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A multi-module management system designed by M.R.S..

About WorthIT Fixed Assets

WorthIT Fixed Assets is a comprehensive Business Reporting Solution that strikes the best balance between software features in key areas of Fixed Assets management, reporting compliance with internal and IFRS standards, ease of use and cost of ownership and maintenance.

  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • Unbridled accuracy in Depreciation and Financial reporting
  • Exhaustive Data Base structure to capture data across a broad spectrum of Fixed Assets Management disciplines
  • Extensive list of features to corroborate financial and operational decisions
  • Advanced capabilities to plan, budget and forecast asset acquisitions and depreciation costs

WorthIT Image Gallery

Bring your fixed assets to life by capturing, storing and cataloguing digital images of virtually every document such as PO's, Invoices, Insurance policies and of course, asset pictures.

WorthIT Report Gallery

This report writer lets you build a boundless library of user defined reports.

WorthIT Lease (Loan) Manager

Track lease transactions history (ex: payments; adjustments, etc.); Allocate lease costs; Link to assets; collate data as leases approach expiry date.

Product Overview

Industry Focus

Ratio of reviewers by sector.

Real Estate
Other Industries:
  • Manufacturing (11%)
  • Consulting (5%)
  • Utilities (5%)

User Reviews of WorthIT Fixed Assets

Submitted on March 20th, 2023 by an anonymous WorthIT Fixed Assets user.

It works good for what we need it for. I think we have a unique situation where we have a 28 day cycle. Other programs couldn’t really do that. It’s a little clunky but I think the price is right. I think support has been a one-man show but it’s been good.

The Good…

Able to manage 28 day cycles

The Bad…

A little clunky