A full ERP system designed by Granite State Software for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About Greengrocer

Accounting and business management software for fruit and produce wholesalers. Includes General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Invoicing, Inventory, Lot Accounting, Truck Routing, Faxing Customer Reporting and Prospect Price List.

Accounts Payable

Greengrocer makes it as easy to enter your bills as it is to enter your orders. The system is flexible, allowing you to enter them in the way that works best for you. A large portion of payables are for the products that you are selling. We give you the option to simply enter the bill, or you can enter them in a way that will allow you to update your inventory, adjust your new true cost and market prices, recalculate selling prices for all of your price groups and create the payables transaction all in one place and at the same time. The Greengrocer system will track and age your payables. You can pay your bills using computer printed checks, entering manual checks or by entering cash transactions.

Accounts Receivable

Greengrocer provides you with reports of who owes you money and lets you define the aging periods. You can get this information for all customers, a certain range of customers, or organized by salesperson. You can also customize how often you send statements which allows you to keep tighter control on your accounts before they become a problem.

Custom Forms and Checks

Stand out from the competition and present a more professional look with distinctive, customized Invoices and Statements. Guaranteed compatible with the Greengrocer system. Our prices are very competitive and we make it easy for you to place orders and reorders. We offer sevreal styles and colors of checks. You may add your logo or go for a customized look ie with a background pattern. Continuous or laser, one or more parts. Fast turnaround on both new and repeat orders.

General Ledger

Granite State Software’s General Ledger is completely integrated with receivables and payables. You may have up to 13 accounting periods. Each accounting period may be for any date range. There are two levels of passwords, one for data entry and the other for reports. Printed and screen reports include a Journal Entries Report, Balance Sheet, Income Statement (Profit and Loss), and Detail Trial Balance. All daily activities are posted to the General Ledger automatically, and backed up as part of the day end procedure.

Inventory Control

Our system tracks both Lot and Non-Lot Inventory. Non-Lot Inventory supports average costing. The product purchase screen is integrated with inventory, accounts payable and customer product pricing. Adjustments to inventory are made quickly and clearly. Reports include: Inventory on Hand, Out of Stock, Shorts, Inventory Received, Log File of changes to inventory, and many others.

Lot Accounting

Lot Accounting is made simple with the Greengrocer Business Manager System. A lot may simply be one shipper/grower with one product or several shipper/growers, each with several different products. This makes the posting of items like freight, which apply to the whole load, simple. Reports include Lot Receiver Report, Sales Detail by Lot, Report of Final Disposition of Lot to Vendor, P & L by Lot, Daily Sales by Lot, plus Customer Usage reports by Lot.

Order Entry

We have made it SIMPLE to get orders into your system. Employees with no previous computer training can produce invoices within 10 minutes of the first time they sit down at the screen. Not only does this make your staff productive, it means training new staff in the future can be done quickly and easily. Orders can be entered for delivery today, tomorrow or any time in the future, and they are as easy to modify as they are to enter. Once the order is complete you are able to print Pick Slips for the warehouse and invoices for delivery to the customer.

Product Pricing

Flexibility is the key to product pricing. Want to price using a percentage over your cost? Want to add a dollar amount to a case? Want to use a combination of both? You can do this and more, plus you can mix and match these methods throughout your product file. You can also custom tailor your pricing based on how you sell each product, whether it’s by the case, half case, pound or each. Once you get your pricing strategy in place, the updating when you buy new product is fast and fits easily into your daily routine.

Customers are assigned to 1 of up to 10 price groups. Although you may get pricing close to what you want to charge, individual pricing strategies for a single customer or a group of customers are also easily accomplished with custom bid pricing. The system also enables you to fax these custom lists directly to the customer as many times a week as you schedule.


Increase productivity, profitability and sales with our extensive reporting capabilities.

System Overview

We believe that for any software system to be useful to you it has to act like a valuable employee. It must be efficient and do the job reliably day after day, and it has to be easy to learn. When you buy the Greengrocer Business Manager you get a complete system–there are no other modules to buy. You can use it the way that fits your business best. You could start using it to do your daily invoicing and to control your accounts receivable, then add inventory control, accounts payable or any other phase of your daily operations when you are ready.

Technical assistance from your software provider is also essential to your business. The system price includes a week of on-site training. Additional training time and arrangements to input your old data into the new system, as well as post-install training that you may feel you need for new employees, is also available. After the sale, additional training and support is just a phone call away. We can connect to your system and run your computer from our office–while you watch!

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