A demand planning software to improve your supply chain.

About Avercast

Avercast is a forecasting software used by demand planners meant to improve your supply chain performance. Avercast offers over 200 forecasting algorithms and is always up to date with the latest ERP integrations.

Avercast has a direct output to excel to allow your data to be easily transferred among your staff.

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Features of Avercast

  • Dashboards
  • Alerts
  • Multiple forecasts
  • Slice and dice data

Supply planning

  • Plan replenishment
  • Alerts for low stock count
  • “What if Analysis”
  • Reduce inventory

Avercast Business Forecasting (ABF)

This solution provides financial forecasting for small to large businesses and provides over 200 forecasting algorithms. It can also integrate with your existing ERP system.

  • Increase customer fill rates and prevent stock outs
  • Increase forecast accuracy
  • Increase inventory turns
  • Fully customizable
  • 60 months of history
  • Batch analysis

Avercast Supply Planning (ASP)

This demand planning solution is an inventory planning option from Avercast that provides a timely scheduling system to eliminate excess product and get your business on track for accurate replenishment. It can help deliver net purchase requirements for single or multi-level warehouses.

  • Time-phased supply plan
  • Combine time periods
  • Action items
  • Dashboard planner
  • “What if” analysis
  • Safety stock

Avercast Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Be alerted when non-normal processes are occurring in your business. Visualize and analyze your business operations so you can correct problems before you lose money on the deal.

  • Automate annual business planning process
  • Collaboration management
  • Comparisons of current, historical, and future performance

Avercast Capacity Planning (RCCP)

Balance demand against manufacturing constraints and strategically plan your production with report template and an intuitive graphical interface.

  • Load analysis and capacity of planned production
  • Visibility to production resources
  • Shift excess load to other work centers

Avercast Sales Forecasting (ASF)

Real-time collaboration between sales staff during the inventory forecasting and planning process. Improve your revenue forecasting and make adjustments as needed.

  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Track performance against company budget
  • Make adjustments at the SKU level
  • Review sales
  • Time-stamped notes

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