A cloud-based accounting and construction management solution for small to mid-sized contractors

About ProContractor One

ProContractor One by Viewpoint is an all-in-one cloud software solution that helps small to mid-sized contractors handle the complexities of the entire project lifecycle.

With an all-in-one solution, you have end-to-end control and seamless workflow across applications – from takeoff and estimating through job cost accounting and project management, and ultimately for critical reporting and analysis.

ProContractor One by Viewpoint® empowers you to:

  • Increase visibility across your business – Reduce risk and track absolutely everything, so you know what worked, what didn’t, and why.

  • Improve accuracy of cost reports and projections – Quickly compare budgets against pending and posted costs to profitably manage projects.

  • Break down silos to enhance communication – Create interactive workflow, accountability, and processes to improve project quality and timeliness.

  • Tighten control on costs and schedules – Bring in every project on schedule and within budget with real-time cost tracking tools.

  • Make decisions based on true data, not just intuition – Quickly and easily access information for confident decision-making.

  • Go all-in-one or one-at-a-time – With ProContractor One by Viewpoint® , you can better manage your business from end-to-end with a complete, all-in-one solution. Or, build toward a complete solution by starting with one component - Estimating, Project Management, or Accounting - and then add to it in the future.

ProContractor One by Viewpoint® : All-in-one software from a partner who goes all out for you.

Employee Management

ProContractor One by Viewpoint® makes it easy to manage construction payroll, the workforce, and more:

  • Efficiently manage workforce reporting and construction payroll, including government, state/province, Davis-Bacon Certified payroll reporting, union, workers’ compensation, and benefit tracking for merit shop
  • Record work and calculate earnings, benefits, fringes, insurance liabilities, and taxes
  • Properly track labor burden, over-time rules, paid time off, additional pay and deductions, and employee/employer 401(k)
  • Print payroll checks or handle direct deposit, and automatically update all costing and financial records for complete accuracy
  • Virtually and securely file, access, and manage all important employee documents, such as W-4s and TD-1s, I9 details, copies of drivers’ licenses, etc.

Equipment Management

With ProContractor One by Viewpoint® , you can track the location of each piece of equipment and capture your equipment usage as costs and then bill to every project ý that’s managing for increased profitability!

User-defined usage types (idle, repair, etc.) and user-defined billing rates may be created for each piece of equipment; and utilization reporting helps you maximize use of equipment. Equipment usage (hours, miles, etc.) and costs from timecards may be applied directly to projects and task codes, allowing contractors true project costing of this capital-intensive part of a construction business.

Financial Management

ProContractor One by Viewpoint® combines robust cost management and comprehensive financial reporting options for control and flexibility of accurate financial processing.

Commitments and payments are processed efficiently and accurately:

  • Seamless system for Accounts Payable, Job Ledger, General Ledger, Project Costing, Payroll, and Purchase Orders improves workflow and maintains historical detail
  • Handle sales and use (self-assessment) tax for U.S., Canada, and Australia
  • Project costing synchronizes with ongoing changes and hard financial data
  • Features specifically tailored to fit industry needs and handle the special requirements of construction billing, such as tracking retention and discounts
  • Efficiently minimize questions, manage disputes, and monitor accounts
  • Never lose track of an invoice or your approval process with electronic routing
  • Properly distribute transactions across multiple companies managed in ProContractor One by Viewpoint®

Comprehensive reporting and audit trail features allow you to:

  • Maintain security, save time, and manage financials with confidence and flexibility
  • Easily create WIP and Bonding reports, whether you are on a work-in-progress or direct cost accounting basis
  • Automatically deliver information, like daily financials, to the owner

Procurement Management

ProContractor One by Viewpoint® makes it easy to price, order, and track goods. Features include:

  • Electronic purchase orders for projects, change orders, and more
  • Price validation and verification of charges
  • Material tracking and management

Project Management

ProContractor One by Viewpoint® gives project managers the ability to bring in every project on schedule and within budget with easy-to-use tools whether in the office, on the road, or at a job site.

With centralized, critical, real-time information and job cost tracking tools, project managers can:

  • Save time and cut costs
  • Increase control and minimize risk
  • Maximize efficiency and productivity
  • Better execute projects for maximum profitability
  • Gain insight for confident decisions

Manage Project Documents:

Stop lugging around an out-of-date, paper-stuffed job binder. Easily create, track, organize, route, and manage project documents electronically and have a virtual binder that’s easily accessible by anyone on your team using ProContractor One by Viewpoint®.


  • Project Connect and Mobile Connect: Have timely project information at all times, whether in the office or in the field. Use ProContractor One by Viewpoint® and Mobile Connect to easily and conveniently access important data on an iPad mobile device, rather than lugging around bulky, out-of-date, and incomplete job folders. Proactively and profitably execute projects with data right at your fingertips.
  • Construction Project Management: a web-based project management solution that offers seamless capabilities for bidding, budgeting, scheduling, field reporting, documents, resources, cost control, and more.
  • Project Billing
  • Cost Tracking and Budgeting
  • Change Management
  • Subcontract Management
  • Lien Management
  • Equipment Management and Maintenance


Save time and improve accuracy while you minimize risk, potential liabilities, and financial penalties by automating timely compliance with Federal and state requirements for necessary business information involving employees and vendors.

  • Convenient tools help you comply with regulations for e-filing to government agencies to adhere to mandates
  • Easily create electronic files for Vendor 1099s, Employee Federal and State W2s, Federal 940 and 941 forms, State Quarterly Unemployment reporting, and New Hire reporting

Takeoff and Estimating

ProContractor One by Viewpoint® offers the fastest, most accurate, and easiest-to-use takeoff and estimating solution available. With robust and user-friendly features, you will be able to work with more efficiency, bid more jobs, win more work, and make more profit than you thought possible.

Fast and Accurate Takeoff:

Every profitable estimate starts with an accurate takeoff. By using ProContractor One by Viewpoint® to automate your takeoff process, you’ll save time and money:

  • Using a stylus pen to trace plans on a digitizer board, you can quickly generate accurate measurements and quantities for structural elements and sitework jobs
  • Perform a takeoff of electronic plans for fast and accurate digital takeoff and never touch a set of bulky, expensive blueprints

Complete Estimating:

ProContractor One by Viewpoint® streamlines the process of completing estimates and incorporating them into projects:

  • Estimating, bid day tools, and proposal writing are built-in so you enjoy quick bidding with familiar spreadsheet formats and easy-to-read bid views and reports
  • Takeoff data is pulled directly into the estimating process, helping you avoid the time and error of reentering information
  • Receive or generate Building Information Modeling (BIM) files and skip the takeoff process altogether by easily importing and automatically populating an estimate with cost items and quantities
  • Proposal creation
  • Bid Day management
  • Invitation to bid
  • Change orders
  • Robust reporting

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User Reviews of ProContractor One

Submitted on October 19th, 2022 by J. Bradley Simons

One of the biggest strengths of Viewpoint is that they will move mountains to help get something corrected or make improvements to the product. They really want to provide the highest level of customer service and we have pushed the system to its outer limits with our company structure and they have been patient and worked with us. They recognize our level of commitment to ProContractor and tenfold have paid it back to us.

Submitted on October 19th, 2022 by Tom Wilson

Having the entire package — integration of Estimating, Accounting, and Project Management in a single solution — was clearly so valuable. We’ve been able to set up fantastic business processes! We also received really good customer service right off the bat. We are able to make ProContractor fit the way we work; that right fit allows us to easily modify reports to be the way we want to see things.

Submitted on October 19th, 2022 by Christopher Elder

Our company has experienced significant growth in both our people and project size over the last five years and we expect this growth to continue. Prior to Viewpoint, we employed several different software programs to support our day-to-day operations. It was our goal to implement one solution to improve overall efficiency and to streamline processes across the company. Viewpoint’s strong reputation and excellent customer references helped support our decision to select ProContractor.

Submitted on September 22nd, 2020 by Anonymous

Everything takes to long, setup in horrible, it’s not designed for an estimator seems to be a better fit for an accountant.

The Good…

Take-off software

The Bad…

Estimating module, project management module, accounting module.

Submitted on November 24th, 2019 by Eduardo Somoza, MSCE,PE

Great software which integrates all main components of running my company

The Good…

Interface among estimating, accounting/financial, HR, and project management. The mobile module is a plus. All payroll is imported on the daily field reports. The customer service and support is awesome.

The Bad…

I would say there are some reports among hundreds of them that don’t provide the proper information. Specially the unit price reports. It has something to do with the way the data entry is done. The software might seem hard to understand at the beginning but actually is quite simple. Proper training is required.

Submitted on April 26th, 2019 by Jason Tiegen

extremely hard to get training now that clear view has taken acquired product line

The Good…

We like the digitizing software .

The Bad…

The estimating portion is not user friendly .

Submitted on October 24th, 2018 by John

Software in not user friendly and difficult to navigate. The take-off software does not compare to other take-off software such as Planswift The training that is offered is very trial and error-ish. I would not recommend this software.

The Good…

The only thing i like about the software was one aspect of the take-off software that multiple take-offs can be completed simultaneously.

The Bad…

Difficult to use. Noticed a few errors with the estimating side that have to be corrected by support.

Submitted on June 14th, 2018 by Anonymous

Not automated at all. It’s like putting paper on a computer. Too hard to use.

Submitted on February 27th, 2018 by Matt Melssen

I’m a preconstruction manager. Previous to ProContractor we were simply using Excel which does have it’s drawbacks. It’s tough to sort estimates, and Excel can have the tendency to make mistakes if you’re not dragging across the right cells. It led to us having to triple-check our work.

I had concerns about having one program to do it all (estimating and project management) but ProContractor has eased those concerns. It was a seamless transition, and the handoff went a lot better than expected.

I like the sorting features to sort my areas and alternates. Having the database built into it has been huge. We can capture historical costs a lot better and keep track of them and update them quickly, which is available for every estimator.