Full-Featured, Fast, & Affordable eDiscovery in the Cloud

About Lexbe

Lexbe is an eDiscovery platform that provides cloud-based litigation document management and review. By giving users the ability to process, analyze, cull, review, and product large discovery collections, Lexbe aims to be a top full-featured, fast, and affordable eDiscovery option for all teams.

The eDiscovery solution from Lexbe works across all stages of your case. The platform can be completely self-administered or you can take advantage of technical experts available from Lexbe.

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Lexbe Features

The features of Lexbe include::

Planning and Collection

  • Planning: FRCP 26 planning and strategy support, custodian identification/tracking/reports, support for ESI data holds and requests for production, ESI agreement/order/protocol drafting and negotiation support.
  • Custodians and ESI Data Mapping: Data custodian identification and mapping, fact witness, ESI data mapping and reports, custodian interviewing
  • ESI Collection: Defensible collection assistance, cloud-based email and repositories, social media accounts, texting/IMs and other non-email communications
  • Laptop/workstation/remote computer collection

Preservation, ECA/EDA and Culling

  • ECA/EDA: Early case analysis (ECA) and early data analysis (EDA) are available, pivot tables and excel reporting, collected data reports by custodian, location, file type, date, etc.
  • ESI Preservation+: Nearline storage of pre-ingestion ESI
  • Defensible Data Reduction: EDRM defensible reduction of collected documents for review, automated MD5 Hash identifcation, deNIST and deduplication of email and other documemts, Metadata extraction for culling support, culling by custodian/data-range/file-type and full text search available


  • DIY Uploads/Ingestions: Email and native file types or support of DAT/OPT, Dil, XLSX, and more
  • Lexbe-Assisted Uploads/Ingestions: Courtesy Lexbe upload assistance for all subscription accounts
  • Fast ESI Uploading/Ingestion and Processing: Amazon Web Services AWS-based propretary server architecture for fast processing
  • Advanced options for exact phrase, concept, fuzzy, phonic, Boolean, and more
  • Index results returned based on text extraction of the native file, OCR of image
  • Includes hidden sheets, hidden cells, speakers notes, metadata


  • Client DIY and Lexbe staff-managed loading/ingestion processes at high speeds
  • Tabbed interface shows all versions of a document
  • Create, assign, release, and monitor review sets
  • Organize by custodian, issue, data type, and language

Depositions, Motion Practice and Trial

  • Depo preparation
  • Transcript analysis and annotation
  • Timelines and fact and issue analysis
  • Trial preparation and presentation

Lexbe Pricing

  • Multiple hosting options align with case/client needs
  • Usage based–no user or set-up fees
  • Flex plans offer ‘pay as you go’ with no commitment
  • Deeply discounted subscription plans for committed long term hosting, including processing re-use

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User Reviews of Lexbe

Submitted on December 17th, 2021 by Rebecca Johnson from Johnston, Allison and HOrd

I can upload my documents when I need them and don’t have to wait on a vendor. Lexbe is very easy to use and is much quicker than other data based I have use. It has the exact right amount of options and not a bunch of extra I don’t need. The price is great too!"