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About Openbravo

Legacy ERP systems were designed for dedicated back office users who would undergo extensive training to work the system. Consequently, many ERP projects continue to suffer from adoption failure during rollout, due to poor usability - today’s busy, multi-tasking employees do not have time for complicated and clunky legacy systems, and simply do not use them. ERP doesn’t have to be this way!

Today, productivity in business requires software that everyone (both internal users and trading partners!) can conveniently access and easily use to collaborate, execute business processes and share information. Openbravo’s browser based software is designed by usability experts who innovate openly with thousands of ERP end users and consultants worldwide, resulting in one of the most user-friendly, practical, and highly productive solutions on the market. Experience it yourself now!

With common business flows implemented in logical, progressive steps with a consistent look and feel, Openbravo does not overwhelm you with too many choices or confusing interfaces. By design, Openbravo empowers with high productivity platform features like role-based workspaces, type-ahead column filtering, and integrated alert management – which work together to keep users informed about changing business conditions and to provide fast and easy access to information.

Today’s global and increasingly competitive marketplace demands business agility to capture market opportunities and drive competitive advantage. A flexible business platform that adapts to your unique needs in a sustainable way is required to consistently achieve this strategic objective as your needs change over time in response to changes in the business environment. Openbravo delivers agility in 2 key ways:

  • Openbravo’s best in class modular architecture provides managed extension capabilities through a wide range of free and commercial packaged modules and solutions that are installed “in app”. Check out the module catalog, a public showcase of the most popular proven extensions. Openbravo uniquely enables an agile, assemble-to-fit capability that puts our customers in full control, without sacrificing upgradability.
  • Openbravo supports fast and highly productive development of extensions through its model-driven architecture, which is based on an Application Dictionary that eliminates most custom code. By fully automating the upgrade process, Openbravo also allows you to take advantage of the amazing open innovation stream that flows through the Openbravo labs on a monthly basis – all under your control.

Openbravo delivers immediate return on your software investment with comprehensive out-of-the-box business functionality, 100% browser based UI, full deployment flexibility (including cloud, on demand, and on premise), and cost-effective open source subscription pricing with no up front license fees.

Openbravo delivers sustainable return on your software investment with superior adaptability, interoperability, and low IT overhead. Automatic upgrades allow you to easily stay current with new releases, which provide corrections, new functionality, and incremental “future proofing” via new technology – all of which provide ongoing business value for your subscription.

Strategic ROI of enterprise applications is related to the business insights and superior decision-making that emerge from daily use. Openbravo’s embedded business intelligence provides easy, role-based access to information to ensure timely, collaborative decision-making based on a single source of truth. Data quality is critical to unlocking this level of ROI, and Openbravo’s innovative in-context auditing promotes the individual data ownership that improves data quality over time.

Business Intelligence

Openbravo’s holistic, integrated approach to analytics and reporting allows your staff to collaborate to continuously monitor and improve your company operations, providing timely and unified accounting and operational information for strategic and tactical decision-making.

Access to information is role-based, contextual, and widely available directly from the browser–which means getting the right information to the right people at the right time, with no specialized tools for IT to buy/integrate and users to learn!

  • User-friendly access to information is fully integrated within the application
  • User-configurable widgets display summary KPIs on the role-based workspace, with drill-through to underlying information
  • Type-ahead column filtering on all grids provides direct access to detailed information
  • Integrated managerial accounting datamart unifies accounting and operational information for easy reporting of KPIs at any level of the organizational hierarchy
  • Integrated alert management monitors important business conditions and proactively notifies appropriate personnel
  • Model-driven “linked items” feature automatically provides easy access to related information from any object in the data model
  • Amazing standard grid allows users to show/hide columns, summarize, filter, and sort–and then save and share as a “view” for later use
  • Powerful dimensional reporting provides choice of filters, summary levels and time comparisons
  • Best in class ERP relational data model is publicly documented and easily accessed via RESTful web services or direct database access–for easy integration with external BI tools
  • Traditional report writing is provided with embedded JasperReports report writer

Financial Management

Openbravo Financial Management fully integrates all accounting activities including accounts payable and receivable, general ledger, budgeting, assets amortization, and the management of fiscal periods.

  • Achieve transparency and improve business performance with role-based dashboards and comprehensive financial reporting capabilities.
  • Operations and accounting are directly linked, with seamless navigation from operational documents to accounting entries and vice versa.
  • Full support for multi-currency, multi-lingual, and automation of intercompany transfers make Openbravo a popular solution for companies with operations in multiple countries.
  • Complete integration with operations accelerates financial close and improves revenue recognition processes.
  • Flexible tax engine supports tax calculations based on regions, products, or business partners.
  • Best in class flexible automation of payment processing optimizes cash flow and reduces manual steps.
  • Best in class modular architecture provides easy installation of localization packs and deployment within selected organizations of the hierarchy, allowing full coverage of multi-national tax, banking, and compliance requirements in a single instance.
  • Efficient GL Journal entry allows for easy manual recording of financial impacts not generated by standard operations.
  • Openbravo automatically generates accounting entries for all relevant transactions; multi-GL support handles complex scenarios involving local vs. corporate reporting, intercompany eliminations, consolidated financial reporting from disparate GLs, etc.
  • Detailed auditing meets compliance requirements and assures accountability.

Inventory Managment

Proactively manage inventory and costs with easy real time access to on hand and in transit inventory, use of the latest commodity mobile devices, and easy self-serve sharing of inventory information with suppliers.

  • Seamless integration of materials management with the procure to pay, order to cash and production management processes improves inventory accuracy & turns, decreases stock outs and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Centralized inventory and cost control feature set efficiently models and manages large-sku inventories with unlimited product attributes, tracking of qty on hand and in transit by attribute, multiple units of measure, and flexible costing.
  • Integrates real time sales & inventory data from stores, to drive optimal purchasing and stock levels across the retail chain.
  • Integrated touch-optimized technology leverages commodity mobile devices and allows fast tailoring of purpose-built screens to optimize warehouse operations like pick & pack, cycle counting, etc.
  • Openbravo provides visibility and control with serial and lot based traceability, as well as integrated audit controls to meet the most rigorous compliance requirements.
  • Improve supplier relationships by sharing inventory and usage information with suppliers through secure role-based portal access, and easy web services integration.
  • Flexible and extensible cost calculation engine allows for the introduction of new standard and custom costing algorithms by transaction type, organization, and warehouse.
  • Embedded alert management system allows email notification of key trading partners of critical inventory or shipment conditions.

Master Data Management

Reduce errors by centralizing data in a single and shared repository for products, components, bills of materials, customers, vendors, employees, prices, discounts, taxes, categories, etc.

  • Hierarchical organization structure enables easy modeling and support of complex multi-national enterprises or companies with diverse business units, within a single Openbravo instance.
  • Product lot and serial number tracking support strict compliance requirements.
  • Shared master data and organization-specific master data balance control and agility, to support fast new product introductions with accurate product and pricing information.
  • Rule-based discount and promotion processing allows for easy extension via external modules.
  • Centralized inventory and cost control feature set efficiently models and manages large-sku inventories with unlimited product attributes, tracking of qty on hand by attribute, multiple units of measure, and organization-level costing.
  • Efficient tracking of business partner relationships, e.g. a business partner can be both a customer and a supplier with no need to set up duplicate address information.
  • Integrated role-based security and detailed auditing assure high data quality for critical customer, product, and supplier information.
  • Easily extend Openbravo master data screens with new fields or entire tabs, which are then automatically available for easy access, filtering, sorting, etc.

Order to Cash

Order-to-cash often poses significant challenges to ERP because it impacts multiple departments (and sometimes multiple business units), and can rarely be implemented as a one-size-fits-all process across the entire enterprise due to differences by geography, business unit, and even individual customer.

Openbravo provides maximum flexibility to configure and adapt the various order-to-cash sub-processes, enabling reduced error and DSO rates, improved customer satisfaction and more effective management of working capital.

  • Complete, fully integrated management of the entire cycle of quotations, order taking, fulfillment, invoicing, credit management, and cash collection reduces cycle times / error rates / DSO, and increases customer satisfaction and cash flow
  • Easy modeling of complex organizations, with order-to-cash processes adaptable by individual organization and role
  • Streamline new product introduction and minimize pricing errors with centralized management of products and price lists at any level of the organizational hierarchy
  • Use electronic invoicing to bill customers more quickly and accurately, and improve cash availability
  • Streamline order taking and other time-critical tasks with productivity features like automated emailing of quotations, hotkey support and powerful editable spreadsheet-style grid that is familiar and intuitive to learn for users
  • Document and expedite exceptions with in context, Facebook-style notes and attachments that can be associated with any order, shipment or invoice document or line–no more lost emails or excuses
  • Single database with automatic posting to financials assures that accounting and operations are always in sync as activities are tracked
  • Optional consignment sales module allows you to easily manage inventory at customer locations, invoicing your customer only when product is actually sold
  • Full support for multi-store consumer sales with Openbravo for Retail tablet-optimized Web Point of Sale module
  • Integrated alert management system proactively detects and alerts your team to issues or exception conditions like shipping delays, low stock levels, or late payments
  • Global order management is supported through multi-currency and multi-lingual support, and the ability to localize processes at the organizational level
  • All Openbravo data objects (customers, orders, shipments, invoices, etc.) include a unique link that can be easily copy/pasted via IM, email, etc. to streamline collaboration and improve order-to-cash performance
  • Manage order-to-cash for complex product lines with unlimited product attributes, tracking of qty on hand by attribute, cycle counting, catch weight processing, and organization and warehouse level costing
  • Automate the creation of inter-company invoices and orders with the optional Intercompany Documents module
  • Powerful embedded business intelligence enables real time operational monitoring of the order-to-cash cycle, as well as a 360° view of the customer
  • Dimensional reporting on orders, shipments and invoices with choice of filters, summary levels and time comparisons provides strategic insights into trends, progress on improvement initiatives, etc.

Procure to Pay

Openbravo integrates procurement with inventory, accounting, and MRP functionality, allowing you to automate the process and drive efficiencies by replacing multiple “siloed” applications with a fully integrated business system.

The 100% browser-based approach with configurable workspaces even allows you to securely and directly collaborate with your key trading partners–without the need to integrate a separate supplier portal!

  • Complete end-to-end integration across employee, purchasing, and accounts payable processes maximizes productivity and provides complete transparency and control.
  • Fully-integrated accounting (with embedded managerial accounting datamart updated in real-time) ensures data consistency between finance and operations.
  • Automate and simplify purchase planning with full MRP integration that respects minimum stock levels, goods receipts dates, and pending requests. Integrated warehouse receiving processes reduce waste, errors, and cycle times.
  • Share inventory and usage information with suppliers through secure role-based portal access, and easy web services integration. Integrated alert management allows AP management to set up alerts to ensure that bills are paid on time.
  • Easy self-serve requisition management streamlines employee purchases and eliminates unnecessary spending.
  • Easily access all transactions for any supplier via linked items feature.
  • Reduce fraud and quickly resolve exceptions with flexible audit trail of all procurement and material management activities.
  • Maximize cash flow by standardizing and automating AP processes across divisions.

Production Management

Openbravo provides the ideal ERP backbone for today’s manufacturers to accurately model and plan production, respond to changing customer demands, meet strict compliance requirements and integrate with suppliers and other systems.

  • Comprehensive ERP backbone allows manufacturers to replace legacy siloed applications with a unified business system.
  • Openbravo provides visibility and control to manufacturers with serial and lot based traceability, as well as integrated audit controls to meet the most rigorous compliance requirements.
  • Gain a ‘single source of truth’ into the availability of materials across your entire manufacturing organization, regardless of how distributed it is geographically.
  • Detailed procurement planning with MRP based on actual customer demand, with full modeling of suppliers, plants, warehouses, work centers & cost centers.
  • Innovative production process modeling and execution supports a wide range of scenarios from make to order of complex industrial products, to disassembly operations required by meat processors.
  • Openbravo’s integrated multi-site product engineering and manufacturing capabilities include the definition and collection of detailed quality and maintenance information.
  • Openbravo’s multi-lingual UI uses easy-to-deploy language packs to efficiently support off-shore contract manufacturing operations with a centralized, real-time solution.
  • Integrated alert management system proactively detects and alerts your team to issues or exception conditions like production delays or low stock levels for critical raw materials.

Project and Service Management

Openbravo’s fully integrated project accounting and billing software allows you to efficiently manage service project performance and finances, ensuring that all billable work & expenses are accurately captured and invoiced to clients on a timely basis.

  • Define and manage complete multi-phase service project lifecycle, with improved cash flow through automatic invoicing for billable work and expenses based on milestones.
  • Monitor budget vs. actual performance and improve on-time delivery via role-based dashboards and comprehensive reporting capabilities.
  • Centrally control purchasing and employee expenses via the web, and directly associate them with projects.
  • Service component improves business agility and competitiveness with flexible definition of services and resources, and ability to deliver tailored end-to-end customer experiences.
  • Efficiently on-board new resources, regardless of location, through secure role-based browser access to intuitive screens.
  • Single integrated database enables analysis across projects to improve resource utilization, gain scale and cost advantages, and expand capabilities.
  • Gain economies of scope with project types, phases and tasks, and generation of sales orders from your own standardized templates.
  • Use embedded alert management system to notify customers of risks to budget or milestones.

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