A full accounting software system designed by Sage for startups and small organizations. Formerly Master Builder.

About Sage 100 Contractor

Sage 100 Contractor is an integrated business management and accounting system for general and engineering contractors and subcontractors of all trades. The software includes estimating, scheduling, project management, equipment management, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger. Specialized billing modules are available for AIA, unitary, time and materials, progress, and service billing to meet the needs of many different types of contractors.

The comprehensive nature of Sage 100 Contractor eliminates the need for you to acquire, learn and link multiple software programs in order to achieve accurate project tracking and accounting. In addition, Sage 100 Contractor is one of the few Microsoft Windows compatible software programs designed for the construction industry with such a wide array of features and modules.

Sage 100 Contractor is sold on a per seat basis and includes the following modules: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Project Management, Scheduling, and Equipment Management. Add-on modules are sold separately and include: Estimating, Service Receivables, Inventory, and Document Control.

Key features include: purchase orders, subcontracts, change orders, job cost and reporting, construction-specific billing and customizable reports.

Product updates and upgrades are included as part of an annual product and program support.

Accounts Payable

An Accounts Payable system that is fully integrated with Purchase Orders, Subcontracts, Job Costing and Inventory, makes AP simple. When you enter a Purchase Order or subcontract number, your entire invoice entry can be completed in one step. The program will check over budget, contract, and POs automatically. Each line of the invoice will be verified to the purchase order when you save, preventing over-pricing or over-delivery of items without your approval.

By tracking expiration dates on Workers’ Compensation, liability and contractor licenses, the program can warn you before you pay subs who have not supplied you with current documentation. In addition, each subcontract can be tracked separately to prevent payment if there is a contract dispute.

Check writing options allow you to select a wide variety of check formats. You can choose to use multiple check stubs or special check reports to list all of the invoices paid. Partial payments and dual payees can be made on any invoice. The Payment Selection option lets you select which credits you wish to apply to a payment prior to running checks. You can even override discount dates to take discounts that have expired!

Aging reports can be run as of the end of any prior period to match financials even after the period has been closed. 1099 and other compliance reports are also included in the reporting options.


  • Vendor List
  • Vendor Insurance
  • Vendor Aging
  • Vendor Balances
  • 1099 Balances
  • Payable Invoice List
  • Payable Aging
  • Payable Cost Audit
  • Payable General Ledger Distribution
  • Payable Journal
  • Invoice Journal
  • Vendor Payments
  • Payable Ledger
  • Vendor Payment Journal
  • Workers’ Compensation Report
  • Job Report
  • Vendor Documents
  • Lien Waivers

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable system serves as a marketing, sales contact, and document management tool, as well as a means of managing receivable accounts. The client database contains sales information for tracking prospects from the first point of contact to the close of a contract and completion of a job. Client Document is used to create standard sales letters, notifications and other client related forms.

Invoices, statements, overdue reminders and other documents can be customized with the Form Design tools to fit any company needs. You can have as many different formats as you like.

Statements and other documents can contain full contract summaries and any other information that exists in the job or client databases. Call sheets and agings are available for efficient collection management and processing. Like the Accounts Payable section, aging reports can be produced as of the end of any prior fiscal period to match to financial reports for the same period.

Special billing add-on modules are available to complement Accounts Receivable: They are Progress Billing, Unitary Billing, Loan Draws and Time and Materials.


  • Receivable List
  • Receivable Liens
  • Receivable Contracts
  • Receivable Invoice List
  • Invoice Aging
  • Accounts Receivable Aging
  • Receivable Journal
  • Receivable Income
  • Cash Receipts
  • Receivable Ledger
  • Receivable Call Sheet
  • Call Sheet Aging
  • Client List
  • Client Documents
  • Job Documents
  • Overdue Reminders
  • Pre-Lien Notices
  • Sales Tax Report

Associate Program

The Associate Program was created more than 10 years ago to ensure excellent service, on-site training, and system guidance for our clients. Nationwide, Associates play a primary role in assisting you with all phases of software implementation, including:

Needs Analysis: Associates help you determine whether Sage 100 Contractor is their best software solution and which system modules are most suited to your needs. Whenever possible, Associates also help design implementation plans.

Staff Training: Basic training is included with the initial purchase price of the program. The training is either conducted on-site by an Associate or on-line via MentorPoint, our virtual-classroom software. Upon completion of basic training, Associates are available to train new personnel and conduct extended training on a fee-for-service basis.

Business Consulting: Associates are available to assist you with a variety of business planning and system issues on a fee-for-service basis. Many Associates have been pivotal to clients’ improved profitability through expert application of Sage 100 Contractor and personal supervision of finance and bookkeeping operations.


A budget serves two very important functions: to verify job costs as you enter them and act as the basis for cost comparisons. You can enter budgets manually, copy them from Excel spreadsheets, or export them from estimates created in Sage 100 Contractor. A variety of reports use the Budget such as the Work in Progress report, the Bonding report, and Job Status report, as well as other reports that compare costs by cost code, cost type, and totals. Budgets also can track labor hours for every cost code, making it easy to produce reports on productivity throughout the course of the job.

Because Change Orders enable you to modify a Budget without changing the initial figures, you can track a budget from the original amounts through the final contract

Certified Payroll

The Certified Reports will give you full credit for your qualified health or pension plan. They are available in a number of formats, including minority and special state reports. Employee time can be exempt while on the job, as in the case of an employee working in your shop to fabricate materials.

Change Orders

Now you can create a change order that affects your prime contract and any number of subcontracts or suppliers in only one step. The program will figure your overhead and profit independently on each line of the change order, using different markups for labor, material, equipment and subcontract work.

Each of the subcontract or supplier changes can be approved independently so that you can continue to negotiate the subcontract portion after the prime contract change has been approved.

Once change orders have been approved, all job cost reports reflect the change. The job status reports show which change orders are pending and which are approved, giving project managers the information they need.

The Job and Subcontract screens let you view both prime and subcontract audits, and from there all open and approved change orders. Change orders automatically increment the budget, contract, and subcontracts only after they are approved. You are protected from overbilling by subs and suppliers at every step.

There’s no need to buy pre-printed forms for change orders or other documents. With our built in Form Design option, you can create even the most complex change order format in minutes, including your logo and other graphics. With our exclusive Document Archiving feature, change orders can be permanently preserved when they are printed, giving you a complete history of your interaction with your clients, architects and engineers.


  • Change Order
  • Subcontract Change Order
  • (Prime) Change Order List
  • Change Order Aging
  • Subcontract Change List
  • Prime Contract Audit

Client Tracking

With the client database, you can use MB6 to manage sales leads from the first contact to the signing of the contract. In each client record, the program lets you assign a salesperson responsible for managing the client, and keep comprehensive notes about the client over the course of the sales process. Using the lead source list and the unique client reports, you can see how effective advertising and other promotions are functioning for generating leads and closing sales.

Determining when to place follow up calls is another important aspect of client relations. To streamline the follow up process, a salesperson can enter a callback date in the client record. Based on a callback date, a salesperson can quickly generate a list of clients to call for the next day or week, making the follow up process simple and efficient.

Once a contract or work order is issued, the client database becomes an important part of making repeat sales, renewing service contracts, and other selling opportunities.

Cost to Complete

In Cost to Complete reporting, you can get extremely accurate, up-to-the-minute analysis of the estimated costs, hours, or units necessary to complete a project. For each cost code, the percentage of costs, hours, or units that are completed is automatically determined using the budget, change orders, and costs, hours or units to date. Then you can input the actual cost, hours, or units complete by inputting your actual percent complete from a job site review. The cost to complete and the amounts over or under budget for each cost code are displayed.


  • Cost to Complete
  • Hours To Complete
  • Units To Complete

Daily Payroll

For processing large payrolls on a daily basis, there is an optional Daily Payroll module. It will accept entries in any order and will produce daily field reports and staffing reports prior to processing payroll into time cards. This option is also integrated with Equipment Management for entry of equipment repair time and equipment cost allocation to projects.

Electrical Database

Create Fast, Accurate Electrical Takeoffs Every Time

The Electrical Database Includes:

  • Over 4,600 New Construction Assemblies,
  • Over 2,500 Wire Assemblies,
  • Over 1,900 Conduit Assemblies,
  • Over 200 General Electrical Assemblies,
  • Over 33,000 Electrical Parts,
  • Over 1,900 Assembly Pictures,

Are you wasting time and money creating takeoffs one part at a time? Now you can do the same job with assemblies, which contain all of the parts, labor, equipment, and subcontractors needed to complete a task. You’ll never again forget fasteners, hangers, or any other parts needed for a job.

The Sage 100 Contractor Electrical Database provides the essential foundation for an easy to use assembly estimating system. With a few mouse clicks you can copy assemblies, adjust them for difficulty, or create new assemblies. Using our unique outline look up windows, locating parts and assemblies is fast and intuitive.

The Sage 100 Contractor will even select the lowest priced vendors as you create a takeoff. Once the takeoff is complete, you can automatically create purchase orders, budgets, proposals, and other documents.

With price updating from Trade Service, your database will always have current pricing, assuring you of accurate bids every time.

Construction Assemblies

The Sage 100 Contractor electrical database contains assemblies and parts for residential, commercial and light industrial construction. Labor is included in each assembly where it is easy to see the relationship of the worker’s time to the work produced.

Labor Rates

The assembly labor production rates provided are based on the Electra-Tech Estimator published by the Trade Service Corporation and are based on averages from electrical contractors nationwide. Using these rates as a guide, you can easily customize the database to match your company’s historical productivity without having to build new assemblies.

Types of Assemblies Included:

  • Cable Trays
  • Conduit fittings and Bodies
  • Branch and Feeder Conduit
  • Surface Raceway
  • Junction Boxes
  • Wiring Devices
  • Bus Duct
  • Outlets and Switches
  • Disconnects and Fuses
  • Services
  • Meter Sockets and Centers
  • Load Centers
  • Motor Hook-Ups
  • Equipment Hook-Ups
  • Interior Lighting Fixtures
  • Exterior Lighting Fixtures
  • Special Systems
  • Transformers
  • Branch Copper Wire
  • Feeder Copper Wire
  • Branch Aluminum Wire
  • Cords and Cable
  • Trapeze Hangers

Equipment Management

If you need to allocate your equipment costs to jobs, keep track of repair costs, earned income, or equipment maintenance, this is the module for you!

Calculating accurate cost recovery rates is simple when you use the Cost Recovery calculation form. Just fill in the ownership and operating costs-the software will then calculate the operated, idle and standby rates. Then you can enter equipment time while you are doing payroll, including repair of equipment by your employees and use of equipment to service other equipment.

Do you want to keep your costs up to date by tracking rental or hired equipment on jobs? Just set them up in the Equipment Management module and enter them on the Daily Payroll screen. You won’t be overbilled by the equipment supplier, and your job costs will be up-to-date at the end of every day.

When it comes time to make your lease or equipment payments, MB6 will create checks for you and automatically keep track of the remaining balance on your loans. The special locator function will even show you where the equipment was last used without having to run a report.


  • License List
  • Cost/Billing Rates
  • Payment List
  • Depreciation
  • Cost Recovery
  • Cost Journal
  • Shop Report
  • Management Report
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Equipment Documents
  • Equipment Journal
  • Equipment Ledger


With MB6, estimating is fast, accurate, and fully integrated into Scheduling, Project Management and Accounting. By combining the best features of databases and spreadsheets, MB6 has the easiest to use assembly estimating system on the market.

Features like global variables, formulas and templates will make your estimating process easier and more accurate every day. Use Windows functionality (such as cut, copy and paste) to import blocks of information from other estimates with just a few clicks of the mouse. All grids are Excel" keystroke compatible-you won’t have to learn a new interface if you have been using spreadsheets.

Once you complete your takeoff, the budget, proposal, requests for proposal, purchase orders and subcontracts are all easily generated. You can even fax them directly to your subs and suppliers without printing them out.

With the special data import feature, you can import a parts list, update prices directly from your suppliers, or use one of our free parts lists to get up and running immediately. Parts lists and price updates from Trade Service Corporation can be imported. The simple assembly options let you build new assemblies without ever leaving your takeoff.

Databases are available that will provide an extensive up-to-date foundation for a complete assembly estimating system. Assemblies can be copied, adjusted, or created from scratch with a few clicks of the mouse.

Don’t pay extra for a digitizer interface-it’s built right into the program! We support all of the major digitizer brands; no extra software is required.


  • Parts List
  • Takeoff Parts
  • Takeoff Recaps
  • Assembly List
  • Takeoff Assemblies
  • Takeoff Bid
  • Takeoff List
  • Takeoff Bid Requests
  • Vendor List

Financial Review

Would you like to see a graph of your overhead rate month by month? Or perhaps you’d like to see a graph of your profit for the year-to-date. Now you can with Financial Review, the only graphing tool available that will automatically show you trends and ratios for your company with a few clicks of the mouse.Among the many graphs available with this unique tool are Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, Gross Profit/Sales, Net Profit/Sales and Overhead to Direct Expense. On top of that, trend graphs are available for Cash, A/R, A/P, Sales, Gross Profit, Net Profit, Break Even and Working Capital.

All of these can be viewed or printed as line, bar, 3D bar or pie charts for the current fiscal year, 12 months or 12 rolling months.

Form Design

Form design allows you to change the look of any document to fit your needs. You can create an endless variety of new forms and documents for your business without having to learn other complex software. Form Design can be used to create business letters, mailing labels, proposals, invoices, change orders, contracts, custom check forms, and many other documents that you use every day. This will eliminate the need for expensive pre-printed forms.

Form Design will support a wide variety of page sizes as well as multiple forms on one page. A single form may be up to 100 pages of design, and can include text, graphics, and database fields. Form Design can even include the bank routing and MICR coding on checks so that you only need one set of blank check forms for all of your accounts.

General Ledger

The General Ledger forms the backbone of the MB6 accounting system, and receives information from all of the modules that affect the accounting process including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Inventory and Service Receivables. Entries can also be made directly into the General Ledger for cash checks, deposits, journal transactions and recurring transactions.

The General Ledger supports three, four and five digit controlling accounts and six digit subsidiary accounts, for a total of 11 digits. True subsidiary ledgers are maintained so that data entry is simplified, with look-up windows for each controlling account.

All 12 accounting periods for the year, as well as the 12th period of the prior year, are available for posting, and the Security option lets you limit changing of the period to certain users. Entries made to the prior year will automatically update the prior year archive ending balances.

In addition to the standard accounting reports, custom financials and multi-company financials can be printed at any time for any period. A bullet-proof audit trail exists throughout the Accounting and Job Cost system, complete with automatic auditing of all stored balances back to their original entries.

The easy to use Check Reconciliation option makes comparison to your bank statement a simple process for any number of checking or savings accounts.


  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Ledger
  • Ledger Summary
  • Journal
  • Journal Summary
  • Trial Balance
  • Check Register
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Department Income Statement
  • Subsidiary Ledger
  • Subsidiary Ledger Summary
  • Chart of Subsidiary Accounts
  • Subsidiary Account Balances
  • Financials
  • Statement of Cash Flow
  • Financial Documents


With inventory integrated into Estimating, Purchase Orders, Accounts Payable, Job Costing and Service Work Orders, keeping track of inventory items is easy. Whether you need to track inventory for one central warehouse or for a number of locations and service trucks, this software can handle it for you.

It can also manage non-stock and serialized items for all locations, bin numbers, MSDN, manufacturer identification and multiple vendors with different order numbers.

Truck restocking can be run from the work orders completed each day so that your warehouse staff can restock trucks at night when your service techs return to your warehouse.

To post inventory to contract jobs, set a hold on stock, or prepare a shipping tag, just use the Inventory Allocation screen. Here you can move inventory from one location to another, apply inventory to a job, reprice inventory, post shrinkage, or create finished goods inventory from stock. MB6 even gives you a template saving option so that you can save repetitive transactions for future use.

The resource reports from service work orders let you see which items will be needed in the future, making ordering easy. Because our estimating system is integrated into inventory, your estimators will always know if items are in stock and what your latest price is for any item.

Simplify stock control for Contract and Service work!


  • Inventory Allocation
  • Allocation List
  • Quantity On Hand
  • Value Report
  • Inventory Ledger
  • Inventory Summary
  • Inventory Journal
  • Materials Order Report
  • Stock Location Report

Job Cost

Job costing is integrated in every module; so it’s easy to keep your job cost information current and accurate. (Included in Job Cost are important budget and proposal options.) You can create a cost-code based budget for cost comparison and proposals for your clients.

Detail cost reports are built into the system to facilitate a review of problem areas for a project. Work in Progress and Bonding reports are useful tools when communicating with your accountant and bonding companies.


  • Job Status Report
  • Job Cost Journal
  • Labor Journal
  • Labor Totals
  • Job Cost Summary
  • Job Cost Totals Summary
  • Billing Summary
  • Phased Summary
  • Current Cost Summary
  • Job Cost Totals
  • Job Cost Phase Totals
  • Budget
  • Proposal
  • Bonding Reports

Loan Draw Billing

Loan Draw Billing is designed for home builders or speculative builders who must submit percentage of completion draw requests to construction project lenders.


As long as you can map a local drive in Windows to a directory on the network, Master Builder will be able to access a data directory on that drive. The speed of MB6 will depend on the hardware and network operating system selected, the size of the network and the workload of the various workstations on the network.


If you can print a test page on a network printer from Windows you will be able to print from Master Builder to that printer-just as if it was a local printer attached directly to the workstation.

Remote Access

Master Builder can be run remotely using one of the common remote access programs such as PCAnywhere, LapLink and RemoteControl. There is some loss in responsiveness, as there is with any database application in this environment. When multiple remote computers need to access the LAN we suggest you consider Citrix Corp. WinFrame software.

Plumbing Database

Create Fast, Accurate Takeoffs

  • Over 700 flat rate assemblies
  • Over 300 new construction assemblies
  • 45,000 plumbing and mechanical parts
  • Print your own flat rate service books
  • Optional price updates from Trade Service Corporation

Fast, Accurate Takeoffs Through Assembly Estimating

Assembly estimating is a swift, accurate alternative to creating takeoffs piece by piece. Are you sacrificing time and money by looking up individual parts? Now you can create takeoffs from up-to-date assemblies which contain all of the parts, labor, equipment and subcontractors needed for a particular unit of work.

The Sage 100 Contractor Plumbing Database provides the essential foundation for a smooth assembly estimating system. Assemblies can be copied, adjusted, or created from scratch with a few clicks of the mouse. You’ll never waste time locating parts or assemblies; the database will search by any field including part name, manufacturer, manufacturer’s order number and more. The software can even select the lowest priced vendors as you go along. Once the takeoff is complete, Purchase Orders are created automatically.

The Trade Service price updates will keep your parts prices current, assuring you of accurate bids. These prices will also keep your flat rate service book up-to-date and profitable, saving you the cost of having your price book reprinted every time prices change.

Construction Assemblies

Over 300 pre-built assemblies for new construction make plan takeoff of new work fast and precise. Adjusting labor productivity rates will make estimating even more accurate as time goes on. Once selected, assemblies can be altered to reflect job conditions by adding or deleting parts, adjusting labor rates, adding notes, and changing part quantities. The takeoff will maintain part pricing and can easily be updated to current prices.

Service Assemblies

Over 700 pre-built service assemblies make service billing simple. This unique system is the only software available that integrates a full service price book with billing, inventory, parts and assemblies. The software will even print truck restocking orders automatically.

Flat Rate Books

Now you can print your own flat rate books for technicians, customers, and billing using one assembly and parts system. Specific pages or entire books can be replaced as soon as prices change.

The flat rate billing features allow you to build travel, technician and assistant time into every assembly for accurate, profitable billing rates on every task.

Progress Billing

The Progress Billing option calculates and prints on the AIA G702 and G703 forms as well as a number of other progress billing formats. This option is used to create percentage of completion line item billing and supports variable rate retention, stored materials, and automatic updating from Change Orders and Job Costs.


After creating a takeoff or budget, The Master Builder can export it to automatically create a Proposal. Using a variety of custom-designed document formats, you can then print the Proposal, enabling you to produce the most professional and complete Proposal possible.

In Sage 100 Contractor, Proposals can take advantage of the unique built-in form design tool. With the form design tool, it is easy to build and customize a multi-page Proposal that includes a cover sheet, the contract, and itemized price sheets for specific job requirements, making The Master Builder software your best business partner.

Purchase Orders

With our complete Purchase Order module, your master POs will be created automatically from your estimate. As the job progresses, you simply indicate which items you want delivery on, and a new PO (created from the master) is ready to mail or fax directly from the computer.

You’ll have no trouble creating an extensive PO in seconds using the Part Lookup. Or you can use our exclusive copy function to copy part or all of an existing PO into your new order. Your POs will instantly update inventory re-order and committed cost reports without additional entries

When you receive an invoice from a supplier, all you will have to do is enter the PO number and the invoice will automatically fill itself in with the remaining balances and job costing information, making your data entry fast and accurate. Purchase order audit reports will alert you to over-charges on any line of the PO so that you won’t overpay, even for small items.


  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order List
  • Committed Cost Report
  • Committed Cost Totals
  • Purchase Order Audit
  • Purchase Order Totals
  • Purchase Order Invoice List
  • Purchase Order Materials List


The hundreds of standard reports in MB6 are beautifully designed and easy to read; most have a number of printing options with various levels of detail to give you just the information you need. These attractive documents will give your company the professional look it deserves.

Besides the standard reports included, our software supports custom reporting with a built-in, simplified report writer and an open database architecture for use with Crystal Reports, R&R Report Writer and other popular report software. Complete database documentation is built into the system to make it easy to create custom reports with other software.


Imagine automatically generating a call sheet which lists every subcontractor and supplier needed on your jobs, including their phone numbers, dates, schedules, and work descriptions. This is only one of the many things that TaskMaster Scheduling can do for you. It’s an easy-to-use CPM scheduling system that fully integrates with all your estimating, vendor, equipment and employee information.

In construction, the one certainty is that the schedule will change. We’ve made maintaining your schedule as easy as possible with a full graphic interface for every task. You can move tasks, stretch them, set exception days, and create predecessor relations without even pressing a key. The system maintains the original schedule and helps you document every change so that you can control your float and avoid liquidated damages. You can also create time constraints that will warn you when tasks are going to extend beyond your predefined limits

You can produce a Gantt chart for your sales presentation, and notices to subcontractors formatted for your window envelopes. Because Taskmaster is integrated with all other modules, assigning equipment, employees, vendors and subcontractors to tasks makes these reports easy.

You can save hundreds or thousands of dollars by using Sage 100 Contractor Scheduling!


  • Task List
  • Subcontract Notices
  • Job Wall Calendar
  • Resource Report
  • Subcontract Call Sheet
  • Gantt Chart
  • Original/Actual Schedule Report
  • Scheduled Cash Flow
  • Critical Path Report

Service Receivables

Service Receivables includes service dispatch, service contract, service route, on-call work orders, quotes, point of sale and billing of service work and materials. This option is integrated with the Inventory module for automatic decrementing of inventory from work orders. Service truck inventory can be easily maintained, with parts assigned to truck or warehouse inventory.

Service Dispatch is displayed in 15 minute, hourly or daily increments and color codes for each work order by its priority. Locating employees or client work orders is as simple as highlighting the desired portion of the dispatch window and clicking the List button to see all of the work orders

Service invoices support flat rate billing and dispatching with five levels of priority. Client equipment maintenance and extended employee schedules for longer projects are also included. Items can be billed individually or as part of an assembly. The flat rate billing options allow you to create and print your own price book for technicians to use. Billing assemblies use the same databases for parts and assemblies as for estimating, making it easy to keep your system updated for both purposes.

The service client file supports multiple locations for every client and multiple equipment at every location so that you can track what was done on any piece of your client’s equipment.


  • Client List
  • Service Aging
  • Client Record
  • Service Invoice List
  • Service Invoice Aging
  • Service Journal
  • Service Cash Receipts
  • Service Income Journal
  • Service Ledger
  • Service Call Sheet
  • Employee Report
  • Advertising Report
  • Resources Report
  • Value Report
  • Service Client Documents
  • Mailing Labels
  • Sales Tax Report
  • Overdue Reminders
  • Service Route Sheet
  • Service Price Book

SQL Report Query

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a common method used to extract information from databases.

The function of the SQL Queries module in MB6 is to make possible the creation of calculated fields for use in reports produced in MB6. These calculated fields (containing data which is not directly stored in MB6 files) can be placed in both Form Designs and Report Writer reports. The standard MB6 program includes over 200 SQL queries.

If you need the ability to create your own calculated fields then SQL Queries is the answer.


With the unique Subcontract Control module, you’ll never overpay on a subcontract again! Every contract is monitored for retention, approved and open change orders, expired workers’ compensation, and liability insurance during the entire job. Once your subcontracts are entered into the system, invoices can be created automatically from the subcontract and your Cost to Complete report will reflect the approved subcontracts.

Want to check on the status of a subcontract? Just locate it in the subcontract screen and click on the recap option to see a complete synopsis of activities on it. Another click instantly displays the list of changes or invoices against the contract. You never have to wonder where you stand with a subcontractor again.

You won’t need any more pre-printed subcontract forms once you import your contract into the unique Form Design tool. Complex subcontracts of up to 100 pages are easy with this option. You can even include the billing form you want your subs to use with the subcontract document to standardize their billing back to you.


  • Subcontracts
  • Subcontract List
  • Subcontract Audit
  • Subcontract Audit Summary

Time and Materials Billing

The Time and Materials billing option uses accrued job costs for a project as the basis for billing. A variety of formats and markup options are available for each job, to support different contract conditions. In addition to percentage markups, employees and equipment can be assigned job specific hourly rates for billing. Both shown and hidden markups can be assigned to each of the five cost types: material, labor, equipment, subcontract and other.


Customer Training Training on Sage 100 Contractor is very accessible and comprehensive. All systems are sold with a specific number of hours of initial training included. Additional training is available via live Online Internet classes, nationwide seminars, and the team of trained Associates.

New Customer Classes All customers receive certificates for Online Internet classes as part of the purchase price of Sage 100 Contractor program. Classes for new customers are held each week and include an overview of the system features. As a new customer, it is recommended that attend these classes to optimize the benefit of individual training that follows.

Individual Training All customers receive individual training that is tailored to their company’s needs. This training is provided one of two ways: at the customer’s site by one of the trained Associates or by telephone with a selected trainer. The number of hours of individual instruction is based on the size of the system purchased, with additional hours of training for more complex modules.

Online Internet Classes Over 75 one-hour live Online Internet classes are available. These classes are held on a revolving basis over 6 weeks and are taught by Master Trainers, a select group of Sage 100 Contractor Associates who are experts on the program. These classes include question and answer periods to address individual issues. By using a speaker phone, more than one staff person can take any class, in the comfort of your office!

Seminars and Workshops We offer traditional two day seminars and 3 day Hands-on Workshops.

Unitary Billing

The Unitary Billing option, (similar to the Progress Billing option) calculates and prints billings for unit-based contracts. A number of printing options exist for both portrait and landscape formats. Again, Form Design also lets you create your own formats.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Sage 100 Contractor

Submitted on December 16th, 2022 by Candy Paradis

Moving from Quickbooks to Sage has been an awesome experience. We have found the interface much easier to use and the overall set up has been amazing. Sage has walked us through every step of the process and though it hs been a lot of learning, they have assured that we have all the tools to get the answers we need. If I have any questions and need to call them, they are always available.

Submitted on May 6th, 2020 by Anonymous

Hard audit trail, but archaic platform and their support has gone way down in quality over the years.

The Good…

It’s a fairly easy system to use and implement

The Bad…

Single year payroll files and the technical support.

Submitted on January 14th, 2019 by Anonymous

I would rather use ANY other software besides Sage. It is horrible. I do not like one single thing about it.

The Good…


The Bad…

It is too crowded, too many steps to do a simple task. Too much everything.

Submitted on April 27th, 2018 by Polly

Too many clicks to do a simple entry. Going back to Quickbooks Contractor. So much easier to find history, entering data, payroll…everything about QB is so much better than Sage…Sage is a Horrible program…

The Good…

The best part is I dont have to use this program anymore.

The Bad…


Submitted on December 13th, 2017 by Kim

When you compare Sage 100 vs the others we evaluated, it had as many or more features for a comparative price.

The Good…

Still working through the pre-installation.

The Bad…

Nothing to date.

Submitted on December 12th, 2017 by Anonymous

I prefer Quickbooks. Things aren’t going smoothly with this program. It’s not a forgiving software. The way we were set up ended up in the consultants benefit as they had to customize everything to get it how we needed it (i.e. $$$). We are in Toronto and the consultant we were working with was in Minnesota, so overall not the best fit. From my perspective, no good qualities stood out. I prefer Quickbooks. We were requested to upgrade to an ERP and this was what we selected based on our review of options. The whole set up from start to finish was not very smooth and our provider did not give us an adequate consultant for the process. Things took a long time.

Submitted on December 11th, 2017 by Anonymous

I don’t like the way it handles the pay codes. It’s very ignorant. Software I helped design back in 1982 did it way better. Other than that, I like it pretty well. We are working in 5 different locals and our guys work at 2 or 3 different rates based on the work we are doing. I have had to set up 50 or 60 codes to use for the payroll. It’s too time consuming; you almost have to train someone to do it. That’s my opinion. All they have to do is tie the pay-rates that would be applying to that job, so when a job is set up, you can easily pull that info for payroll. I can not believe no one has done that with this program.

Submitted on November 29th, 2017 by Anonymous

Owner is always in contact with someone from Sage for issues. Take that as you will.

Submitted on November 29th, 2017 by Stacy

I hated it. It was way too complex to be honest. I am used to more basic Windows type stuff, and this was taking it back a few years (like software that was from 20 years ago). It was not so much of point and click… there was too much programming I had to do to make it work. I needed a load-and-go program, and not something that I needed to hire an individual to help get it up and running.

Submitted on November 29th, 2017 by Wendy

I love it. It does everything I need it to do. It job costs, it’s easy to work with. And I am very happy that we went with this system.

The Good…

Everything! I don’t want to say it’s easy to use, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to use. They have a form where you can go into Sage and give your input on things, like if you think something should be updated or fixed, you can put that input in and they will review it and see what could be fixed and what should be fixed.

The Bad…


Submitted on September 6th, 2017 by Kevin

We use it for straight accounting and job costing. No estimates or add-ons.

The Good…

I think it’s best feature is job costing and on-site management.

The Bad…

I haven’t had full use of the program (such as estimating) so I couldn’t say. Everything works great. Mostly with our situation, we have an operation in Mexico. So it’s hard to do international payroll. Not really the programs fault.

Submitted on September 6th, 2017 by Anonymous

It’s not the most user-friendly, had to invest a lot of time in training. That was a big pain in the butt. My controller uses it primarily for general accounting and estimating/job-costing.

The Good…

It gets the job done.

The Bad…

Not user-friendly and therefore it was a headache to finally have the program work smoothly for us.

Submitted on July 20th, 2017 by Anonymous

Sage 100 fits most of our needs and we are adapting to it. There is a big learning curve for reporting and form building, which we are working on.

The Good…

Ease of using some of the accompanying forms (which come with annoying pop-ups) for taxes and payroll.

The Bad…

First, this product was sold to us through a third party. We were assured by the salesperson all our concerns would be addressed in the unaltered package. Far from the truth. Our training person was slow in responding and had a terrible attitude. We will be purchasing additional training time to address the remainder of our issues, but will not use the same trainer.

Submitted on January 26th, 2015 by Anonymous

Sage 100 Contractor is user friendly and was a breeze to figure out. I have rarely had to call for support. I am the controller for a GC and I, as well as the project managers, have been very happy with this program.

The Good…

The ease in entering transactions.

The Bad…

There is not much to say here. I do think the self made reports could be a bit more user friendly.

Submitted on October 9th, 2014 by Cheryl

see #4

The Good…

There’s very little to like best. If I was forced to say something positive I will say the “best” thing about SAGE 100 was uninstalling it off our computers. This is a very long list. I will try and condense it. To start with you go through a 3rd Party vendor. SAGE doesn’t even participate in the sales portion!!! Instead they have misinformed 3rd party sales agents selling you the product. They sold us add-ons and “turn-key” solutions that they claimed would solve not only our Accounting needs, but also estimating, project management, and document control. Unfortunately these products fail miserably to achieve those goals. The support is a joke. We had multiple “conference” calls, meetings, etc. all charged to us of course. These solved very little and usually left us with more questions than answers. I could go on forever, but at the end if you are looking to SAGE run away very fast!!! . First and foremost know what you need. Don’t get caught up in all the bells and whistles they try and sell you on. Secondly make sure to have a full demo. Once you purchase the software any training or discoveries are on your dime not theirs. Before you actually buy the software ask for a 30-day trial. Any company not willing to offer you that must not feel confident about their product. Purchases like these are a huge deal for companies treat that decision with delicacy… don’t rush in!!!

. SAGE 100 is a bulky hard to use software program out of the box. It is designed for you to have problems so you have to call support for help (and of course get charged for it). Unless you are a SQL Database programmer this is not the program for you This product not only didn’t meet our needs, it hindered us. It set us back 6 months easily. By the time we had spent thousands of dollars setting it up we realized that everything that we had been told it would do would either require an upgraded version of the software or additional programming that we were not made aware of upfront. At the end it did accomplish basic accounting/payroll, but we had to implement various workarounds to even achieve that. Customer support is all over the place. SAGE offers what they call SAGE University. Unfortunately all the real helpful stuff is videos that you have to pay for. Just to get a manual I had to call a SAGE representative directly to email me one. Even then he said he wasn’t really supposed to do that. In addition any specialized support has to come from your 3rd party sales representative. Of course they charge you for every phone call, meeting, on-screen help sessions. In my opinion SAGE needs to own their support and include it in the initial purchase agreement. That way you aren’t getting billed for every little thing. It won’t solve their inferior product, but it would at least be a start in the right direction

The Bad…

Isee #4

Submitted on February 18th, 2014 by Allen

I found it to be user friendly and very easy to work with

The Good…

User friendly.

The Bad…

Nothing so far.

Submitted on January 30th, 2014 by Becky

We are a restoration company, not strictly builders and we work with insurance company’s and insurance claims and it would be nice to have some feature built into the software as far as the insurance company that we work with to see where the work comes from.

The Good…

It is user friendly. It is also similar to QuickBooks but a bit more complex than QuickBooks and has more functionality that an accountant would use and I am an accountant so I like that.

The Bad…


Submitted on January 30th, 2014 by Anonymous

Some of the features we would like it to have would be online banking.

The Good…

It has contract billings.

The Bad…

Inability to import banking transactions