A knowledge integration platform for eDiscovery, archiving, and more.

About Onna

Onna turns disparate and disconnected information from workplace applications into useful knowledge. This single source of truth can help businesses make useful decisions to aid in their workflow. Real-life use cases include eDiscovery, archiving, investigations, knowledge management, and more.

Onna offers integration to any data source through API-driven connections. The processing engine can analyze all characters and images within a file to create an enterprise search engine with Machine Learning-driven context awareness. Solutions can also be built on top of the platform to provide a secure and private single source of truth for all disparate data.

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Onna Features

Onna customer use the Knowledge Integration Platform for:


Onna can help you effectively collect, search, and access data from all your cloud apps in one place to speed up early case assessment and drive down review costs. This means pinpointing information that matters across multiple cloud apps for proper processing.

Onna recognizes that the use of cloud apps can allow your staff to be at the top of their profession, but that these apps rarely communicate with one another–leaving you with scattered information silos. This is a difficult scenario when dealing with litigation and investigations.

Onna eDiscovery enables rapid identification, defensible collection, and preservation of data from these cloud applications. The platform aggregates information, organizes it intelligently using machine learning driven processing, and renders it in near native format.

eDiscovery Benefits

  • Reduced data volume: Export only what’s needed to outside counsel using a fast and accurate search
  • Instant case assessment: Inform cae strategy and investigations powered by a search-ready archive
  • Defensible collections: Minimize legal risks by collecting data and metadata from the original source, extracting embedded links and attachments, and preserving files in their native format
  • Broad application support: Connect to 30+ popular cloud applications
  • Open API: Integrate with any application and bring your own machine learning model


Onna allows you to create a centralized, search-ready repository of information for faster, more cost effective discovery and simpler information governance. This modern cloud archive lets you automatically capture cloud app data in a centralized, real-time, search-ready archive.

Archiving Benefits

  • Centralized automated retention: A multi-source archive repository with out-of-the-box connectors with the most popular cloud apps
  • Boost efficiency: Rely on one tool for information request searches
  • Reduce risk: Retain information in a centralized location for a defined period
  • Self-service: Allow multiple departments such as leal, HR, or others to quickly find the information they need without assistance from one another.
  • Support migrations: Move data from unwanted applications into Onna for ease of access

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