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About Omnitracs

Omnitracs has developed a comprehensive portfolio of fleet management solutions including integrated software, SaaS applications, and analytics platforms designed for commercial fleets.

Omnitracs is dedicated to delivering value to fleets of all types and sizes, whether private or for-hire, and long-haul or local. Vehicle fleets across the globe depend on these transportation management solutions to maximize their resources, protect their drivers, and monitor operations.

Omnitracs’ commercial fleet management solutions help you meet high customer expectations efficiently and effectively while also encouraging safe, compliant driving and improving driver satisfaction.


Government regulations, cross-border controls, and local rules are all part of an evolving regulatory landscape. Omnitracs offers comprehensive HOS, IFTA, ELD, FMCSA and DOT compliance software that allows you to keep your fleet in compliance with the latest regulations, including the recent ELD mandate ruling. Smart fleet managers understand the importance of selecting compliance solutions that stay ahead of new and changing regulations to ensure continuity for their business.

Compliance Requires Agility and Simplicity

Omnitracs’ senior regulatory staff works closely with industry organizations, government agencies, and its savvy, in-house research and development team to offer customer solutions that quickly adapt to rule changes. This agility minimizes business disruption and provides greater competitive advantages.

Of course, a compliance solution is only effective if it offers drivers a quick and intuitive way to record information – and fleet managers the means to produce comprehensive reports that help avoid potential violations. As an industry pioneer with decades of experience, Omnitracs is committed to providing simple, powerful solutions that allow both drivers and fleet managers to focus less on commercial transportation regulations, and more on business.

Software Solutions for Key Compliance Issues

Most recently, talk around compliance has focused on the requirements of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate. Three features included in this FMCSA compliance software – Hours of Service tracking, International Fuel Tax Agreement filings, and Driver Vehicle Inspections – are central to these conversations.

Hours of Service (HOS) Compliance Software

Hours of Service provides near real-time tracking of drivers’ hours, allowing them to focus on driving safely and productively instead of spending time filling out cumbersome paper forms. By automating driver logs, fleets ensure accuracy and compliance with the latest Electronic Onboard Recording (EOBR) regulations, increase overall productivity, and maximize operational efficiency.

This HOS compliance software provides automatic updates to fleet managers with duty status, driving time, and remaining hours of service, benefiting not only the driver, but also the entire fleet

Data & Analytics

At this moment, your fleet is generating thousands of data points. This data can provide solutions to the greatest challenges facing members of the transportation industry. Predictive fleet analytics can leverage your data to build customized models that explain why events occurred, as well as suggest action plans to avoid them in the future. This insight empowers fleets to learn from past mistakes and to make intelligent decisions.

Big Data Is About to Change the Transportation Industry

Everything you know about the transportation industry is about to change. Enormous wells of data, deep data analysis, and predictive modeling will empower carriers to operate more safely, efficiently, and profitably. The right fleet management analytics software can turn this paradigm shift into your competitive advantage.

Reduce Accidents With Predictive Safety Analytics

The number of accidents and injuries involving large trucks continues to rise, and according to the FMCSA, 58% involve at least one driver-related factor. With an average cost of $330,000 for an injury due to an accident, an unexpected spike in these incidents can put a fleet in serious jeopardy.

Good News: Accidents Can Be Prevented

Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of accidents are not random, but are the result of a gradual change in driver behavior. Fleet analytics software with predictive modeling can pick up on these subtle changes, and recommend remediation plans to address issues well before they result in dangerous behavior – and an expensive accident

Planning and Delivery

Robust Vehicle Route Planning Software for Improved Customer Satisfaction

Your customers count on you to be there when they need you, requiring a careful balance of technology and know-how. Today, it’s no easy feat to accomplish this without hitting a snag as the process involves so many different functions within an organization – starting with order taking and ending with on-time delivery. Changing customer needs, time sensitivity, capacity restraints, driver preferences, as well as historical and real-time data flows such as traffic and navigation – all contribute to the complexity of executing the perfect delivery.

The ultimate fleet route planning software solution balances all of the business constraints around workers, orders, vehicles, and compliance to create the most efficient routes possible. These routes are then monitored via real-time execution in order to understand how the day is unfolding.

Optimized Routes With the Future in Mind

Strategic territory and route optimization solutions allow you to balance overall workload while decreasing costs and adhering to business constraints. Create the optimal sales and delivery territories using the route planning software’s powerful algorithms that encompass customer needs and available resources while considering geographic areas, capacity, and more.

Be prepared for future bumps in the road by pre-planning territories and routes for any number of contingencies – from potential resource crises, to seasonal volume hikes, to sudden long-term traffic issues.


Effective Vehicle Management Systems Keep Your Fleet Productive and Drives Your Business Forward.

Productivity is driven by information. To make effective decisions, it’s essential to understand and manage not only what’s happening on the road, but also what’s happening in the office. Omnitracs’ vehicle fleet management software provides fleet managers with valuable insight into assets, drivers, customers, and more. With the right fleet manager software, drivers are able to remain focused on customer interactions and management can concentrate on growing the business.

Efficient fleet management system software keeps vehicles productive through asset monitoring and diagnostic solutions. It also accurately quantifies gains by measuring the overall performance of drivers. Customer service is improved through delivery status and proactive notifications.

Omnitracs’ productivity solutions allow your drivers and vehicles to operate at a higher capacity, allowing for more effective fleet decisions to be made and greater levels of operational success.


Thrive in the New Transportation Landscape

The economy continues to experience rapid change, and the transportation industry sits at the very center. To succeed in this new environment, fleets and shippers must be agile, innovative, and efficient. With great change comes great opportunity, if you’re properly prepared to seize it. The transportation management system (TMS) software solutions provide you with the fully-equipped TMS your fleet needs to capitalize on these changes.

Transportation Management System Benefits: Eliminate Manual Processes and Increase Efficiency

Growth in the transportation industry can come with a variety of challenges: mountains of paperwork, manual ordering, billing, and payroll processes; calls to keep customers informed, among many others. If systems and processes don’t expand to keep pace, administrative work soon occupies the time that should be spent on customer service and growing the business.

Progressive, web-based transportation management system software solutions can solve these challenges, add strategic value, and scale with company growth – all without expensive IT staff and hardware. Explore the transportation management system features to find out how they could boost your business.

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