A full construction ERP system by Trimble Construction One

Product Overview

Spectrum by Trimble Viewpoint is a cloud-based construction ERP suite designed to manage various aspects of construction projects. Its key features include accounting, operations, project management, employee onboarding, payroll, document management, materials, inventory, equipment tracking, service management, and dispatching. As part of the connected Trimble Construction One suite of solutions, Spectrum’s connected workflows allow users to effectively manage the entire construction process.

Spectrum software provides a comprehensive solution for construction projects by integrating different operational aspects into a single platform. And the intuitive web and mobile solutions make it possible for teams to work in the field.


  • Customizable dashboard
  • Encourages collaboration through real-time web access
  • One-click access to tasks relevant to specific users


  • Estimating modules not included in the base program
  • More expensive than similar systems

Target Market

Larger construction corporations with hundreds or thousands of employees, particularly those in need of a comprehensive construction management solution that integrates different functionalities.

About Spectrum

Spectrum Suite - Trimble Construction One

Realize the power of connected construction management functionality with a single-source of data truth. As part of the connected Trimble Construction One suite of solutions, Spectrum’s connected workflows allow you to effectively manage your entire construction process:

  • Complete construction accounting capabilities
  • Powerful operations and project management solutions
  • Streamlined HR management and payroll functionality
  • Leading-edge document management and collaboration tools
  • Intuitive web and mobile solutions to empower your teams in the field
  • Seamless materials, inventory and equipment management and tracking
  • Full-featured service management and dispatching capabilities
  • Dynamic reporting, analytics and business intelligence tools

Spectrum® is a complete, web-based construction ERP solution with leading-edge tools for accounting, project management, equipment and materials management, service management, document control, HR and payroll, inventory, reporting and much more.


Accounts Payable - Streamlines data entry and efficiently handles the normal accounts payable function of invoice entry and check printing. It is also designed as a cash management tool allowing the contractor to take discounts, retainage or holdback and analyze cash requirements. Controls costs by comparing invoices with quoted costs on subcontracts and purchase orders.

Accounts Receivable - Designed to address unique requirements for construction receivables management. The status of both customer accounts and contracts are easily available at all times and the financial condition of your business is always up-to-date and online.

Business Intelligence

Spectrum Business Intelligence (BI) is used to analyze and interpret data of your organization. Management is able to see detailed, current data on all aspects of the business – including financial data, production data and customer data. Users can analyze data, create interactive reports and build integrated dashboards to share information with others in your organization.

General Ledger - Multi-company and multi-level profit center reporting.

Cash Management - Providing contractors with Accurate management of cash. Tools to assist with reconciling bank and company credit card accounts. Cash Management also provides the ability to create and export a positive pay file to your banking institution.

Job Cost - Designed to give both accounting and operations managers timely, accurate information on the progress of jobs in formats that are useful to them, an extensive library of job cost reports and drill-down inquiries are provided. These reports and inquiries can be copied and modified, or new reports can be developed using the flexible Crystal Reports™ system.

Payroll - Provides all of the features of the regular Payroll module. Additionally, complete security for selected employee payroll and personnel records is ensured. Supports certified payroll and union reporting. No double entry work on the General Ledger or tax reporting is needed.

Fixed Assets - Designed to track assets and calculate depreciation amounts for financial reporting purposes. The Fixed Assets module greatly simplifies management of the depreciation of your company’s fixed assets. Monthly depreciation amounts are automatically posted to the correct General Ledger Asset Account, and to the equipment control system, if desired.

T&M Billing - An easy method of calculating and preparing T&M invoices and billing details for all your jobs. Users can define markups by cost type or job total, and all line items can be modified even after a bill has been created.

Multi-Currency Processing - Allows organizations to process and manage transactions and track financial data in different currencies. This module allows for the setup and ongoing maintenance of currency codes and exchange rates.

Order Processing - Provides a complete operation for order entry, picking, confirmation and invoicing of customer sales for both future delivery and over the counter sales. It improves efficiency, decreases processing time, lowers administrative costs and reduces invoice lag time — which may improve cash flow.

Job Compliance Tracking - A powerful tool that helps manage the various levels of compliance items and other tasks related to your projects — all in one place. These include insurance certificates, owner liens, subcontractor liens, material liens, certified payroll reports, credit check documents, inspections, and other compliance tracking documentation. Alerts and automatic workflows ensure that compliance documents are always up to date, and that the work being done on your projects is being done in full compliance of laws, regulations and agreements.

Workflow - Spectrum Workflow allows users to define and enforce specific rules and tasks within Spectrum, creating automated, simple, streamlined processes for their organization. Workflow is fully-integrated into Spectrum and allows users to see all the steps currently assigned to them. They can quickly approve, reject, or mark each step that has been completed. The full history of each transaction processed through Workflow is always available.

Data Exchange - A secure, quick and easy way to transfer data in and out of Spectrum. Using Spectrum Web Services, SDX provides templates, tools and a Microsoft Office Add-In for Spectrum to help you import data directly from Microsoft Excel®.

Info-Link - A powerful tool that allows you to access all your Spectrum data using familiar programs such as Excel, Access, Word and Crystal Reports. With Info-link, you can utilize your Spectrum data to create reports, queries, spreadsheets and graphs.


HR Management Integration - The Viewpoint HR Management module allows you to extend your Trimble Construction One ERP investment to your employees seamlessly — no matter where they are working.

Viewpoint HR Management i

  • Employee Onboarding - Fast and flexible onboarding to meet seasonal and project hiring needs. Allow new hires to follow a simplified set of forms and tasks to speed up on boarding time, form a mobile device. Capture your I-9 Federal eligibility forms on the web. Meet local, state and union requirements by uploading fillable PDFs.
  • Employee Kiosk - Employees can self-serve pay stubs, 1095-Cs, & W2s and T-4s. Employees can also enter their personal time.
  • Employee Self-Service - Allow employees to directly update their personal contact information, emergency contact info into Spectrum records to cut down on manual administrative effort. Allow employees to view W-2s from their mobile device.

Human Resources - Use the Human Resources module to automate the process of employee management. The module’s flexibility allows you to tailor employee record keeping to suit your unique needs so that you can perform any or all of the following tasks: Record, regulate, and maintain employee files. Set up new employees, document employee reviews, perform salary adjustments, and track applicants; store drug testing results, track OSHA and safety requirements, perform skills and certification reporting; set up employee benefits, and track vacation, holiday, and sick accruals; and create software triggers to automate specific actions such as warnings, email notifications, and updates to data fields.


Project Setup - Spectrum’s Project Setup module can be used as a link between your estimating program and Spectrum. Project Setup provides a fully automated method of transferring estimates to Job Cost, where job detail is automatically created. The job is set up in Job Cost, subcontracts are set up in Accounts Payable/Subcontract Management, and the contract is set up in Accounts Receivable. Manual re-entry of estimates is eliminated! Time is saved and accuracy is improved.

Purchase Orders - A complete control system for material purchases for jobs and inventory. Purchases for a job update the committed cost for the job as soon as the purchase order is entered.

Subcontracts - Manage the complete process from subcontract “buy-out” and setup to final release of retainage.

Cost Projections - Project Managers can supply figures for completion of each phase. This information is then used to track job costing during the project, and to compare estimated cost with projected cost at completion.

Change Orders - Manage changes in scope that affect the original contract amount, the timeline needs to be extended due to an unexpected delay, or other change to a project.

Equipment Control - Enables equipment to be charged to jobs and provides profit reporting for each piece of equipment. It tracks all costs associated with individual pieces of equipment. All revenue generated through the use, or rental to outside parties, of each piece of equipment is recorded and allocated. In addition, attachments and components are tracked, along with all compliance documents, tires and miscellaneous statistics.

Equipment Tracking - Track and charge your company equipment, tools and consumables to jobs. A single, easy-to-use screen allows shop personnel to track all movements of your equipment such as issues and returns. To make the process even easier, Spectrum supports barcode scanning for these transactions. Equipment Tracking ensures that equipment never gets “lost.” (Requires Equipment Control).

Resource Scheduling - Track and manage all the equipment and people that are part of every job. Assign equipment and personnel to job sites on a day-to-day basis. Once scheduled, employees receive an email letting them know when and where they will be working. (Requires Equipment Control).

Starting Price
$10,000 (perpetual license)
Price Range Learn More
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Spectrum

Submitted on May 12th, 2023 by Paula Ralston

We looked at Spectrum from Trimble when we were reviewing a new Construction Accounting and Management program. From our demo I believe it was a good system but they were missing some features we needed.

I think they did not have an estimating module included which was a feature we wanted for our all-in-one system

The Good…


The Bad…

Did not have the estimating module included for their base program.

Submitted on May 11th, 2023 by Joshua Will

We were switching off of using Sage 300 and SmartSheets becasue we wanted something all-in-one. When we found Spectrum by Trimble, we were really impressed in their complete system.

Instead of having 2 different systems for our installs and service side we have everything in one place. This really lets us become paperless and was just what we were looking for.

The Good…

Truly all-in-one system

Handles all aspects of the business.

The Bad…

Nothing as of yet

Submitted on March 24th, 2023 by Anonymous

We used Spectrum at a previous company but when looking for our business we felt it was a bit too expensive for our needs. Spectrum has alot of great features and we were comfortable with it but ulitmately it came down to us finding another program that was more affordable.

The Good…

Streamlined system with solid features

The Bad…

A bit more expensive than some other systems

Submitted on March 10th, 2023 by Anonymous

We were just looking to replace our Sage 300 program for accounting but when we found Spectrum we ended up replacing both Sage and our Procore system.

While we have not finished implementation, we feel Spectrum was the most well rounded program that we looked at. It was able to handle our construction management and our finances.

Other systems had some of the features we wanted but Spectrum had them all.

The Good…

Had all the features we needed

Well rounded.

Ability to handle lean tracking while some other systems didn’t

The Bad…

Nothing negative yet. Still implementing.

Submitted on October 19th, 2022 by Rob Johns

When we looked at Spectrum, we were extremely impressed at the full-suite of job cost accounting, with support for both progress and time and materials billing. Time and materials billing was particularly of interest to us as it is a huge part of the work we do at Helmkamp.

Submitted on October 19th, 2022 by John Friedel

I really like what the Spectrum system allows us to see and understand with our equipment — how much it costs us to keep a piece of equipment, operating costs versus non-operating costs, cost of ownership, etc. What is really important to me is, are we capturing the costs on that piece of equipment back to the jobs? That is something we couldn’t realize before and that’s where Spectrum really helps us.

Submitted on October 19th, 2022 by Colleen Ward

Spectrum really allows us to work smarter. The ability to drill into information and get down to the details from the 30,000-foot view on the job overview all the way down to an image of the invoice that was entered is invaluable to us.

We are able to create any report that we want, get the data out of Spectrum without any problems. Spectrum really opened up the collaboration between our office and our field and got rid of our siloes. There’s no more double entry of change requests and committed costs.

Submitted on March 30th, 2022 by Anonymous

Construction Software.

The Good…

Robust software. works for larger companies with construction and service.

The Bad…

Viewpoint purchased this software because it competes with Vista which Viewpoint owns. Purchased again by Trimble. Customer service for either Spectrum of Viewpoint is now absolute trash. Stay away from any Trimble products. They want to own it but now support it.

Submitted on December 26th, 2016 by Louis

Very difficult as there was no team to assist in implementation. We used Sage 300 and access to consultants are more accessible.

The Good…

Difficult conversion from Sage 300. Abandoned the program.

The Bad…

Lack of full disclosures.

Submitted on February 19th, 2014 by Anonymous

I am very happy with the program, it is great and everything works great on it.