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A multi-module management system designed by SunGard Higher Education for educational services companies.

About SCT Banner e-Education

SCT Banner is the only fully integrated, Oracle-based, Internet-native technology solution available today for the higher education community. Banner is the market-leading suite of software applications for student information, advancement, human resources, financial aid, faculty and advisors, finance, and more.

Sungard was acquired by Ellucian back in 2012. As such, SCT Banner e-Education is no longer sold or supported. Ellucian recommends the Ellucian Banner product as a replacement.


Institutions around the world rely on SCT Banner to provide convenience and to build strong relationships. It is designed to support the way you want to run your institution. It is easy to configure, so your software remains synchronized with your institution’s objectives. With SCT Banner, your institution can focus on its mission of teaching and learning, while delivering responsive service to the people that matter most.

Kiosk Solution

With the partner TouchNet, a leader in the self-service kiosk industry, SCT can help your institution deliver quality student services. The kiosk solution helps you improve the management of student information, while providing students with easy access to their own records and campus information.

SCT Banner Advancement

With SCT Banner Advancement, you can manage vital donor information and provide Internet access to your staff, alumni, and development officers.

Alumni are linked directly to their classmates and your development office. You make it simple for them to contribute to your institution while providing the convenience they want to maintain their alma mater ties.

SCT Banner Web for Development Officers is another powerful complement to your Alumni solution. It was developed for development officers who need quick access to important prospect information, anytime, anyplace.

SCT Banner Executive Self-Service

SCT Banner Executive Self-Service gives you fast, consistent access to the facts you need to monitor institutional performance against established objectives. Using a web browser, you choose a graphical interface best suited to your needs, then access information maintained in a data warehouse. In an easy-to-use, online format, you can review the state of your institution from the perspectives of academic affairs, advancement, enrollment, and finance & administration.

SCT Banner Finance

Business officers manage a broad scope of operations including student and non-student accounts receivable, budgeting, payment of expenses, procuring goods and services, as well as asset and endowment management. Along with their Sponsored Research offices, they also must manage effectively the awarded funds and comply with their terms and conditions. They have been challenged to do this with limited resources and diminishing funds. For these situations, SCT Banner Finance is one application of fully integrated components providing solutions for these critical, higher education business problems. It works seamlessly with SCT Banner Student, Financial Aid, Alumni, and Human Resources and operates easily with SCT Workflow and SCT Banner XtenderSolutions.

SCT Banner Financial Aid

Financial Aid Administrators can process aid with greater ease by using SCT Banner. Applications and loan records are streamlined to make processing easier, funds are disbursed quicker, and the administration of numerous aid sources is manageable from admission through graduation.

By automating the day-to-day responsibilities, Aid Administrators can focus attention on more critical matters. Students can monitor the status of their financial aid and save valuable time from any computer that is connected to the Web.

SCT Banner General

SCT Banner is designed to support the way you want to run your institution. It is easy to modify and configure, so your software remains synchronized with your institution’s objectives. At the heart of SCT Banner’s flexibility lies SCT Banner General, which includes these processes critical to the day-to-day functioning of your office.

SCT Banner Human Resources

Developed specifically for Human Resources and Payroll professionals in higher education, SCT Banner Human Resources is a comprehensive solution that can accommodate your unique payrolls, help manage your personnel, and streamline your budgeting policies and procedures. Actions surrounding recruitment, compensation management, and position management all can be accommodated easily in the Banner system, creating a stable environment for you to strategically manage your staff.

Coupled with rich self-service functions for both your employees and administrators/managers, SCT Banner HR is the right solution for workforce management.

SCT Banner Student

SCT Banner Student makes it easy to manage data strategically while giving prospects, students, and faculty secure access to the information they need. Information from admissions through academic history is available over the Web, by phone, or kiosk, so you gain more time to operate strategically and provide extraordinary customer service. Students can apply for admissions. They can register for classes. They can retrieve financial aid data on their own schedules. Without extending yours.

This fully integrated Internet native system fuses administrative and academic functions for a complete business solution.

SCT Banner XtenderSolutions

SCT Banner XtenderSolutions is the only imaging and document management solution suite specifically designed for higher education that launches documents and content directly from SCT Banner as well as providing secure access to materials unrelated to SCT Banner or other SCT systems. This client/server and web-based solution provides imaging, document management, data capture, storage management, and output capture and report management for individual departments and for the entire institution.

SCT and Legato provide a powerful solution suite that tightly integrates SCT Banner with Legato’s XtenderSolutions.

SCT Banner XtenderSolutions is the key to simple information management-and the perfect complement to SCT’s administrative solutions and SCT Workflow.

SCT e~Print Reports

CT e~Print Reports takes file distribution into the 21st century, almost making paper obsolete. Finished files are sent via the Internet to users connected to the server in PDF format. Reports can be read within minutes after completion so departments do not have to wait for the mail system to deliver.

SCT Strategic Enrollment Management

SCT’s Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) puts you in control of your choices. It enables you quickly and easily to probe your institution’s history and information about your recruits, students, and graduates. Strategic Enrollment Management-and the SAS engine that serves as its foundation-summarizes and transforms information in your SCT Banner database to support both point-in-time and longitudinal analysis. It enables you to identify important trends, model key business relationships, forecast outcomes, evaluate options, and take action.

SCT Voice Response

How can you meet students’ need for increased service without increasing staff? With the Voice Response solution from SCT.

With Voice Response, students can check their admissions status, register for courses, and inquire about financial aid - without your help, at any time of day or night, from any touch-tone phone!

Voice Response allows colleges and universities to provide direct access to student and financial aid information and transactions.

SCT Workflow

SCT Workflow is an open, flexible tool that unites processes, information, and people. It automates, simplifies, and directs the flow of information through your entire enterprise. The results are efficient operations, increased automation and visibility, institution-wide consistency, and easy exception handling.

With SCT Workflow, administrators, staff, and faculty can access workflows and complete assignments through a standard web browser. SCT Workflow’s web interface provides anywhere/anytime access to tasks and lets you customize the presentation template to incorporate your institution’s design. SCT Workflow’s automated processes

TouchNet Marketplace

Online retail is quickly becoming the wave of the future. SCT can help your institution join the revolution with TouchNet Marketplace. Products can be sold over the Web to customers throughout the world, creating a never-ending source of funds.

With TouchNet Marketplace the university can create a web page customized to its own identity. Items can be available to everybody, including students. Books, memorabilia, meal plans and parking permits are just a handful of products that can be sold. Transactions are easily controlled, and all credit card purchases are made through a secure server. It’s safe, quick and operates directly with the user.

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Submitted on May 1st, 2019 by Anonymous

Banner 9 is not user friendly at all. Especially for student registration. It is actually harder for students to navigate, more clunky, and takes many more steps to register. I have yet to find anyone who likes this version.

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