A software system designed by OpCenter LLC for manufacturing companies.

About BeerRun

BeerRun is used by Craft Breweries of all sizes. It runs in a Flash-enabled browser as well as through a desktop application. After a small start-up fee, clients pay only a monthly subscription that provides unlimited support – and also allows unlimited users and roles. The pay-as-you-grow model is based on your production volume.

BeerRun Empowers You To:

  • Plan your batches
  • View schedules and ingredient forecasts
  • Purchase ingredients and email POs
  • Enter bills and upload scanned images of them
  • Enter sales orders and email invoices
  • Produce and pack
  • File your TTB Excise Returns and Brewer’s Report of Operations with a single click

BeerRun syncs with your existing accounting software. The sync engine runs on a timer (or manually) to post invoices and bills. BeerRun integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, Pro, Premier and Enterprise.

BeerRun owns the IP 100% and have written every line of code from scratch. BeerRun uses open source (Java, MySQL and Adobe Flex). The code is structured so the program is light on resources – and it cruises at high speed, regardless of user number or database size.

Extended Functionality Is Fully Integrated:

  • The Distributor Portal front end is an E-store that enables your third-party distributors to place orders, modify as needed, and view history of past orders and invoices. The back end is a full-featured distributor relationship module.
  • BrewPad is a native iPad app that enables you to run your brewhouse operations without paperwork.
  • KegMaster provides a cost-effective way to view which kegs are on site, which ones are off site, with whom and for how long.

BeerRun is a browser- and desktop app-based system with no menus; every user sees only the buttons they need or are allowed. Step-by-step wizards prevent errors and simplify processes. The program is hardened with approvals at every stage. The autosync posts to your existing accounting software. Filing of TTB Excise & Brewer’s Report of Operations are automated.


  • Tame the spreadsheet beast.
  • Manage operations and inventory from anywhere you have web access, with real-time information and 360° visibility.
  • Automate and simplify manual tasks and work-arounds that waste your team’s time and limit their productivity.
  • Integrate with QuickBooks (or another accounting program) while offsetting its limitations, so there’s no need to implement an all-in-one ERP system.
  • Keep your costs down while maximizing profitability.

Accounting Software Integration

The BeerRun Sync engine is installed where your QuickBooks file is – either on your desktop or in the cloud. Based on a timer or manually, it automatically posts vendor Bills, journals Work in Progress (WIP) and Finished Goods (FG) builds, and creates Invoices:

  • BeerRun’s Sync Engine automatically posts Bills, Invoices, Journal Entries and Credit Memos
  • Auto-runs on a timer
  • For QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise (2008+); as well as QuickBooks Online or hosted
  • Strips away inventory functions from QuickBooks
  • Can sync with any accounting software that has a published SDK


BeerRun provides costing analysis at several levels:

  • Item costing is driven by the amount you pay vendors when buying items.
  • Bill of Materials drives the cost of a barrel of beer; while actual ingredients consumed gives you the cost of the batch, and actual yield gives you the cost per barrel of that batch.
  • Packing Bill of Materials drives the cost of the packaging of each batch, which contributes to the cost of each batch of Finished Goods.
  • Last cost captured from last bill paid
  • Last cost drives everything
  • View cost of each beer style
  • View cost of each batch when planned
  • View actual cost when actual ingredients updated
  • View cost per barrel based on BBL packed
  • Packing BoM drives cost of packing each product
  • View cost per pack produced based on actual batch cost and actual quantity packed
  • View profit per month; drill down to profit per invoice and profit per line item

Item Deep Dive

Add an item and classify it as Ingredient, Merchandise, Packing Material or other:

  • Ingredients appear in the Settings>Ingredients menu – as well as on the Bill of Materials – so you can add to a recipe.
  • Merchandise appears in Price lists so you can sell them (and add images if you have the Distributor Portal).
  • Packing items appear in Settings>Packing Bill of Materials.
  • You add beer in Settings; and add Finished Goods in Classify.

Add items, classify as Ingredient (which sends it to BoM), Packaging (which sends it to Packaging BoM), POS (Merchandise, which sends it to the Sales Module) or other. As bills are entered, the new costs update. Items can be edited under View>Inventory.

Packing Schedules

Create a packing calendar to plan ahead for your packaging crew:

  • For the batch, select one or more bright tanks and set days to pack (i.e. when).
  • Set split: how many of each type of packaging (i.e. what).
  • Set schedule: indicate what you want packed when.
  • Add comments or instructions.
  • View Pack Schedule.
  • After packing, view Pack Report.


Advanced Functionality: Allocate SO to FG or WIP

  • When you create a sales order, it appears in the pending column in the Create Batch window.
  • When you approve it, it moves over to the confirmed column.
  • You can allocate it to Finished Goods; the FGs are then no longer available to sell and the pending quantity is reduced.
  • You can allocate to batches that:
  • Have not yet started brewing
  • Are brewing
  • Are yet to be packed
  • The revised batch order appears, showing the customer name and sales order.

Produce & Pack

Wizard helps create batch based on BoM

Automatically Produces:

  • Batch slip
  • Batch split
  • Inventory slip
  • Ingredient forecast


  • Batch Status

  • Fermentation Gantt

  • Start brewing

  • Finish brewing, enter Flowmeter reading

  • Pack across one or multiple days

  • Enter actual ingredient quantity, remove and add ingredients

  • View Production Report

  • View Costs of batch and each package


  • Wizard shows shortfall (planned – quantity on hand)
  • Shows last cost
  • Items table displays quantity on order
  • Receive items, upload scanned Bill of Lading
  • Track pending quantity
  • Receive bill, factor in freight to get true costs
  • Upload scanned bill
  • Bills automatically sync to QuickBooks

View vendors, add items, place orders and receive. Granular details on items enable precise decisions: quantity on hand, last cost, drill down to history, quantity on forecast and quantity still on order.


Sell beer, variety packs and merchandise either through a single-click or through a multi-stage process – create Sales Order, approve SO, print out Work Order, ship with a single click, invoice with a single click, auto-email PDF to customer at each stage and sync with QuickBooks (or another accounting package):

  • Record customers’ License # which appears on every SO, BoL and Invoice
  • Unlimited price lists
  • Associate customers with price groups
  • Auto-invoice enables you to sell from inventory with a single click
  • Wizard to help produce SO, showing quantity on hand and price applicable to this customer
  • Charge for keg deposits and credit keg returns
  • SO shows weight of each item
  • Auto-email SO to customer
  • Concurrently produce Work Orders without price information
  • BoL captures transporter details, features signature block
  • Auto-email BoL to customer
  • Invoices display gallons
  • Auto-email invoice to customer

TTB Reports

With a single click, produce each TTB Excise report, Report of Operations and State/Provincial report with full supporting documentation; and print or upload:

  • Captured on the fly; no button to be pressed
  • Automatically computes Excise based on invoices (for production breweries) or fermentation (for brewpubs)
  • Select payment method and auto-compile Excise tax return; print or upload to pay.gov
  • Auto-compile Brewer’s/Brewpub Report of Operations; print or upload to pay.gov
  • Manual updates (beer received and transferred)
  • View all Excise payments made
  • Your State report (US) or Provincial report (Canada) is included as standard functionality; additional reports are available
  • View all supporting documentation at any time in PDF format

Variety Pack

  • BeerRun enables you to add and edit unlimited Variety Packs.
  • Specify the components and the quantity required for each Variety Pack.
  • Variety Packs appear in your price lists, so you can sell them just like any Finished Good.
  • When you assemble a Variety Pack, the component quantities are reduced.
  • When you approve a Sales Order with Variety Pack, the components appear in the Allocate Work in Progress list and the VP appears in the Allocate Finished Good list.
  • Cost, weight and volume of each Variety Pack is automatically derived from its components.
  • You can specify the packaging and labor required.


  • The Documents tab shows you all PDFs created throughout BeerRun and is your filing cabinet in the cloud.
  • B/Status shows you the current status of all batches that have been planned but not yet packed.
  • The Fermentation Gantt chart is a visual indicator of all Fermentation tanks and what batches have been planned over the course of the current month, and next/previous months.
  • The Bright Gantt shows you the same data for all bright tanks.
  • In Ingredient Forecast, all planned batches are stacked so you can see how much of each ingredient is needed over the next 1 week (or 2, 3, 4) or within any time range.
  • Packing Calendar gives you a date-wise schedule for your packing crew.
  • FG Inventory shows you all Finished Goods Inventory; click on history to view all additions due to packing, subtractions due to shipments and drill down to the underlying pdf. You can also make adjustments.
  • In the Items tab, you can see Ingredients, Packaging items, Merchandise and Finished Goods. You can edit their names, Units of measure, default vendor, reorder points and reorder quantities. In Ingredients, you can specify TTB classification; in FG, you can add a factor for Labor cost and UPC #.
  • The Physical Count tab enables you to view Inventory as of a particular day, export to .xls (to enable physical counts) and enter the new physical count in a single window.

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User Reviews of BeerRun

Submitted on March 31st, 2015 by Phil Brian

At Bearhill Brewing, we’ve been using BeerRun software for 2 years to manage our brewing operations at 4 brewpubs separated by 1,400 miles. BeerRun has been directly responsible for helping us overcome the tyranny of distance. It has also been invaluable in helping us move from just in-house draft sales to retail and distribution in multiple markets. Their personal assistance in localization for Canada and navigating the intricacies of our provincial regulators has meant that, of the fifteen breweries in Alberta, seven now use BeerRun.