A CTRM/ETRM trading and risk management cloud software

About Ignite ETRM

Ignite CTRM/ETRM is an advanced multi-commodity SaaS delivered, commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) platform which works across front, middle and back office business. This cloud-based services provides automatic market price downloads from recognized data vendors and exchanges.

Staffed by experts with years of dedicated, industry-specific experience and software and services expertise, this software is used globally for trading of crude oil, natural gas, gas liquids (NGLs), chemical, petrochemical and refined products. Ignite is available as a fully-hosted Cloud-based solution or through an organization’s own network.

Features of Ignite ETRM

  • Front-Office Capabilities: Fully-integrated deal capture (including both physical and financial-based trades), position reporting, price curve management, and scheduling and delivery.
  • Progressive Middle-Office: Quickly and efficiently handle deal confirmation and verification, valuation and risk analysis, credit risk and analysis and position reporting.
  • Supportive Back-Office: Functional offerings for settlement, invoicing and accounting-based activities; integration options for most 3rd-party accounting platforms; perform various real-time imports and exports of applicable trading, cost and position-related data.

Product Overview

User Reviews of Ignite ETRM

Submitted on June 25th, 2020 by Matt Dawson from Element Alpha SA

IGNITE has been a significant and integral part of our oil trading operations from early stage through our recent expansions. The IGNITE framework affords us total control of our daily risk and trading lifecycles. Furthermore, the system’s innovative design allows for total flexibility from both a monitoring and system reporting standpoint. As our business continues to grow, we see a big future with IGNITE and value them as an essential partner through the expert service that we receive.