An AI-driven solution for optimizing retail processes.


RELEX optimizes demand planning, merchandising, supply chain, and retail operations with their unified cloud-native Living Retail Platform. Machine learning can capture the impact of hundreds of demand drivers for highly accurate demand forecasting, improving panning processes across merchandising, supply chain, and operations with visibility into future demand.

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RELEX Features

The processes improved through RELEX include:


Maximize sales and margins with RELEX’s category management and merchandising optimization software.

  • Promotion planning
  • Markdown pricing and optimization
  • Planogram and floor planning
  • Assortment planning

Supply Chain

Achieve maximum availability with minimum costs across your end-to-end supply chain with RELEX’s supply chain planning software.

  • Automatic replenishment and allocation
  • End-to-end inventory planning
  • Omnichannel supply chain
  • Fresh inventory
  • Supply chain collaboration

Retail Operations

Drive optimal use of inventory, capacity, and resources across your operations with the RELEX Living Retail Platform.

  • Store execution
  • Workforce optimization and management
  • S&OE and S&OP

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User Reviews of RELEX

Submitted on November 7th, 2021 by Arthur Caron

We were a bit late in automating forecasting and replenishment compared to our main French competitors. However, this allowed us to move straight on to using the latest technology available, which gives us a clear competitive edge.

RELEX’s flexible automation makes it simple and straightforward to implement changes in accordance with our company strategy. I continue to be impressed by the flexibility. The range optimization that we do with RELEX, for example, would not have been possible with any other tool.