A multi-module management system designed by Lighthouse Systems Group for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About foodManager

We Specialize in Small to Medium Sized Food Distribution Companies From 1 to 32 Users.

Technology Includes:

  • Windows ‘thin client’ environment
  • Relational Database Management System
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Web-Enabled Software
  • Mobile Sales Order Manager (MSOM)
  • Broadcast email and faxing
  • Bar-coding & electronic scales


Features Include:

  • General Ledger w/full financial reporting capabilities
  • Export to Excel
  • Accounts Payable
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Full reporting capabilities


Features Include:

  • Call lists created automatically by ‘call day’ and ‘call time’
  • Salesperson prompted for ‘next call’
  • Salesperson will be prompted for ‘call result code’
  • Management has the option to view status of calls throughout the day
  • When a salesperson is absent for any reason, the system lets you know who needs to be called and when. Combine this with the customer’s history presented in ýsalesorderManagerý and the accuracy of orders entered is dramatically increased


Features Include:

  • Facilitate taking payments over the phone from your ‘on account’ customers thereby getting your money quicker
  • Facilitate taking payments ‘over the counter’ in your Cash & Carry environment
  • Full reconciliation
  • Full reporting capabilities


Features Include:

  • Email custom order guides to your customers showing their buying history and pricing, etc
  • Customer can fill in ORDER QTYs and return to you via email
  • After manual review of incoming email orders, you can import them into the Sales Order Entry System
  • ýdirectorderManagerý will automatically acknowledge the order to your customer via email
  • Full reporting capabilities


Features Include:

  • Multiple location processing
  • Catch weight processing w/ single or multiple lines for weight capture available by item
  • Dual unit-of-measure tracking capabilities by item (ex. cases & pounds)
  • Allow split case option - by item with up-charge capability
  • Full lot tracking w/ comprehensive reporting sub-system
  • Allow for substitutions
  • Multiple cost tracking (e.g. last cost, average cost & market cost)
  • Complete physical inventory sub-system
  • Full reporting capabilities


Features Include:

  • Save on preprinted forms, labor and postage by using ýmessageManagerý to Email or Fax appropriate documents from your workstation (e.g. invoices, PO’s, statements, price lists, etc)
  • Broadcast fax or email to multiple locations
  • After hours faxing saves on phone charges
  • Full reporting capabilities


Features Include:

  • Salesperson has laptop with only his customers’ info (history, pricing, etc)
  • Transmit orders back to the home office periodically during the day
  • Keep salespeople out in the field where they are most valuable
  • Full reporting capabilities


Features Include:

  • Can use cash drawer, barcode scanners and electronic scales to facilitate POS purchases
  • Cash drawer reconciliation
  • Choice of printing strip type receipt or ‘on account’ invoices
  • Full reporting capabilities


Features Include:

  • Automatic Price Generation from Cost (ex: cost plus , % markup or %GP)
  • In addition you can discount off a standard ‘list’ or manually override a price without regard for cost
  • Allows for ýwhat-ifý analysis
  • Standard pricing with multiple levels for customer category pricing
  • Pricing by customer and product combination
  • Special or contract pricing with start and end dates
  • Group pricing (multiple customers tied to same price schedule)
  • Any system generated price may be overridden by an authorized user
  • Generation & distribution of price lists to salespersons and customers
  • Full pricing history
  • Full reporting capabilities


Features Include:

  • Cost products from primal cuts
  • Automatic inventory reduction of primal cut
  • Allows one-step production entry as well as planned production
  • Production labels
  • Full reporting capabilities


Features Include:

  • A sophisticated usage analysis report which generates recommended buy quantities after analyzing various factors such as business trends, upcoming seasonality, lead times, etc.
  • Automatic calculation of recommended buy quantities based on the standard MIN/MAX approach
  • Multiple vendors per item with vendor item number support
  • Order directly from vendor history
  • User definable cost factors to build-up raw cost to landed cost
  • Full reporting capabilities


Features Include:

  • Save on preprinted forms and labor costs by using our attractive Laser Invoice forms with color coded carbon-less paper
  • User definable aging reports
  • Easy and flexible cash application process
  • Debit & credit memos
  • Auto update of ýcreditManagerý subsystem with full visibility of all pertinent information to credit manager
  • Statement form either Open Item or Balance Forward type
  • Statement processing utilizing our attractive Laser Statement Form which will be personalized by you
  • Master bill-to account for chain store accounts
  • Full reporting capabilities


Features Include:

  • Simplified Order Entry
  • Sales-Order-Guide (shows what the customer buys, when they last purchased, what they last paid, as well as current pricing)
  • ‘QUICKFIND’ search allows for instantaneous response to searches for items - eliminating fumbling around trying to locate items in inventory while the customer is on the phone
  • Order directly from Sales Order Guide -allows quick placement of order while the customer is on the phone
  • Immediate display of customer buying trends - allows salesperson to react immediately to changes in customer’s buying habits
  • Multiple query windows at the touch of a button (quick response to customer inquiries)
  • Prompt salespeople with specials during entry process raising the GP on all orders Comprehensive sales analysis reporting sub-system
  • Automatic credit check on all orders entered
  • Full reporting capabilities


Features Include:

  • Provides your system administrator complete control of the process
  • Full control of user access and maintenance
  • Full system audit capabilities
  • Provides your system administrator the ability to customize views, browse characteristics, thereby reducing programming costs


Features Include:

  • Physical inventory utilizing hand-held devices with bar-code scanning capabilities
  • Receiving products utilizing bar-code scanners and electronic scales
  • Picking/shipping products utilizing bar-code scanners and electronic scales
  • Full reporting capabilities

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