A supply chain planning software system designed by StockIQ Technologies.

About StockIQ

StockIQ is a supply chain planning software designed to improve your inventory efficiency through enhanced visibility. StockIQ targets distributors and 3PL’s. The software helps improve forecast accuracy, reduce inventory levels, improve turns, reduce stockouts, and reduce excess.

Features of StockIQ include:

Demand Forecasting

  • Forecast Hierarchies
  • Events Management
  • Promotion Planning
  • Current Period Prediction
  • New Items Planning
  • Customer and Channel Forecasting

Replenishment Planning

  • Order Generation
  • Order Cycles
  • Supplier Minimums
  • Order Targeting
  • Container Loading
  • Inventory Balancing
  • Full BoM/MRP Integration
  • Transfer Allocation

Inventory Analytics

  • Stock Out Analysis
  • Excess Tracking
  • Dead Inventory Management
  • Inventory Classing
  • Define Service Level Targets
  • Monitor Inventory Turns
  • Full MRP engine to handle bills (Back orders)
  • Expiration date tracking

Supplier Performance

  • Lead Time Management
  • Supplier Performance Management
  • Late Order Monitoring

Promotion Planning

  • Promotion Analysis
  • Promotion Optimization
  • Activity Monitor
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Product Overview

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