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About Radley EDI

Radley’s EDI software provides a way to increase your end-to-end productivity by reducing manual business processes. An Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution replaces emails, phone calls and paper-based exchanges. As a result, speed and accuracy increase, while lowering costs. To this end, Radley offers an EDI platform with a variety of software and services:

  • iREDI (i-Ready) automates business transactions, with EDI translation to X12, EDIFACT or other standards. Maintain trading partner compliance and improve productivity without increasing staff. So you can end time-consuming manual tasks and error-prone data entry.

  • Designed specifically for the automotive industry, iCARaS simplifies release accounting, demand reporting, shipping labels & more. Streamline communication between you and your trading partners, so you can stay compliant, eliminate redundancy and reduce costs.

  • Manage risks to your supply chain through Radley iSC. For instance, gain visibility to inventory replenishment through an easy-to-use web-based portal. Achieve all this, regardless of your suppliers’ EDI capabilities.

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EDI Features

  • Configurable dashboard
  • Translation
  • Communication
  • Automatic updates for real-time compliance
  • Integrate with existing ERP and business systems
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Activity monitor


  • Reduce inventories
  • Shrink order fulfillment cycle times
  • Decrease the need for IT resources
  • Comply with trading partner requirements
  • Increase efficiency
  • Simplify accounting, reporting and shipping

Technical Requirements

For an on-premise EDI, you’ll need:

  • Server Requirements: Windows 2012 R2 with Microsoft IIS
  • Recommended Minimum Memory on server: 8GB
  • Recommended disk space on server: 750MB + 100MB times the number of company databases
  • Recommended Minimum Processor Speed: Multi-core CPU 2 GHZ

You can also implement Radley EDI on the cloud to save on installation and maintenance costs.

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User Reviews of Radley EDI

Submitted on September 23rd, 2022 by Anonymous

We used to have an EDI crisis every week, now all is fully automated. I love it. We were never able to send future orders and now we are sending those as well.