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TRACKSOFT provides a complete food traceability solution for small and medium sized food growers and manufacturers to reduce liabilities and increase efficiencies throughout all phases of food manufacturing. As food traceability is more important now than ever before, TEKLYNX software solutions allow you to positively identify products and their exact ingredients should a safety recall occur - saving your company time and money, and potentially saving lives.


TRACKSOFT helps you improve the quality, the service and the global efficiency of your company.

  • Identify Production Cycles: With TRACKSOFT, you can identify all stages involved in the fabrication of a product. You can trace the origin of the ingredients and components, suppliers, places where items are warehoused, production equipment, and any problems that might initiate recall efforts.

  • Manage Inventory: Accurately managing and tracking inventory in multiple locations is simple using TRACKSOFT’s multiple criteria filters. You can automatically update quantities from receiving and shipping forms, and automate data collection and entry using a PDA.

  • Implement FIFO Inventory Rotation: Faster inventory and order processing allows you to apply real-time inventory control. You’ll be able to rotate out older stock sooner and keep tabs on quantities and best-by dates.

  • Guarantee Ascending and Descending Traceability: TRACKSOFT enables ascending traceability (manufactured product) or descending traceability (product ingredients) whether food or ingredients are assigned for delivery, manufacture, or shipment.

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