Blackbaud Fundware

A comprehensive financial management system designed by Blackbaud for government & public administration and non-profit organizations.

About Blackbaud Fundware

For over 27 years, Blackbaud Fundware has helped eliminate financial management pressures for nonprofits and governments. More than 4,000 organizations have relied on our innovative fund accounting software to track, manage and report on grants, funds, programs, departments, projects, and more.

Customize FundWare to meet your requirements using our table driven chart of accounts structure and our report writer that comes standard with 60 pre-defined reports. With a wide array of modules, including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll, FundWare can fit your organization’s specific accounting needs.

Accounts Payable/Purchase Orders

FundWare Accounts Payable/Purchase Orders is a robust payable management tool that processes vendor payments and helps to control spending before a purchase is authorized. Using our exclusive workflow concept, users can set up individual payable stages that represent different processes in an obligation’s life cycle.

You Can:

  • Achieve online budget control with three levels of user-defined thresholds (1-message, 2-warning, and 3-full lock out) while entering requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices.
  • Process backorders and voids easily, with all correcting entries made automatically in FundWare General Ledger and Accounts Payable.
  • Gain immediate access to vendor detail and full audit trail of obligation flow, from requisition to check reconciliation, including dates and user ID information.
  • Generate automatic interfund transactions when expenses are coded to multiple funds.
  • Allow users to enter requests and purchase orders, with online budget control and multiple levels of approval provided.
  • Calculate discounts automatically.
  • Add vendors on the fly.
  • Utilize multiple checking accounts.

Accounts Receivable

The FundWare Accounts Receivable and Cash Receipts modules deliver a total solution for managing your revenue flow and customer detail. Together, they provide the unique functionality that nonprofit and government organizations need to process invoices, record cash receipts, and issue customer refunds. Develop revenue codes for various revenue types that allow distribution of the amount to multiple account numbers in FundWare General Ledger based upon percentages or fixed amounts.

You Can:

  • Choose to set the access property on revenue codes to lock to prevent the default settings from being changed during data entry.
  • Create memo invoices (ideal for preemptive billing such as voluntary membership fees) and post revenue upon receipt of funds or when appropriate to recognize the revenue.
  • Retain complete customer history for historical analysis and reporting.
  • Post automatically to each fund’s receivable account in FundWare General Ledger.
  • Create credit memos that may be applied to the outstanding balance on customer invoices. Or, choose to remove the credit from the customer’s account by automatically creating an obligation in FundWare Accounts Payable to refund the customer from within Accounts Receivable.
  • Generate recurring invoices automatically through the powerful scheduler functionality that allows the user to specify the frequency and term.
  • Produce an aging report with the incredible flexibility of defining the number of aging columns to display and the increment of time between columns.
  • Enjoy FundWare Cash Receipts (included with the purchase of Accounts Receivable) to simultaneously post revenue through the creation of invoices and through the posting of non-invoiced cash receipts.

ADP to FundWare Import

FundWare has created ADP to FundWare Import to convert summary payroll information from ADP Payroll processing system directly into FundWare General Ledger and Project/Grant eliminating the burden of redundant data entry. Save data entry time and remove the potential of making entry mistakes with this automatic interfacing module

Advanced Security

FundWare Advanced Security allows users to extend beyond the basic multilevel security provided by the FundWare suite. Allow restriction by account number logic, allowing users inquiry, reporting, and posting to appropriate responsibility centers.

Allocation Management

FundWare Allocation Management streamlines your entire indirect costing process, enabling you to maximize your cost recovery against grants and contracts. It allows organizations to allocate expenses both directly and indirectly among investments, programs, grants, cost centers, and departments based on percent of total, fixed or dynamic rates, or other user-defined criteria.

You Can:

  • Allocate and journalize overhead costs automatically, based on grant-specific indirect cost rates, percentage of total allowable expenses, and even percentage of total payroll.
  • Compute percentage of total automatically for any group of accounts by year, month, or user-defined time period-crucial in allocating indirect cost pools.
  • Calculate daily cash balances automatically by fund for proper interest income allocations.
  • Allocate indirect costs by percentage of labor hours, outcome-based statistics, or any other non-financial information.
  • Incorporate grant restrictions including not-to-exceed limitations.
  • Develop multistep or tiered allocations for full absorption allocations.
  • Customize even the most complex indirect costing rules using FundWare’s powerful customization tools.

Budget Preparation

FundWare Budget Preparation allows you to perform your entire budgeting process within the financial application itself. With the look and feel of electronic spreadsheets, Budget Preparation allows you to easily create multiple budget revisions and submit final scenario for organization-wide review and approval.

You Can:

  • Utilize an independent database, pulling historical information from FundWare General Ledger and Project/Grant for any user-defined period of time.
  • Create budgets that cross fiscal years.
  • Manage unlimited budgeting cycles, allowing simultaneous modification of current year budget and posting of next year’s projected budget.
  • Document budget assumptions, by cell, with detailed user comments flowing into the Final Budget Center for full reporting.
  • Distribute your budget automatically by fiscal period, using unlimited custom distribution tables.
  • Export budgeting information directly into Microsoft Excel and import seamlessly back to FundWare Budget Preparation, including user revisions.

Cash Receipts

You Can:

  • Enter data in easy grid format for high-volume operations and efficient back-office processing with the flexibility to process a single receipt when needed.
  • Track all cash receipts by customer.
  • Drill down to the individual receipts in each bank deposit, allowing tight audit trail of revenues.
  • Post to the FundWare General Ledger and Project/Grant modules on your schedule.
  • Share your customer database with FundWare Accounts Receivable for seamless integration.

General Ledger

FundWare General Ledger serves as the heart of your financial application and the central point for all monetary reporting. It delivers enhanced inquiry flexibility, powerful analysis tools, and robust reporting options you need to adhere to strict budgeting and financial performance tracking.

You Can:

  • Create customized databases and screens with self-balancing fund and program accounts.
  • Drill-down to transaction detail for actual, budget, encumbrance, and even requisition information.
  • Cross fiscal years for online inquiry and standard reporting, helping you manage federal and state grant activity.
  • Isolate transactions for inquiry and reporting using FundWare’s powerful account masking and user-defined attribute functionality.
  • Perform account inquiry by item description and alias number, as well as account masking.
  • Track and report across fiscal periods.
  • Benefit from strong, multi-level security including user-defined group profiles and user-specific print queues.
  • Import 3rd party data seamlessly using FundWare’s standard import programs with full error checking prior to importation, and self-balancing transactions automatically created.
  • Comply with FASB 116/117 and GASB 34 requirements.


With FundWare Payroll, users can create a comprehensive Payroll/Human Resource database that easily conforms to the way your organization works. It allows extensive customization of labor cost calculations, accruals, benefits and employee deductions. Allocate employee fringe benefit costs based on labor distributions resulting in full costing to departments, programs, and grants.

  • Customize unlimited benefits and deductions with a powerful programming language to tackle even your most complex exceptions.
  • Tag employee records with user-defined distribution tables to efficiently generate custom timesheets.
  • Post payroll activity to the FundWare Project/Grant ledger, if desired.
  • Produce standard reports for quarterly state and federal requirements.
  • Customize employee HR information by developing unlimited user-defined fields.
  • Process direct deposits.
  • Calculate tax, withholding, and disbursement automatically with federal and state tables maintained by American Fundware.
  • Apply multiple activity-based pay rates to employees, including piece rates.

Project Grant

FundWare Project/Grant is the solution for complete management of activities, projects, grants, cost centers, contracts, and investments. This parallel single-sided ledger allows users to track a segment of financial transactions in more detail.

You Can:

  • Track grants, projects, contracts, and construction activities in more detail than your main ledger.
  • Utilize a unique account structure to explode/summarize information for grantor reporting requirements in a subsidiary ledger.
  • Develop control accounts in your General Ledger with automatic explosion to your Project/Grant ledger.
  • Achieve online, real-time access to detail cost accounting information to manage grants, activities, and programs effectively.
  • Create specialized reports or use standard reports that automatically summarize based on grant inception-date or ending-date, regardless of fiscal year parameters.
  • Establish security access independent of the General Ledger.
  • Post seamlessly into Project/Grant from all FundWare modules, including Accounts Payable and Payroll.
  • Add fields and customize screens for unlimited options.

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