An all-in-one place (for QuickBooks Online users) to track Orders & Inventory

About is a cloud based ERP that was designed to simplify small business management and provide solutions with these features:

  • All-In-1-place: Wouldn’t it be easier to run a business if most (or all) business records (and related documents) could be managed in 1 place? 1place was designed to do just that.
  • Super Easy to Learn and Use: What’s the best way to make powerful software easy to learn & use? The answer is: 1–Fewer screens. 2–Screens easy enough to use without a manual. 3–Screens that aren’t cluttered with a bunch of features you don’t use.
  • Find Data in Lightning Speed: Use function keys to find data quicker. Use your mouse to find data in fewer clicks. Using 1place your users can find data in seconds.
  • More Comprehensive CRM/Contact Management: In 1place you can view unlimited Contacts, Phone #'s, E-mail Addresses, Tasks, Jobs/Projects/Tickets, Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, Credits, Payments, Notes, Documents, Item Prices, AR Aging Info, Delivery Info, Dashboard info about the customer — all on 1 screen.
  • Easier Order Entry and Order Tracking: 1place can help you reduce your cost per order (and make customers happier) by helping you create Sales Orders in less time. Find and price items (and related data) in fewer clicks. Track your Order flow with greater ease.
  • More Concise Item and Customer Pricing: Sell any item to any customer for any price and have it auto populate on Quotes, Sales Orders, and Invoices.
  • Sell More Products. List and update your items on numerous e-commerce platforms like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, etc. New Sales Orders auto import into 1place.
  • Put your Customers in the driver’s seat: With 1placePortal you can give your repeat customers a way to login to 1place, check pricing and availability, create Quotes, place Sales Orders, see Invoices, print sales reports, request returns, etc.
  • Create Special Order PO’s in ½ the time. With 1place you can create PO’s for Sales Orders with 1 click (and link the items and costs on each PO to the related items on each Sales Order).
  • Optimize Your Inventory Levels (and save more time doing it). Using the 1place Replenish Stock tool, you can click a few buttons to get a net level to buy (considering past sales history or min/max levels, what you already have in stock, orders waiting for inventory, PO’s already coming, lost sales, case pack requirements, etc). Click a button to create an email with an Excel file to get price quotes from Suppliers. Import Supplier quotes into 1place with a few clicks. Create & email POs using the same tool with a few clicks.
  • Track every detail about your Inventory: View and track almost everything imaginable about the items you stock, including numerous item details, item prices, unlimited item vendors, item movement details, item pictures, item search catalog (to make it easy to search by year, make, model, OEM#, etc), item receipts (including each receipt date, cost, PO#, Vendor, bin, serial #, Lot #, warehouse, etc). You can also import (or update) batches of new items or item prices with ease.
  • Easier Warehouse Management: Use 1place to view all Items and Orders coming and going on 1 screen. Use 1placeWMS to scan items off the delivery truck, then into any random bin location, back off the shelf (when it’s sold), and then onto the delivery truck. Print barcodes for items that come into stock. Create delivery manifests and give delivery drivers turn by turn GPS delivery instructions. Manage inventory in multiple warehouses.
  • Job/Project/Ticket Tracking: Do you need a way to track Jobs or Projects or Support Tickets? 1place has a very powerful Job tracking system built into it.
  • Tracking Whatever You Want to Track (on 1place LISTS): Rather than creating spreadsheets (that are out of date the moment you close them) use 1place to create Excel like LISTS displaying almost any data from 1place the way you want to view it, filter it, or sort it. You can also export it to Excel (or import it from Excel) with a few clicks.
  • Business Reports & Dashboards: Getting the reports and concise #'s can be simple (since virtually all of your business data is being tracked in 1place).
  • QuickBooks Online Compatible: QuickBooks is the world-wide industry leader for small business accounting. It’s so great at managing bank accounts, AP, AR Collections, Payroll, and Financial Reports. At the same time, QuickBooks isn’t the best at Contact Management, Order Management, Purchasing, Inventory Tracking, Warehouse Management, etc. This is where 1place shines—and it integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online in real time.


For (ERP system) pricing, choose which version fits your particular needs:

  • STANDARD: $150/month for 3 users. (Includes CRM, Order Management, Jobs, Tasks, Reports, etc). Each additional user $50/month.
  • PRO: $195/month for 3 users. (Includes all Standard version features + Purchasing & Inventory Management). Each additional user $65/month.
  • ENTERPRISE: $240/month for 3 users. (Includes all Standard and Pro features + Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management features). Each additional user $80/month.
  • GoLive Startup Training & Setup: $4,800. We assign a dedicated product specialist to provide unlimited 1 on 1 training to 1 designated admin in your company.
  • Data Conversion: If you are using QuickBooks Online you can sync your data into 1place within minutes–free of charge. We can also import your data from other ERP or accounting systems for $400 per data type (such as Customers, Vendors, Item List, Item Stock Details, Invoices, etc).

1placeWMS (warehouse management system) Pricing:

  • $395/month, per warehouse. (Includes hosting, updates, and support)
  • Scanning hardware not included in price.
  • Includes unlimited users.
  • Setup & User Training - free of charge.

1placePortal (to give your Customers a Portal into 1place) Pricing :

  • $395/month. (Includes hosting, updates, and support)
  • Unlimited Customer logins.

Ecom Integrations (for eBay, Amazon, Shopify, etc)

  • $65 per integration / per month.
  • Free setup & training.

EDI Integrations (for 810’s, 850’s to Walmart, Home Depot, etc…)

  • $500 Setup for each integration (must have an SPS Commerce account)
  • $195/month for the 1ST integration. $65/month for each additional integration.

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User Reviews of

Submitted on December 27th, 2022 by Shane Taft from MRF Metal Roofing Supply

We entered the inventory once into the system and the guy I had do it kind of screwed it up. OneSource fixed it for us so it would do what we needed it to do. We’re waiting until the 1st of the year to start fresh.

OneSource also adjusted some manufacturing stuff for us where the system would take items out of the raw material we were using. They just added that for us last month.

Support has been good. We think will do a bunch of stuff for us.

Submitted on April 25th, 2014 by Gary from GoFit Auto Panels

Fast, detailed, intuitive, and easy to use. Friendly support staff that understands what I need as a business owner.

The Good…

This product made our old software look……OLD! We used to memorize what items fit what applications. Now we simply enter the application specifications and BAM there’s a list of items. We were able to ditch Quickbooks and consolidate all our data into 1 solution.

The Bad…

Sometimes there are things I wish it could do that it cant. Such as email calendar notifications when bills or invoices are due automatically.