SI Foodware AX

A software system designed by Aptean.

About SI Foodware AX

SI Foodware for AX is the most complete ERP solution within this sector. Based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, this ERP solution covers all the requirements large food companies need.


As one of the most complete ERP solutions in the world, Microsoft Dynamics AX is able to offer companies a solution for working in an international environment with multiple sites and currencies. The solution contains functionality such as Finance, HRM, CRM, Marketing, Purchase and Sales. It also provides many essential functionalities for the food industry. With the food specific add-on SI Foodware for AX, food producing and trading companies are served with a complete solution.

Standard Functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX:

  • Financial Management: full accounting for multiple, international, legal entities within one database.
  • Purchase, Sales, Marketing and CRM: helps to maintain contact with your suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.
  • HRM, Project Management and Administration: plan, view and control the progress of projects. From planning to delivery and receipt of goods, timesheets and planning of your employees. You are in full control of your projects and commitment of your employees.
  • Human Capital Management (HCM): Improve individual productivity of your employees with Role Centers.

** Supplemented With SI Foodware AX Functionality:**

  • EDI: Exchange standardized electronic messages with customers and suppliers. Manual or automatic batch shipments. Standard messages in SI Foodware AX 2012: ORDER, APERAK, DESADV and INVOICE. Including Back hauling, Cross-Docking and Returnable Packaging. Specific EDI messages on demand. InterCommIT is the preferred EDI partner of SI Foodware AX.
  • Improved order entry: Customers listing: show historical order quantities and quickly enter quantities to order for customer specific items.
  • Call lists: frequency, as well as preferred calling dates and times for telephone order intake and delivery days.
  • Product classification: receive goods on a contract without a purchase order. The purchase order is automatically generated after receiving the goods, based on the received classifications (eg, quality, size, or color of the product).
  • Improved billing: billing collection by periods

Business Intelligence

Large amounts of information are stored in each ERP system. You want to visualize this information in order to optimize your business processes and decision making. This information is accessed and visualized by using BI4Dynamics. This graphical application displays your data by using dashboards and clear reports. Within a few, clicks you will know which processes are running smoothly and which deserve attention.

There have been specified a standard set of KPIs and reports specifically for the food industry. This results in improved business control, decreased risks and lower costs. Food industry specific Key Performance Indicators ??(KPIs) are already included in the models so no customization is needed.

Commodity Trade

Your products and services need to be registered in various ways, according to the commodities that are to be offered. Commodity Trade is a fully integrated module of SI Foodware AX that supports organizations with the registration and processing of contracts. And consequently, all specific activities that are activated with the settlement of these contracts. Trading is related to the purchase and sale of products and services (such as milk, meat, cheese, oil, cargo, storage).

SI Foodware AX is an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics AX and provides with trade specific functionality. The main advantages of SI Foodware AX Commodity Trade are:

  • Overview of all applications and contracts
  • Support of the maintenance of calculations and pricing
  • Optimal contract management, including monitoring, periodic invoicing and counter billing
  • Complete financial projections and cost evaluations
  • Support of commerce, logistics and finance departments
  • Generates real-time insight into the product and currency positions
  • Extended set-up functions for effortless daily data entry
  • A full integration of European Commission regulation concerning customs clearance, export refunds, processing trade, processing aid and private storage


You want to be able to plan, monitor and adjust the entire logistic process from the receipt of raw materials, via the registration of semi products and finished products, up to the extradition. Both in the office and on the production floor. Microsoft Dynamics AX is particularly strong in the area of Supply Chain Management. The solution will fully cover your business processes, with the addition of food-specific functionality in SI Foodware AX.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Default Functionality:

  • Intercompany stock demand and management: Full management of your supply chain across all your locations. Ensure resource availability and inform your customers with the help of advanced delivery schedules.

Supplemented With SI Foodware AX Functionality:

  • EDI: Exchange standardized electronic messages with customers and suppliers. Manual or automated batch shipments. Standard messages in SI Foodware AX 2012: ORDER, APERAK, DESADV and INVOICE. Including Back hauling, Cross-Docking and Returnable Packaging. Specific EDI messages on demand. InterCommIT is the preferred EDI partner of SI Foodware.
  • Best Before (BB) Check: register customer and vendor specific best before dates. Monitor the agreed expiration dates of incoming and outgoing goods. Ensure that products are picked based on the shortest expiration date of delivery (FEFO).
  • Returnable Packaging: Complete transparency in relation to available and outstanding packaging. Automatically acquit returnable packaging costs with purchase and sales orders.
  • RF scanning and SSCC labels: Registration of raw materials, semi products, finished products, pallets and any type of carrier in the warehouse as well as in the production plant.


To be able to produce effectively and maximize profits you need a solid ERP system to support your production. It is vital to optimize your production processes and immediately react when circumstances change. Also production changeover times and moments should be minimized. This way, you will be able to serve your customers in the best possible way.

The combination Microsoft Dynamics AX and SI Foodware AX automates your processes and provides insight into all operational aspects, from processing orders to production, warehousing and delivery. You can manage the current order status, pick lists, warehouse and inventory lists, as well as sales and profit margins, among many other KPIs. This allows you to increase the reliability of promised orders and respond to customer inquiries about order status and expected delivery date.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Standard Functionality:

  • Multiple production sites/plants in one database: plan, view and adjust you multi-site production from one central place.
  • Different Manufacturing Models: choose Discrete, Process or Lean Manufacturing.
  • Shop floor control: registration of your production tasks in the workplace.
  • Schedule: you can specify different planning proposals, by having the system calculate and generate warning messages for the current schedule. Production orders can be changed easily by using a planning tool with a graphical interface.
  • Potency Management: the strength of an ingredient can determine how much you need during production of a particular commodity. Microsoft Dynamics AX is able to take this into account. When building the production recipe, the system proposes the batches that have to be selected and what other items may be added to the recipe to balance.
  • Divergent parts lists: for the process industry, it is necessary that a recipe is not only registered as a discrete parts list, but also provides the possibility to work with co-products, by-products and material requirements, captured in percentages.
  • Assembly: for basic production operations, including repackaging or labeling.

Supplemented With SI Foodware AX Functionality:

  • Operations Control: Perform changes on the shop floor directly in the administration by using a “big button interface” which is suitable for touch screens and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This gives you total control of the available stock and creates a clear overview of the released orders in production. Finally, this solution allows you to post output and consumption of your production orders easily.
  • Hardware connections: Connect your hardware, such as labelling machines, scales and palletizers.
  • RF scanning and SSCC labels: Register Consumption of raw materials and output semi products, finished products and co-products.


As a food company, you are obliged to work with tight planning and deadlines, due to the fact that you are working with fresh ingredients that are subject to strict legislations (for example the General Food Law, HACCP, BRC and packaging declarations). In order to work fast, efficient and accurate, all quality related topics have to be supported with a solid ERP system.

Microsoft Dynamics AX combined with SI Foodware AX provides an integrated approach to all these issues. SI Foodware AX is an add-on for Dynamics AX, developed by Schouw Informatisering, in order to support the food specific problems.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Standard Functionality:

  • Quality Control: these are applicable to all logistic activities such as the receipt from a supplier, or from manufacturing, or from an outgoing pick order. The functionality can also be set up to block certain items. With this setup, one can only continue to work once a quality check has been carried out and the product has been approved. In addition, the solution allows to you define what has to be check. Also, the results of these checks can be assigned to the batch they were carried out
  • Quality Status: the solution allows you to assign user defined quality statuses to specific batches to prevent these batches from being processed into production or shipped out to a customer.
  • Batch characteristics: besides an expiration date and a best before date, you can also assign other characteristics to batches. For example fat and moisture rates. It is possible to have these batches copied to a product in which the batch has been processed.
  • Tracking and tracing: in case you get a complaint, the solution allows you to show all products and processes related to that complaint by pressing a single button. This gives you an immediate overview of the lots of the various raw materials and semi products that have been processed into the finished product. In case something is wrong with a specific lot, you have the power to track all the movements of this lot through lot tracing and lot navigation, empowering you to take additional actions if necessary.
  • Complaints Registration: register and analyze the internal complaints as well as those from customers and to vendors and monitor the actions that have to be taken.

Complemented With SI Foodware AX Functionality

  • Product specifications: calculate product specifications based on recipes and register those. Display information related to allergens and ingredients, both for internal reporting, labels, consumer packages and product information of customers.

Product Overview

  • Developer Aptean
  • Type Food Service Management Software
  • Client OS Windows, Web
  • Deployment Cloud Hosted

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