nGenue Natural Gas ETRM

ETRM software purpose built for Natural Gas Utilities, LDCs, and Marketers.

About nGenue Natural Gas ETRM

Traditional ETRM systems are built to support a wide variety of wholesale commodities, such as power, natural gas, crude, refined products, corn, wheat, metals and many others. Accommodating the needs of such a broad range of commodities means traditional ETRM systems’ support for wholesale breadth comes at the expense of natural gas functionality depth.

Natural Gas businesses that acquire a traditional ETRM often find themselves compensating for functionality shortcomings with costly software customizations or, more commonly, by using manual methods, such as spreadsheets, devaluing the return on their considerable ETRM investment. This is where nGenue Natural Gas ETRM distinguishes itself from the others

nGenue Natural Gas ETRM is a software solution purpose-built to support every aspect of natural gas transportation and distribution–natural gas is the singular focus. Built by business for business, the nGenue solution originated inside a natural gas company in the 90s and addresses the breadth and depth of both wholesale and retail operational requirements from the pipeline to the city gate to the meter.

nGenue Features

  • 100% of the functionality required for Natural Gas operations
  • Single point of data entry with total system integration
  • Central data repository, accessible to all operations staff
  • System automation replaces manually intensive tasks
  • User configurable, modern, and consistent user interface
  • Fast implementation
  • Easy integration with other business systems
  • Self-administration–no IT and no outside consulting required
  • On-premise or Cloud

nGenue Differentiators

  • Natural Gas-specific functionality
  • Implementations require configuration, not coding
  • User interface easily tailored to user-specific requirements
  • Completely integrated Pricing, CIS, Billing, and EDI Automation functionality also available

User Experience

  • “This is game-changing software”
  • “It’s our “secret sauce””
  • “Everything they said and more”
  • “Don’t know what we’d do without it now that we have it”
  • “Implemented very quickly and is intuitive to use, especially for a former spreadsheet user”
  • “If you are in the business of natural gas and you’re not using nGenue, you’re missing out”

Product Overview

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