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About athenaClinicals

athenaClinicals from athenaHealth is a cloud-based medical records service that organizes the patient visit, helps providers document faster and more accurately, and sets your practice up for future success. athenaClinicals can be used by both small practices or large healthcare providers.

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athenaClinicals Features

  • Intuitive Workflows
  • Integrated mobile app
  • Exchange patient data with other care sites
  • Patient charting
  • Document management

athenaClinicals Benefits

Some of the top benefits of athenaClinicals that are reported by users include:

Keeping Providers Efficient and Focused on Care

Ranked #1 in usability by KLAS6, the cloud-based EHR service has an immediate impact, streamlining patient encounters and guaranteeing the practices stay top of industry change, like ICD-10 and Meaningful Use.

athenaClinicals is designed to preserve the sanctity of the patient-provider relationship. Inside the EMR workflow, clinical care guidelines and program measures surface where they can be met and captured most easily:

  • A single patient facesheet summarizes all relevant information
  • Quality guidelines and measures appear in the EHR workflow where they are least obtrusive, so providers can easily meet Meaningful Use and other quality-based initiatives
  • Epocrates drug monographs are embedded inside the EHR at the prescribing moment

An EHR That Works Like a Provider Thinks

As you enter details within the EHR workflow, related information automatically updates to keep encounters moving. Clinical inputs lead to an assessment and plan that’s filled in for your review. Each diagnosis detail swiftly narrows your ICD-10 code options. And best practice clinical guidelines for specialty practices are embedded within the EHR, including ACC cardiac guidelines . All helping you maximize efficiency with every patient visit.

Taking on Your Administrative Work

Our expert teams work as an extension of your practice, taking on the tedious administrative tasks that often tie up staff and cost you money due to inefficiency. Prior to joining athenahealth, the average medical practice received about 1,000 faxes per month, creating a workload that overwhelmed staff and resource. But the software will remove that hassle from your practice by receiving and sorting your incoming faxes, and placing results in the right patient chart directly in the EHR. Your staff saves time and can close the loop on orders.

athenahealth’s integrated EHR, practice management and patient engagement services are driving solid financial results.

  • An average 6% boost in collections1
  • A 32% drop in days in accounts receivable (DAR)1
  • No slowdown in patient visits

Delegating Work Intelligently, Freeing Up Staff

Our cloud-based approach to electronic medical health records drives efficiency by offering more than just EHR software. athenaClinicals moves work out of the exam room, delegating tasks to other providers and staff, while the teams take on your paperwork, electronic connections, and transactions. You get a lean, intelligent workflow with far less administrative hassle.

Keeping Providers Efficient and Focused on careSM

The demand for instant communication in today’s health care landscape is growing rapidly, and most providers are turning to text messaging. But standard text messages aren’t secure and increase the likelihood of compromising private patient information. athenaText eliminates that worry, enabling HIPPA-compliant communications without the need for cryptic codes to conceal sensitive information.

  • Access over one million U.S. clinicians in the growing directory
  • Choose from preloaded care teams for faster, easier care collaboration
  • Securely share text, images and medical information with colleagues instantly via mobile, or from the EHR
  • Annotate messages with information from the built-in drug reference app, Epocrates®, without leaving the EHR

EHR Homepage

The homepage offers everything providers need in a single view. You get complete visibility into urgent tasks and other priority items in need of follow up.

  • Review the full daily schedule, with complete patient information, including reason for visit, symptoms documented during intake, and when he or she is ready to be seen by you.
  • Review and manage orders conveniently right from the homepage
  • Quick access to incoming lab results so you can easily review and take appropriate action

Orders & E-Prescribing

Providers enjoy the functional ease of sending orders, referrals, prescriptions and more.

  • Enter a specific diagnosis and relevant orders are automatically surfaced
  • Select from your most-used order sets to place orders with minimal data entry
  • Send referrals more easily from within the EHR, without having to leave your current screen
  • Convenient e-prescribing functionality for faster submission to the pharmacy, with little interruption to your workflow

Patient Chart

The patient chart conveniently features all of the patient’s relevant information in one place for increased efficiency and minimal distraction during the moment of care.

  • Brief summary of the patient’s allergies and medications, current vitals and recent activity
  • Easily record and look up social and family health history
  • Automatic alerts for items that need action to satisfy quality management measures
  • Use your preferred method of documentation – templates, free text, voice, or even paper

Product Overview

  • Developer athenahealth
  • Type Electronic Medical Records (EHR) Software
  • Client OS Web
  • Deployment Cloud Hosted

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User Reviews of athenaClinicals

Submitted on May 17th, 2023 by Sylvester Foote

We have been using AthenaHealth as our EMR for a bit now. We really liked is accessability and the time it cuts down on manual work.

We are a growing group of healthcare clinics and AthenaHealth lets us stay organized and on top of our records.

The Good…

Very accessable

Pricing was good for us

The Bad…