Nuix Discover

An end-to-end eDiscovery tool from collections to the courtroom.

About Nuix Discover

Nuix Discover gives you the world’s best processing, everyday analytics and machine learning-powered review in a single platform so you can get to the truth faster. Backed by innovative, integrated customer success programs, Nuix Discover is the trusted choice for organizations worldwide. Deploy it on-premise, in the secure cloud or anything in between.

Nuix Discover puts the power of enhanced eDiscovery review, visual analytics and artificial intelligence at your fingertips. You will uncover better evidence faster and quickly integrate it into your strategy for litigation and regulatory cases.

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Nuix Discover Features

  • Processing Engine
  • Machine Learning and Visual Analytics
  • On-Premise or Cloud Deployment
  • Multi-Tenant Architecture
  • Client Management
  • Reporting

Nuix Discover Benefits

  • Dramatically improve the efficiency and quality of your document review, boosting speed and relevance with machine learning technology, delivering profound time and cost savings.
  • Let your whole legal team use advanced data visualizations and everyday analytics–all as part of the base Nuix Discover license–to quickly find key facts and patterns in your case data.
  • Manage all your litigation projects using multi-tenancy reporting and tracking; rapid start-up, training and support; and cross-functional eDiscovery workflows that make you more productive.

Nuix Discover Target Market

  • Corporations: Data privacy, digital forensics and incident response, eDiscovery, and information governance
  • Government and Law Enforcement: Forensic investigation, fraud and corruption, insider threat response, and regulatory enforcement
  • Law Firms: Data privacy, early case assessment, eDiscovery processing and review, and regulatory response
  • Advisories and Service Partners: Digital forensics and analytics, enterprise eDiscovery, Governance/risk/compliance, and surveillance and monitoring

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