A Mobile Construction Field Management Software.

About FieldEase

FieldEase is a field-to-office component that instantly integrates data from job sites into ComputerEase Software. FieldEase runs on mobile devices, including iPads and other tablets as well as smartphones with the ComputerEase Time Entry App.

Please note: FieldEase is an add-on to ComputerEase Construction Software and can only be used if you are already a ComputerEase user or are planning to implement that solution.

FieldEase was designed to meet the project management, accounting and communication needs of contractors and subcontractors, allowing users to enter and access payroll hours, units completed, change orders, schedules, punch lists and more via any web-enabled device.

Change Orders

Change Orders: Track all change orders through the easy to read summary. Change orders are grouped by approved, pending or denied. Drill down to see the details.


  • Summary of all change orders
  • Grouped by approved, pending or denied
  • Internal change order to shift budgets
  • Drill down for details


Scheduling: Use the ComputerEase magnet board type scheduling for fast, easy scheduling of your resources from day to day.


  • Reach all documents from a single list.
  • Filter list to document types.
  • Special board for tracking submittals.
  • Create and track change orders.


Workers in the field can enter their time via FieldEase. When they’ve finished, the data can be automatically transferred back to the office, eliminating the need to track down timesheets and removing the hassle of re-entering information in the office after it’s already been captured in the field.


  • Automatic Integration of Timesheets from field to office
  • Eliminates double data entry
  • Automaticallly updates WIP and Job Cost reports
  • Review and Approve Time in the Field
  • Compatible with any tablet, computer or smartphone

Product Overview

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User Reviews of FieldEase

Submitted on October 13th, 2020 by Anonymous

Since receiving a new tablet, the category for Job input has shown a bug. Will not allow me to choose a job from the listings without first choosing the first job on the list, reselecting the pull down tab and editing to the job I originally wanted. Kind of a pain as this problem was not present on the previous tablet.

The Good…

Paperless time sheets

The Bad…

The current bug