmes and manage multiple formulations. It basically does the work of one employee.

Having used other similar R&D software, cosmetri is superior to all of them due to its high functionality and ease of managing large amounts of data.

Submitted on May 28th, 2020 by Tim Burt from CR Formulations

Cosmetri is without doubt the most comprehensive and user friendly compliance software for our industry. We used it to obtain and maintain our GMP ISO22716. From the management of raw materials to final batch protocols the system just delivers. We are now looking at implementing the GMP module to Manage the full scope of our certification.

The Good…

Its ease of use in and around batch management.

The Bad…

I still have to run an MRP system that has a high level of duplication across the two. If cosmetri could raise a purchase order then allow me to receipt those materials in i could remove 70% of my duplication.

Submitted on May 28th, 2020 by a Cosmetri Product Manager user from PDeXperts

A one-stop shop for Cosmetic Product Development

The Good…

Up-to-date information about chemical ingredients, regulatory aspects separated for different regions

The Bad…

Some information difficult to find, limitations for special characters (- etc., limited storage for products

Submitted on May 27th, 2020 by Stephan Ulvund Øien from Kosmetikk Laboratoriet

This is an amazing software that makes it easy to setup your formulas, PIF and make sure that your formulas stay compliant with the Current regulatory. You will get notifications if it don’t! Giving you security and the confidence you need when your “babies” leave your house!

The Good…

It makes the whole process of developing a product incredibly easy. No need for papers. All is conducted inside Cosmetri. It is a walk through from product formulating to finished product. Evaluations of current packaging and a powerful tool to make your team work tidy and towards the main goal.

The Bad…

At the moment I have no bad experiences with Cosmetri. I am not a cosmetic chemist, but with this software and with the help from my Safety Assessor I have all I need to streamline a product line.

Submitted on April 30th, 2020 by Simon Bowen

cosmetri Product Manager is the only PLM software for cosmetics businesses, providing tools for all stages of product lifecycle - from R&D/formulation to compliance management, sample development, manufacturing, testing/QA and manufacturing/MRP.

The Good…

Access the tools you need from one integrated dashboard. Advanced regulatory checking including US FDA, Canada and Prop65. Easy to follow user guides, in-application help, and online training.

The Bad…

No multi-language version yet available.