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Financial Edge NXT

A comprehensive financial management system designed by Blackbaud for non-profit organizations.
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Financial Edge NXT is the first-of-its-kind cloud accounting solution that’s intuitive, reliable, and built exclusively for non-profits. It is advanced technology with powerful reporting tools to help your accounting team drive efficiency, transparency, and financial stewardship while enabling you to seamlessly manage transactions, eliminate manual processes, and securely share information in an instant. Combined with the world’s leading nonprofit CRM, Raiser’s Edge NXT, no other nonprofit cloud solution can match the performance, accessibility, and user experience the NXT solution line delivers.

Backed by ideas and best practices generated from more than 30 years of research and development in nonprofit technology, Financial Edge NXT gives your organization access to true fund accounting in a responsive, beautiful interface – all delivered securely in your internet browser and all designed with the comprehensive fund-accounting capabilities that thousands of nonprofits have trusted for years from Financial Edge.

The system is easy to use, even for people who have little accounting or computer experience. A wide range ready-to-go reports meet the special needs of nonprofit organizations and comply with FASB 116 & 117, while Financial Edge NXT’s user-friendly design makes finding information easier than ever, saving your organization from time-consuming searches and investigation.

Financial Edge NXT offers multiple subscription-based packages to meet the needs of various types organizations, large or small, moderate needs or sophisticated, and across multiple industry verticals including human services, healthcare, private schools, higher education, arts & culture, and more.

Best-in-class chat support is standard with Financial Edge NXT, providing unlimited access to support resources directly in the product. In addition, all upgrades and enhancements to the software are provided to users regularly as part of their subscription. Best practice online educational videos are included in the subscription price from Blackbaud University, while an extensive training curriculum is available through Blackbaud Learn with local, regional and online courses. With new classes every month, CPE credit-earning content, and exclusive sessions on strategy and best practices, Blackbaud has the premiere training offer for nonprofit accounting software.

Blackbaud also offers software for fundraising, school administration, foundation management, outcomes measurement, corporate social responsibility, and more. More than 30,000 nonprofit organizations have already benefited from the superior software and support that Blackbaud offers.

Accounting Forms Module

Blackbaud is pleased to offer the Accounting Forms Module as an alternative to purchasing pre-printed stationery. This module integrates with many of Blackbaud’s Windows accounting products, enabling you to print low-cost, high-quality forms on blank paper using a laser printer. The system tells your printer where to print graphics, lines and text - you can even include your logo. With many forms, you can choose from multiple formats.

Use the money-saving Accounting Forms Module to print electronic funds transfer notices, purchase orders, invoices, statements, credit memos, debit memos and student billing statements. The module even allows you to print AP and payroll checks onto blank check paper using your laser printer and a magnetic ink (MICR) toner cartridge.

Accounting Queue

Accounting Queue works with Blackbaud’s Windows accounting software to schedule a sequence of tasks that can be executed, one after the other, automatically and unattended. Using Accounting Queue is easy - add tasks to a queue and schedule it to run whenever you want, perhaps overnight or during a weekend. By automating common tasks, Accounting Queue frees up your time so you can concentrate on more important work.

Accounting Queue performs functions such as printing, e-mailing, importing, exporting and posting your financial data. For example, in one queue, scheduled to run at the end of the week, you might include the following tasks:

  • Print an Aged Accounts Payable report on blank paper to the executive director’s printer
  • E-mail a Purchase Journal for today’s activity to your data entry clerk to verify entries
  • Print an Aged Accounts Receivable report on blank paper to the business manager’s printer
  • E-mail an Accounts Receivable Account Distribution report to the business manager
  • Print Purchase Orders and Accounts Receivable statements on blank paper to a printer so they can be processed the next workday
  • Post Accounts Payable transactions directly to the General Ledger
  • Post Accounts Receivable transactions directly to the General Ledger
  • E-mail a Trial Balance report to the business manager at home so she can verify the results without going into the office over the weekend

You can create unlimited queues and assign multiple tasks to each one. A queue may be created to run only once, or you may use it again and again. Any queue can be executed on demand or scheduled to run at a specific date and time. Because Accounting Queue is designed to run unattended, it fully documents each task performed so you have a complete record of those tasks.

Accounts Payable

With Blackbaud’s Accounts Payable, paying bills is now easier and more efficient. Make payments any way you want – by system-generated or hand-written check or via electronic funds transfers. An optional Purchase Orders module puts you firmly in control of purchases and receipts. When entering a new purchase order, you can even check your budget for sufficient funds through a built-in interface with Blackbaud’s General Ledger. It’s a snap to print purchase orders, duplicate orders, receipts and cancellation notices.

Accounts Payable is designed especially for Windows 95 and NT and is a component of Blackbaud’s Accounting for Nonprofits, an integrated system for your entire business office.

Accounts Receivable

Separately track individual clients, organizations and funding sources. Accounts Receivable provides the ability to establish default payment responsibility for each client record, enabling you to bill a third party for a portion, or all, of a client’s charges and services rendered. You can also apply one payment to multiple client accounts.

Advanced Budget Management

Take advantage of powerful budgeting, in-depth analysis and reporting features that replace spreadsheets and cumbersome, error-prone tools used outside the system. Perform payroll budgeting, including salary and benefits, drive your organization. View line item budget details and notes for details of budget assumptions that make up the overall account budget.

Advanced Security

Set full security on accounts, projects, reports and queries. Your system administrator or staff member with supervisor security rights, can give or deny user rights to specific information so it does not appear on an unauthorized user’s search screen or in any reports that user creates. Advanced Security also offers view-only licenses, putting timely financial information in the hands of individual budget, department, and program managers - while still protecting confidential information and without incurring the cost of full user licenses.

Allocation Management

Automatically allocate amounts by account, account attribute, project, project attribute, transaction code and/or transaction attribute. Allocation Management provides mechanisms for both direct and indirect allocations, as well as reallocations based on ending balances, average daily balances or net change balances, eliminating the need for external spreadsheets that have no built-in validation. Define your investment pool and add projects to it, specifying the asset accounts that make up the project’s portion of the pool, and let the system do the rest! You can even account for fixed amount and percentage fees based on each project’s asset balance.

Budget Management

Budget as many years into the future as needed so your organization can prioritize its expenditures, assess its funding needs and make comparisons across fiscal years.

You can configure budgets created at the project level to automatically change existing account budgets and create multiple what if budget scenarios for planning purposes and to measure the impact of change.

Cash Management

Blackbaud’s Bank Account Reconciliation is a powerful software system for managing multiple bank and cash accounts. For each account, you can view an online register listing all deposits and disbursements, drilling down to view the receipts in each deposit. Bank accounts can be linked to one or more cash accounts, or the system can be configured so that there is only one bank account per cash account. Plus, automated reconciliation features ensure you start balanced and stay balanced.

Bank Account Reconciliation integrates with these other Blackbaud Windows products to automatically register deposits and disbursements as they are entered: Accounts Payable, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Miscellaneous Cash Receipts, Student Billing and The Raiser’s Edge (using batch import).

Bank Account Reconciliation will help you reconcile multiple accounts quickly and easily, create an audit trail with adjustment transactions, and create on-demand management reports using a visually intuitive process.

Consolidation Management

Report across multiple databases from one central, headquarter database. Whether your organization is reporting on multiple chapters, foreign or domestic subsidiary offices, headquarters or outreach operations, Consolidation Management automates the roll-up of financial data, letting staff easily and efficiently consolidate and report on financial information across separate databases.


Save time and labor involved in printing and mailing checks and automate periodic drafts from your bank account for direct deposit into employee bank accounts. All you need are your bank accounts’ login cards, your vendors’ routing and account numbers, your employees’ bank account numbers with routing information, and a modem. Making payments is as easy as selecting the invoices you want and then sending to the bank a file containing those transactions via phone line or the Internet. And it’s just as easy to keep a clear audit trail with EFT as with other payment methods.

Fixed Assets

Blackbaud’s Fixed Assets stores all the information your organization needs to properly track and manage your assets. The system calculates depreciation based on built-in IRS formulas and tables or on custom depreciation schedules entered by you to suit your specific needs.

Fixed Assets enables you to depreciate assets accurately and efficiently. You can create historical asset transactions, track depreciation over multiple years and calculate depreciation based on user-defined periods. Asset records put important asset information at your fingertips including store purchase date, price, model, serial number, location and more. Use the Media feature to store scanned documents like a photographs, invoice and receipts. The auto-reminder feature can prompt you about scheduled maintenance on your assets.

Integration with Blackbaud’s other accounting modules saves you time. You can automatically enter an asset when creating a receipt from Blackbaud’s Purchase Orders, and you can post asset transactions to General Ledger in a snap. Reports help you keep tabs on the lifecycle of each of your organization’s assets.

Miscellaneous Cash Receipts

Miscellaneous Cash Receipts is a flexible receipt-entry system that complements Blackbaud’s General Ledger software by handling the small details that can clutter a ledger.

Transactions ideal for Miscellaneous Cash Receipts include:

  • Postage meter money
  • Concession revenue
  • Application fees
  • Pay phone revenue
  • Yearbook advertising
  • Vending machine revenue

As nonprofit accounting becomes more standardized and auditing requirements tougher, often you will need more information than just a total of all receipts. Miscellaneous Cash Receipts enables you to identify where small cash amounts originate, produce a detailed profile of each transaction and print a deposit ticket.


Blackbaud’s Payroll simplifies payroll administration and human resource management, saving you time and making in-house payroll processing a cost-effective alternative to outsourcing. Developed especially for Windows 95/98 and NT, this sophisticated, yet easy-to-use system helps you manage your payroll like never before. Payroll offers easy data entry and seamless integration with Blackbaud’s General Ledger.

Blackbaud’s Payroll provides an easy-to-use means of calculating payroll for both hourly and salaried employees. Disburse payments using computer checks, hand-written checks, electronic funds transfers for direct deposits (with optional module) or split disbursements between checks and direct deposits using percentages, remainders or fixed amounts.

Store extensive information on employees including:

  • Address and phone numbers
  • Social Security number
  • Birth date
  • Scanned/digital photo
  • Emergency contacts
  • Attendance information and time sheets


Point-of-Sale is a fully integrated, easy-to-use Windows point-of-sale solution for your gift store, snack bar, cafeteria or any other place your organization sells merchandise.

Cashiers enter sales and returns on one simple checkout screen that looks like a sales ticket. Scanned items register instantly, and the system can even display a picture of an item. Your customers can pay with cash, check, traveler’s check, or with any of the major credit cards. Using ICVERIFY (must be purchased separately), you can make on-line credit card authorizations and draft captures. Instantly generate receipts at the register. You maintain a complete history of all purchases made by members and other customers, which can be printed in statement or report format.

Projects, Grants, and Endowments Management

Get an extra level of tracking, making it easy to separate and report on activity for various projects, special events, endowments, exhibitions, scholarships, investments and other entities without exploding the number of accounts in your system. With other accounting systems, adding a project often means adding numerous accounts with new budgeting data at the project level, you can easily create reports to satisfy your board members, auditors and donors within minutes.

Purchase Orders

With Blackbaud’s Accounts Payable for Windows, paying bills is now easier and more efficient. Make payments any way you want – by system-generated or hand-written check or via electronic funds transfers. An optional Purchase Orders module puts you firmly in control of purchases and receipts. When entering a new purchase order, you can even check your budget for sufficient funds through a built-in interface with Blackbaud’s General Ledger for Windows. It’s a snap to print purchase orders, duplicate orders, receipts and cancellation notices. Accounts Payable is designed especially for Windows 95 and NT and is a component of Blackbaud’s Accounting for Nonprofits, an integrated system for your entire business office.

School Store Manager

Blackbaud’s School Store Manager is a fully integrated, easy-to-use Windows point-of-sale solution for the bookstore, snack bar, cafeteria, athletic store and anywhere else on campus purchases are made.

Student Billing

Since its introduction Student Billing has been implemented by well over 1,000 independent schools. We have learned from the experience and suggestions of those schools to produce Student Billing for Windows, a highly sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, student billing software program.

The system gives you maximum flexibility in how you bill and how you receive payments so you can accommodate any situation that may arise.

Student Billing sets new standards in technology, record management and billing flexibility.


With WebInvoicing, users can create and manage invoice requests, check requests and expense reports via the web.


WebPurchasing brings the requisition and approval process online, giving users and reviewers a central place to request items and approve purchases. With remote access, users can easily create requisitions, get approval, and submit a purchase order.

Reviews of Financial Edge NXT

Latonya says...

Edge NXT bridges reporting gaps. Reports should be reported for specific audiences. With Edfg NXT, I can easily report to auditors, grant agencies and internal customers.

The good: I like the ease of navigation the most. Everything is located where I would intuitively think I would find it.

The bad: Currently, the modules in the database version are not yet in NXT.

An anonymous Financial Edge NXT user says...

There are several functionalities that it doesn’t have so we still have to do a lot of things on spreadsheets. One of the biggest dislikes is the support. We can rarely get in touch with someone when we have an issue or they direct us back to the website.

Hwaja from KWA says...

I paid more money for better work but it was totally wasted money. couldn’t use NXT for 2 years. I regret so much.

The good: Do not know about NXT even though I purchased it two years ago.

The bad: No training and help from FE. Their customer service is very poor. They just want to sell NXT.

An anonymous Financial Edge NXT user says...

Basic accounting package. Seems to be working fine for us.

The bad: Distribution table work needs to improve.

Shari from Abilities First says...

I really like Financial Edge, used it for years, does what we need it to do

The good: Cost competitive and flexible to use

The bad: I would like to see the ability to attach a PDF invoice to a record

Amanda from Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation says...

Financial Edge integrates well with Raiser’s Edge. We use the General Ledger feature of FE. Data entry is easy and the reports available make it easy to report to the Board.

The good: It’s very easy to navigate and fix errors in journal entries.

The bad: We have to manipulate our data in a .csv file before importing it into FE and sometimes there are errors that you have to pull multiple reports to find.

Julia from The Gathering Place says...

Financial Edge is a robust accounting software. We use the general ledger, accounts payable, and treasury features. The NXT interface is very easy to navigate, allows for rich report creation and customization in a pretty easy-to-use format, and is adding other efficiency-enhancing features like connecting a bank feed for ease of transaction matching and reconciliation.

The good: I use the reporting features of Financial Edge NXT, and have been very pleased with the improvements NXT offers over Financial Edge 7 in this arena. I also love how quick and easy it is to retrieve information about accounts and drill down to specific journal entries when needed.

The bad: We’ve been using NXT for a little over a year. Originally there were not many features in NXT and it didn’t feel like great value at the time, but now it’s finally starting to feel worth the added cost for the upgrade.

Mark says...

Financial Edge handles our accounts payable/receivable and billing for our organization. It’s database integrates with a product called Raider’s Edge which handles income through direct donation and sustained giving. FENXT lives in a hosted environment and is displayed using a cleanly built web platform-making it accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection.

The good: The ease in access from any device and the crystal clear way the information is displayed and accessible. The system is constantly being updated and improved without the user needing to run or backup databases.

The bad: I would like to see improvements in reporting and the ability to create unique reports within NXT itself.

Heidi from GPS Education Partners, Inc. says...

Financial Edge NXT has some great functionality that streamlines the usage of the system which is great. I am looking forward to the continued roll out of improvements that are coming, especially credit card reconciliation help!

The good: It is much easier to navigate than the traditional database.

The bad: Much of the functionality that we need is not available yet but with time, it should grow into a phenomenal system for us.

Mary from Illinois College of Optometry says...

One of the best financial systems I have used in the Non-Profit world. It is straightforward and really meets our needs.

The good: The flexibility in financial reporting.

Gregg from Port Authority of Kansas City, MO says...

Blackbaud’s Financial Edge (FE) is a robust example of accounting software. It will do most of what more expensive products will do. Where it could use more development is in the two areas of drill-down capabilities within canned reports, and a more user friendly report writer than Crystal Reports.

The good: The best feature of FE is it’s ability to be viewed by an unlimited number of readers. For a public agency this is key to transparency.

The bad: As mentioned above, the inability to drill-down on report line items is a disappointment.

Dan from Council on Rural Services says...

We purchase Financial Edge which is a grant based accounting system. Our purchase included General Ledger, A/P, A/R, Web Purchasing, Purchase Orders, Budget Management and Cash Management modules.

The good: The software is easy to configure and does a great job in charging transactions to multiple grant funding sources. Standard grant allocations can be configured to automate data entry. Web based requisitions are reviewed and approved on line then quickly converted to purchase orders. Lengthy journal entry or A/P distributions calculated in Excel can be easily uploaded to eliminate data entry. Our staff found it very easy to use in most areas.

The bad: The standard reports are not that great. Custom reports can be written from within the software that are linked to data exported from the databases. The process in too time consuming. You have to re-export every time there is any change to the data. We wrote our key reports with Crystal Reports and directly accessed the database instead. The SQL databases are a bit difficult to figure out for non I.T. people but once you have everything linked the reports run quickly.

Melissa says...

The Financial Edge software works well for governmental accounting. It has fund accounting options as well as grant tracking abilities. The number of reports available is endless.

The good: The fund accounting and grant management systems work well for us. Also, the budgeting tools are flexible and can be managed at various levels.

The bad: We have had problems implementing the payroll system. The allocation of accrued paid time off by grant and by project has been difficult.