Food Business Automation (FBA)

A business management solution for the food distribution industry.

About Food Business Automation (FBA)

Food Business Automation is a lot control warehouse management system with a fully integrated accounting package.

Inventory, Sales, Pricing, Web Interface

  • By Multiple Warehouse
  • Lots
  • Bins
  • Multiple Units of Measure
  • Fixed and Catch-Weights
  • Column Pricing
  • Contract Pricing
  • Customer Pricing Buyers Guide in Both Sales and Purchasing Modules
  • Fully Integrated Accounting Package
  • SQL Database
  • Remote Web Orders
  • IPad Apps
  • EDI To Food Coops And Buyer’s Groups
  • Warehouse Management With Symbol Rf Scanning Lot Tags
  • HACCP Compliant
  • Auto Emails Reports to Management

Executive Dashboard

Features of executive dashboard include:

  • An intuitive graphical display that is thoughtfully laid out and easy to navigate.
  • A logical structure behind the dashboard that makes accessing current data easy and fast


The Inventory Control module works in conjunction with the Sales Order Processing and Purchase Order Processing packages to provide you with complete control of your inventory to keep stock at the most efficient levels for optimum cash flow and sales order fulfillment. (The Purchase Order Processing system is optional.) Use the Inventory Control system with the General Ledger and Accounts Payable systems to track a true perpetual inventory with accurate cost of goods sold.

Powerful features include:

  • Multi-company capability
  • Multi-warehouse capability
  • Default general ledger accounts for items
  • LIFO, FIFO, or Average Costing methods of valuation
  • Serial numbers with specific unit costing
  • Serial number tracking from receipt to sale, with history
  • Substitute items
  • Transfers from stock between warehouses
  • Stock adjustments
  • All transactions post to general ledger distribution
  • Physical inventory
  • Stock Status report
  • Purchase Advice report
  • History of Activity report
  • Detailed and summary General Ledger Distributions
  • Comprehensive register
  • Vendor/Purchase history on-line inquiry and reports
  • Inventory Valuation report
  • Transaction Register
  • Cross Reference feature
  • Quick Menus
  • Quick Windows
  • The Stock Status Inquiry

iPad Apps for Sales

Features of Remote Access:

  • GDS can be set up to run remotely over the Internet. Using secure technology, management can access the system from home or anywhere internet access is available.
  • Salespersons can also access the system from remote locations to enter their orders directly via the internet.
  • They can enter orders on their laptops and later transfer these to GDS from any internet access location.

Order Entry

Fast and easy sales order entry with barcode scanning.

Sales order entry has never been easier or more efficient for retailers and wholesale distributors.

Picking inventory is simple by scanning the order number , lot tags and weight. If non-lotted simply enter the quantity. Information is verified and confirmed upon release.

Printing invoices, releasing orders, email invoices to specific personnel, email spreadsheet of errors (duplicate scans, item errors, etc.)

The Sales Order Processing module allows you to streamline your operations in distribution. Tightly integrated with the Accounts Receivable and Inventory Control packages Sales Order Processing allows you to quickly and efficiently quote prices, take orders and commit stock, pick products for shipment, and print invoices. Beyond these normal tasks, this Sales Order system allows your personnel to service your customers as quickly as possible by providing easy access to all the information they need.

Routing Information

Tracking and clustering trucks for optimizing your routes.

Warehouse Management

Reporting to show all product that have expired. past best dates

Labels are produced with unique serial numbers for tracking purposes and can print based on your input as well.

Bin labels are also available so for barcode scanning but also to make It easier for warehouse people to find product

Web Orders

Select various functions to perform, from placing an order to exporting a list into Excel.

SELECT BY THUMBNAILS OR QUANTITY: Move mouse over thumbnails or quantity box picture assigned to that item will be displayed on the top enter in quantities (if you purchase will add price and customer).

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