Supply chain planning software for manufacturing and distribution companies.

About Optimity

Optimity is a supply chain planning solution that provides your manufacturing/distribution business with clear visibility and control over your supply chain processes. This solution directly addresses the difficulties of increasing costs and competition.

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The Optimity Supply Chain Planning Suite is packed with features that will transform the way you approach planning. Optimity harnesses the very best in supply chain optimization technology to deliver superior visibility, control and simplicity for your entire supply chain planning process.

Optimity’s software modules work independently or seamlessly together, putting the power of supply chain optimization at your fingertips. Offered on an annual subscription basis, Optimity can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

The 6 core modules include:

  • Demand Forecaster: Demand planning to anticipate and respond to demand via automated collaboration
  • ABC Analyzer: Business visualizations to get a full level of details
  • S&OP Planner: Sales and operations planning through alignment and synchronization
  • Production Scheduler: Production planning to better execute your production
  • Supply Chain Optimizer: Optimal planning with constraints and complexities
  • Inventory Optimizer: Advanced IO Engine eases decision-making

Optimity Features

With Optimity, you are always working from a single, current set of data, and the collaboration platform means a consensus-based plan.

Optimity gives you visibility and full control at all levels of granularity and the ability to test any scenario.

Run an infinite number of real-time ‘What-if?’ simulations in any module to understand impacts of business growth.

Optimity’s profit-based logic means your decision making will always be from a whole-business perspective.

Optimity takes S&OP to a new level by delivering continuous visibility, focus, and alignment across all functions of the business.

Demand Forecaster

  • Intelligent Forecasting
  • Collaborative Demand Planning
  • Model Product and Forecast Data
  • Advanced Promotion Management
  • “What-if?” Analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Easy Integration

Supply Chain Optimizer

  • Profit Optimization
  • Detailed Model of Entire Supply Chain
  • Real-time Monitoring and Optimization
  • “What-if?” Simulation

Inventory Optimizer

  • Optimized Inventory Plans
  • Review Process
  • Real-time Inventory Visibility
  • Dynamic Safety Stock Optimization
  • Multi-echelon Inventory Management

Sales & Operations Planner

  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Optimized S&OP
  • Demand Collaboration
  • “What-if?” Analysis

ABC Analyzer

  • Tradeoffs
  • Multi-dimensional ABC Analysis
  • Planned Investments

Production Scheduler

  • Interactive Scheduling
  • Finite Capacity Scheduling
  • Multiple Scheduling Methods
  • Order Priority Management
  • Integration with Supply Chain Optimizer
  • “What-if” Analysis

Why Optimity Matters

Many manufacturing/distribution companies think they can get away with running their supply chain using an ERP software. Yet these solutions often lack the right tools for better supply chain systems, especially if you are in complex manufacturing. Optimity uses factual data-intelligence to improve delivery service and minimize risks.

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