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A full ERP system designed by Serenic Software for large nonprofit organizations.

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About Serenic® Navigator

Mission-Empowering Software for NonProfit Organizations

Empower your organization with fund accounting software that helps you focus resources on what’s most important. Built upon the stable and scalable foundation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, Serenic Navigator delivers new levels of value, efficiency, and productivity.

Less Process, More Value

Lower your cost of management and increase your impact on investment with a true fund accounting platform that eliminates resource-intensive workarounds, patches, and compromises. Spending less time on your process, you can focus on making a bigger difference.

An Easier Audit Season

Serenic’s powerful reporting and alerting options will reduce the headache and extra work you’ve come to expect during audit season. Instead of spending hours hunting tracing restrictions violations, let Serenic Navigator help you avoid them in the first place. If a violation does slip by, its when, where, and who will be easier to identify.

Serenic Navigator offers maximum features and functionality, designed to enhance your NFP’s complex and unique workflow processes. Serenic is committed to helping customers:

  • Focus maximum resources on accomplishing the mission.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity across all roles–from the CFO to the volunteers.
  • Track grants, sub-grants, and contracts from proposal to award to program execution.
  • Deliver required reports with consistency, accuracy, and timeliness.

Core Financials

Serenic Navigator’s General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Cash Management deliver confidence at the core:

General Ledger

  • Manage and report on multiple types, funds, and fund classes which meet FASB 116 and 117 donor restrictions
  • Setup 10 dimensions for “core” GL classification and reporting
  • Maintain up to 110 alphanumeric characters for the 10 primary dimensions
  • Use a “logical” chart of accounts for data entry, validation and security
  • Create an unlimited number of additional dimensions for “sub-ledger” reports
  • Setup accounting calendars with daily, weekly, monthly or other periods
  • Easily setup and generate “standard” financial reports
  • Investigate system-maintained audit trails using registers and change logs
  • Provide real-time access to data with powerful drill down navigation and filtering tools, offering complete transparency of your organization’s financial records

Accounts Receivable

  • Automatically record all customer or vendor transactions on the appropriate customer/vendor account
  • View all transactions by account from chart of accounts, journals, account cards, etc.
  • Manage accounts effectively via individual customer/vendor account cards
  • Gain immediate access to account statistics, ledger entries, and bank accounts
  • Separate the bill-to addresses and order-from addresses accurately
  • Add comments to any account or transaction
  • Apply payments to as many invoices as you like
  • Set tolerance levels for payment discounts
  • Set up individual sales tax and value added tax (VAT) areas for each customer and vendor

Accounts Payable

  • Create electronic file to transmit EFT payments automatically
  • Print checks on preprinted or blank check stock
  • Select from multiple check formats or create a custom format
  • Add .bmp logos and addresses to check stock
  • Automatically print signatures on checks with full security, and add a second signature when the check amount reaches a user-defined amount
  • Record the expense against one vendor and pay a substitute vendor
  • Pay vendors based upon due dates or user-defined parameters
  • Print a single check per invoice or combine all invoices for the same vendor
  • Record manual checks and issue “emergency” checks

Cash Management

  • Take complete control of your money with detailed records
  • Maintain comprehensive transaction records
  • Transform payables/receivables into account management tailored for maximum efficiency

Financial Reporting

Serenic Navigator is a table driven system that takes advantage of the tight integration with Microsoft® Office Excel and other Microsoft technologies to help boost productivity among more users and drive decision-making processes for better control.

Serenic Navigator includes core, or out-of-the-box, system reports such as Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Cash Flows, Statement of Activities, Statement of Functional Expenses, aged accounts payable, cash receipts, and other typical reports your staff or board may need to see. By assigning user-defined roles and granting permissions, these reports are easily customizable based on your unique needs.

Serenic Navigator gives you several ways to query, analyze and report on your data:

  • Filter/Drill Down: gives you the ability to filter, sort and drill down on data, within Serenic Navigator.
  • Account Schedules: with this feature, create flexible user-defined layouts produced in an overview mode with drill-down capability or in a printable report which can be exported to Excel. Access G/L data, and compare budgeted expenses to actual expenses across multiple periods or fiscal years, and view expenses by functional categories like programs, admin, or fundraising.
  • Analysis by Dimension: provides a three-dimensional analysis of your data and exports it automatically to pivot tables in Excel.
  • Charts and Ad-Hoc Reporting: easily view organizational data graphically and also create Excel-based reports that use Serenic Navigator pages as data sources.

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets is a fully integrated solution to manage the purchase and depreciation of fixed assets. Fixed Assets integrates directly with Serenic Navigator’s GL, Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders and Accounts Payable functions.

Some of the Features Provided by Fixed Asset Include:

  • Select the level of integration with the GL
  • Select the depreciation schedule by asset
  • Use the half-year convention option for depreciation calculation
  • Automatically create depreciation entries and post to GL
  • Account for grant requirement to expense an asset in the purchase year to meet GAAP rules
  • Create Fixed Asset reclassification journals totransfer, split-up and combine fixed assets
  • Automatically create entries to sell or salvage an asset and record the asset gains and losses
  • Create a main asset from unlimited component assets
  • Record key fixed asset information
  • Record maintenance data by purchase vendor, maintenance vendor, warranty date and next service date
  • Record insurance information by fixed asset or group of assets
  • Add comments to a fixed asset
  • Scan-in supporting documentation using Matriks Document

Key Product Features

  • Allocations
  • Budgeting
  • Core Financials
  • Financial Reporting
  • Fixed Assets
  • Grant Management
  • HR/Payroll - Enterprise
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Multi-Currency & Multi-Language - Enterprise
  • On-premise, Cloud or Hosted Options
  • PO’s and Purchase Reqs
  • Subscription or Perpetual Licensing
  • Workflow with Approvals

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It is a nice product since it is Microsoft-based and very user friendly.

We liked the drill-down option