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Powerful Energy Management Software for Large Organizations

Large corporations, universities, and city, county, and state governments that process hundreds or thousands of utility bills per month need an enterprise-class system with unsurpassed power and flexibility.

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An Energy Efficiency Solution That Pays You Back

EnergyCAP’s client-server network software and web reporting tools are a solution that lets you take charge of your energy spending&and pays you back! EnergyCAP energy efficiency software helps you measure, manage, and save ten ways. EnergyCAP often pays for itself in the first year through cost recoveries and efficiency improvements.

EnergyCAP is the result of over thirty years of industry leading experience, and includes many powerful and innovative features that enable you to effectively manage your energy. Plus, EnergyCAP licenses are flexible–you can customize them to fit your needs. This way, pricing is based on the features that are valuable to you.

Energy Management Software Done Right

Using EnergyCAP is doing energy management right. Of the many benefits of EnergyCAP, perhaps getting a handle on your energy information is the most important. Energy is your organization’s most controllable operating expense, but you can’t control it unless you track it. Track your energy with the most comprehensive web-friendly client-server software on the market–with EnergyCAP.

Get the Best Energy Efficiency Software With EnergyCAP

To create successful users, EnergyCAP offers a comprehensive training program, which includes free and customized resources. In addition, members of the friendly and knowledgeable technical services staff, including certified energy managers and business energy professionals, help the clients move to the next level. Get the best with EnergyCAP.


  • Enterprise: $34/meter/year for 250 meters
  • Express: $24/meter/year for 100 meters
  • Consultant Platform: $26/meter/year for 250 meters
  • Professional: Contact for pricing (Annual license)
  • Purchased options are available


Account & Meter Tracking

Track any commodity, level and type of bill detail in EnergyCAP. Includes TreeView navigation, memo and message system, and can track standard and deregulated bills (separate LDC/supplier charges).

EnergyCAP makes it easy to enter and retrieve information for any commodity (electric, natural gas, propane, oil, water, sewer, steam, refuse, recycling, telecom, etc.) and any number of accounts, meters, bills, and bill details. View each account’s cost and consumption history in graphical or tabular format, easily compare fiscal year, monthly, or annual summaries, and calculate greenhouse gas emissions.

Benefit from fast bill processing by using batch bill entry and choose from a library of 115 standard bill templates. If they don’t meet your need, create your own. Quickly and easily navigate around the application with the autosearch feature.

Accounts Payable Export

Export audited and approved bill records to an A/P or G/L system for final processing and payment, which eliminates double entry of billing data.

EnergyCAP is often used as a “smart and friendly front end” to audit and approve utility bills prior to passing the bill details to your Accounts Payable or General Ledger system. Currently half of all EnergyCAP clients utilize this automated process which saves valuable time by eliminating double entry of bills and ensuring bills are accurate before they are paid.

Through the use of a customized interface EnergyCAP can integrate with any financial system. Examples of applications to which EnergyCAP has already exported include: CAS, SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, MRI, QuickBooks, Great Plains, Banner, Performance, and other proprietary applications. EnergyCAP is not limited to these systems.

Bill Accruals

Create estimated bills (accruals) based on historical bills in order to close out an accounting period. Then export accrued bills to the General Ledger and reverse the accrued transactions after the actual bill is received.

The Accruals module enables a two-way process between EnergyCAP and your Accounting System to account for accrued bills. EnergyCAP creates accruals on a daily basis based on a number of factors, the accrual transactions are then exported to the General Ledger for posting. When the actual vendor bill arrives accrual transactions are reversed so the actual bill details will post to the account.

A standard Accruals report–available with or without the optional Accruals Module–can also be used to accrue usage and cost figures without creating actual bill records in EnergyCAP.

Bill Audits

Verify utility bill accuracy and spot problems using EnergyCAP’s library of over 50 audits.

EnergyCAP’s audit library includes over 50 audits for flagging bills with excessively high or low usage, missing bills, and abnormal dates. Create audit groups, perform quick check audits, and automate bill checking. Audits can also be run on meter data, time-series data, and budgets.

Thanks to EnergyCAP’s utility bill audits, a major California university received a $195,000 utility bill refund.

The university had been consolidating all energy data and utility bill tracking, auditing and reporting in EnergyCAP. During this process, questions were raised regarding property tax assessments that included potential sewer billing errors in the previous three years. A subsequent review by the utility company confirmed that the university was being charged two different ways for the same sewer services.

Electronic Bill Import

Receive electronic bills from utility vendors in EDI or in spreadsheet (flat file) formats.

Importing electronic data into EnergyCAP is very beneficial, saving time and money. EnergyCAP has a flexible importer to import flat files. If your vendor provides EDI data, you can import electronic bills using the EDI customization services.

The City of Denver saves money by efficiently importing utility bills and avoiding the time-consuming and error-prone process of manually keypunching bill data. By using EnergyCAP and services provided by Xebec Data, the city no longer pays erroneous bills, since most problems are caught by Xebec’s reporting and the EnergyCAP validation process, which flags bills that are outside of certain parameters.

Denver also avoids late payments since the city imports bill data the same day the bill is sent and can schedule an accurate payment before the bill due dates. The system helps avoid double payment of invoices since payments are posted as soon as they are received.

Energy Contract Administration

Manage energy supply and performance contracts by vendor within EnergyCAP. Associate contracts with one or more accounts, and enter contract details.

Maintaining contract information in EnergyCAP helps with procurement activities. Track contract details, mark “Green Energy” contracts, associate vendors, and set renewal reminders before the contract expires. Even track performance contracts and other vendors.

Issue Tracker

Work order system used to track, report, email, and manage savings opportunities and problems.

Run issue-based reports, classify problem types and assign personnel to problems. There are fields for tracking associated usage and cost, and a notes field for keeping a current log of the issue status.

Accounting staff and property management administration at EQR, the largest publicly traded owner, operator, and developer of multifamily housing in the United States, are using the Issue Tracker in EnergyCAP to help track and report on one-time and recurring energy-related issues that lead to bottom line savings.

Once EnergyCAP’s audits spot a cost anomaly or savings opportunity, an Issue is created. Each Issue includes optional data fields designed for tracking of cost and usage reduction estimates.

Workflow Management

User configurable workflow settings for processing of utility bills.

The user-configurable workflow settings give you control over various processes in EnergyCAP including: batch mode, approval mode, Accounts Payable Export mode, General Ledger Export mode, Bill entry audits, and optional bill header fields.

With convenient workflow management, you can add a helpful message to the bill for efficient handling of the bill.

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User Reviews of EnergyCAP

Submitted on June 16th, 2019 by Patricia Gomez

We have very specific goals to reach certain levels of conservation and efficiency. So, EnergyCAP supports all these initiatives. EnergyCAP is going to help us do the benchmarking and from there we can prioritize energy efficiency projects.

Submitted on June 16th, 2019 by Lisa Roberts

Not only has EnergyCAP saved us time and made us more productive in tracking our energy costs, but we have been able to identify misapplied payments, ensure that when facilities move the utilities get disconnected, identify missing bills and more importantly, we can identify our energy costs down to the use/day! This has all caused us to be a more energy conscious company.

Submitted on June 16th, 2019 by Harry Vandermeer

The benchmarking and reporting capabilities allow us to focus on directing our energy and limited resources to the “problem” buildings. The technical support services are very responsive and easy to work with.

Submitted on June 16th, 2019 by Kathleen Slusher

e use this software to track a very large number of accounts across a diverse state that is completely deregulated for electricity and natural gas supply. We have many locations, vendors and reporting needs. This software has met all of the ones we have faced so far. … The company has been terrific with great response time and better yet, they are always friendly and cheerful no matter what we have done or problem we have created for ourselves.

Submitted on November 30th, 2009 by Lou Schotsky

Thanks to EnergyCAP, we have already identified savings of $250,000 in 2009 alone.

We’ve always tried to track savings related to energy audits and analysis, but now that everything is in EnergyCAP the issues are easier to find, fix and track. We’ve been pleasantly surprised to see how big the numbers are when you add them up.