A traceability and ERP software for the food, beverage, and natural product manufacturing market.

Product Overview

Wherefour is an ERP and traceability software for food, beverage, and natural product manufacturing. Key features include batch management, lot tracking, recipe management, and full material traceability. This software manages and generates data for audits, certifications, and inspections. The Wherefour system allows businesses in these industries to spend less time on manual data entry and production processes and more time focusing on other tasks.

Wherefour is designed to help teams run day-to-day production processes through inventory management, batch management, formula management, and more. Subscription plans are available by month, quarter, or year.


  • Has efficient traceability features for creating audit trails
  • Offers web-based accessibility
  • Inexpensive compared to similar systems


  • Limited customization options for individual users
  • "Pick n Ship" can be confusing to new users
  • Limited feature automation

Target Market

Businesses in all areas of the food, beverage, and natural product manufacturing sectors, espeically those requiring traceability systems, formula management, and inventory control for auditing and compliance. Beyond food and beverage, also targets CBD/cannabis, cosmetics and personal care products, and pet food.

About Wherefour


  • Inventory: Inventory Control, Traceability, Lot Tracking, and MRP
  • Production: Batch Management, and Recipes and Formulas Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Purchasing Management


  • QuickBooks Online and Desktop
  • Sage Intacct
  • Zapier
  • Metrc
  • Blockchain
  • EDI Custom Integrations Available
Starting Price
$299 /month
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Product Overview

User Reviews of Wherefour

Submitted on November 15th, 2023 by Anonymous

It is very easy to onboard and get started, but definitely run it through its paces with scrutiny and detail before committing.

The Good…

It’s inexpensive

The Bad…

It takes 24 hours to receive an email back on support, even on critical support. There is no phone support or chat function to contact support. They only correspond with you via email. They don’t consider anything critical, even a system down. The supposed integration to QuickBooks Online does not work. This includes integration for vendors, customers, invoices, and PO’s which makes these processes extremely manual. The development team does not appear to be very robust. There is no app in the App Store. There is no account manager assigned to clients and no process for requesting development or enhancements. When requesting any type of functionality, the request is treated as an inconvenience and not valued.