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Municipal Finance Software

A web-based software system designed by Bellamy Software for government & public administration companies.
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Full-featured enterprise accounting software is necessary to process receipts, payments, and payroll and to fulfill internal and external reporting responsibilities.

The Bellamy Software Municipal Financial Suite comprises the following:

  • Core Financial System - with:
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Purchasing - with full GL Encumbrance
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Fixed Assets
  • General Ledger
  • Cash Receipting
  • Direct Depositing
  • Online Banking
  • Budget Management
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Security
  • Menu Management
  • Name & Address Management

Accounts Payable

Bellamy’s Accounts Payable application provides transaction entry of payables information, disbursement processing, cash outflow management, and analysis of spending patterns by supplier.

The Accounts Payable system is fully integrated with other Bellamy software applications to provide a completely automated Accounts Payable Solution.

System Highlights

  • View transactions in Accounts payable inquiry or General Ledger Inquiry
  • View ending Transaction Work in current and future periods
  • Purge transaction history and vendor master information
  • Process refund from revenue applications
  • Cancel invoices and/or cheques
  • Online vendor account information
  • Calculates Taxes
  • Transaction and tax calculation
  • Processing for Permanent and temporary vendors
  • Cheque and voucher printing Notes capability Custom form capability User-defined payment terms
  • Cheque Reconciliation
  • Invoice and Cheque cancellation
  • User defined account distribution for recurring invoices
  • Variety of reports

System Details

  • User defined features – vendor group, payment terms and more.
  • Automatic posting to General Ledger – automatically post all financial transactions to the General Ledger in detail or summary.
  • Transaction Entry – ability to enter regular invoices, direct debits, manual cheques and quick payment invoices. Allows modification prior to update.
  • Payment Procession – ability to select invoices for payment based on due date, vendor group, or by vendor also includes the ability to remove an invoice from the selection.
  • Partial Payment – ability to approve partial or full payment of an invoice
  • Purge Procedures – ability to purge transaction history and master information based on user-defined selections
  • Inquiries – includes multiple vendor views, transaction history, and payment history
  • Detailed Online Inquiry – view current vendor and account information using online inquiries
  • Refunds – process refunds on demand from Accounts Receivable, Tax Billing & Collections, and Utility Billing subsystems.
  • Comprehensive Reports – aging, sub ledger (in detail or summary), vendor list and labels, and vendor analysis reports.
  • Security – customize all menus to include only those options required by each user

Accounts Receivable

Bellamy’s Accounts Receivable application offers a flexible billing, processing and record-keeping system for customer accounts. It automates the processing of customer transactions and account adjustments wile maintaining all billing and account information online.

The Accounts Receivable system is fully integrated with other Bellamy software applications to provide a completely automated Accounts Receivable solution.

System Highlights

  • Processes customer transactions for billing and account adjustments
  • Calculates taxes and penalties
  • Prints invoices and statements
  • Generates a variety of reports
  • View transactions in Accounts Receivable inquiry or General Ledger inquiry
  • View pending transactions before update
  • Print customer mailing labels
  • Purge transaction history and customer master information
  • Online customer billing and account information
  • Unlimited charges per customer
  • Credit information
  • Notes capability
  • Custom form capability
  • User-defined penalty options
  • Invoice cancellation
  • Multiple distributions per invoice
  • Specialized invoices for Business License, Oil Well Drilling, Paramedics, Road Allowance, and Business Revitalization

System Details

  • User-defined features – customer group, service codes, and other information
  • Flexible Charge Entry and Maintenance – enter and maintain charges for specific customers
  • Automatic Charge Generation – business licenses, utility services, and business revitalization
  • Penalty Calculation – set up penalties to calculate when payments are delinquent
  • Refunds – refund overpayments by selecting specific accounts or processing in batch for specific customers
  • Write-offs – write off uncollectible debts with user-defined selections
  • Print Statements – print copies of statements based on user-defined selections
  • Account Adjustments – create debit or credit adjustments for a customer account
  • Account Transfers – transfer charges, payments, or adjustments from one account to another
  • Prepayment – ability to record payment on account
  • Automatic Posting to General ledger – post all financial transactions to the General ledger in detail or summary
  • Purge Procedures – ability to purge transaction history and master information based on user-defined selections
  • Comprehensive Reports – aging, sub ledger (in detail or summary), penalties listing, customer lists and labels
  • Inquiries – multiple customer views, transaction history, payment history, and credit information
  • Detailed Online Inquiry – view current customer and account information using online inquiries
  • Security – customize all menus to include only those options required by each user

Cash Receipts

Bellamy Software’s Cash Receipts application offers accurate control over all payment and deposit transactions. Cash Receipts works independently or with other Bellamy software applications as centralized cash receiving system. When payments are posted, Cash Receipts distributes the payment information to the appropriate sub-ledgers and the General Ledger. Transactions are stored online, offering immediate inquiry and reporting capabilities.

System Highlights

  • Provides Centralized Collections
  • Tracks All Entered Payments, Including Voided Receipts
  • Generates Daily Deposit and Cash Drawer Balancing Reports
  • Calculate Taxes
  • Prints Receipts
  • Generates a Variety of Reports
  • Process Post-Dated Checks
  • View Transactions in Cash Receipts Inquiry or General Ledger Inquiry
  • View Pending Transactions
  • Online Payment Information
  • User-Defined Receipts Codes
  • Notes Capability
  • Custom Form Capability

System Details

  • Centralized Cash Collection – collect all methods of payment at a single location.
  • Flexible Payment Entry – enter one or more transactions per receipt and accept multiple methods of payments.
  • Multiple Copies of Receipts – print multiple copies of receipts on demand. Also, reprint receipts on demand, even after the payments is posted.
  • Customer Information Access – allow inquires into customer accounts during payment entry, automatically retrieve current balance information, and display pending transactions for customer accounts.
  • User-Defined Payment Types – identify different types of payments received, control payment entry fields displayed, and determine the applications for payment posting.
  • Cash Drawer Balancing – print a detailed cash reconciliation edit listing to balance daily receipts.
  • Online Verifications of All Information – verify information during payment entry, including account information, batch dates, and payment accounts.
  • Bar Code Readers and Scanners – input bill and payment information quickly and easily. (Requires additional hardware and software)
  • Revenue Distribution – generate, print, and post journal entries to the General Ledger when payments are posted.
  • Online Payment History – store all payments detail online until purged by user.
  • Audit Trail – assign a receipt number to every transaction, even voided payments, and store the receipt numbers, permanently in payment history.
  • User-Detailed Information – tailor information and processes.
  • Tender Methods – track methods of payment by batch.
  • Purge Procedure – purge transaction history based on user-defined criteria.
  • Rapid Information Access – provide an immediate interface to other Bellamy software applications to display customer accounts.
  • Payment Comments – allow entry of one line of payment comments for each transaction and an unlimited number of free-from text lines for each receipt.
  • Automatic Posting to General Ledger – post all financial transaction and an unlimited number of free-form text lines for each receipt.
  • Detailed Reporting – generate payment history reports on demand and automatically generate audit trail reports when transactions are processed.
  • Comprehensive Reports – receipt edit list, bank deposit list, receipt code summary, and subsystem reporting.
  • Inquiries – receipt detail by receipt number, date, or name; full detail of accounts paid with reprint capability.
  • Security – customize all menus to include only those options required by each user.


Bellamy’s Debenture system allows the user to track their debentures and includes an amortization schedule. The Debenture application is not presently interfaced to any other application.

Fixed Assets

Account for and track your physical assets

The system provides full transaction accounting of fixed assets including additions, depreciation calculation and disposals. The Fixed Assets system is fully integrated with other Bellamy software applications to provide a completely automated asset tracking solution.

System Highlights

  • Eliminates redundant data entry by automating the acquisition of fixed assets
  • Increases accounting control by providing detailed bookkeeping
  • Reduces time spent calculating depreciation by automating the calculation process
  • Provides easy access to asset information
  • Notes capability

System Details

  • Rapid Information Retrieval – retrieve asset records for inquiry and maintenance by multiple methods
  • Fixed Asset Purchases – update purchase information from Accounts Payable
  • User-Defined Information – set up custom codes for managing asset information
  • Detailed Online Inquiry – view asset master information using a variety of selections, with the option to print
  • Asset Reporting – generate asset reports, including listings by location and category
  • Equipment Warranties – track warranty information for each piece of equipment
  • Depreciation – set up depreciation rates, calculates depreciation, and create an entry to update the General Ledger
  • Insurance Information – track insurance information, such as insurance company, policy number, and policy details. Validate premiums against insurance policy. Produce reports containing insurance information on demand
  • Security – all menus can be customized to include only those options required by each user

General Ledger

Bellamy’s General Ledger application offers an integrated set of financial applications as a single package. These include the General Ledger, Budgeting System, and Financial Reporting System modules. The General Ledger software application provides all the necessary functions for the accumulation, inquiry, and reporting of financial information.

The Bellamy General Ledger application provides user-defined account codes and automated fund accounting. Financial information includes accounting data accumulated from transactions originating from manual journal entries or from integrated subsystems.

System Highlights

  • View Unapplied Transactions
  • Purge Transaction History on Demand
  • Post to Current Fiscal Years Simultaneously
  • Post Transactions in Current and Future Periods
  • User-Defined Account Number
  • Automated Fund Accounting
  • Notes Capability
  • Unlimited Storage of Historical Data in Detail or Summary Format
  • Comprehensive Inquiries
  • Year-End Processing
  • Helps Control Expenditures through use of * Encumbrance Accounting
  • Expedites Transaction Entry
  • Enhances Budgetary and Accounting Controls
  • Provides Extensive Reports on demand

System Details

  • Multiple Accounting Periods – update daily activity to current and future periods
  • Online Account Data – search for an account using all or part of its number and view all posted information
  • Encumbrance Liquidation – automatically reduce encumbrances when Accounts Payable transactions are posted to the General Ledger
  • User-Defined Features – accounting year, constants, and other information
  • Online Budgetary Inquiry – view account status, actual balance, and monthly budget comparisons
  • Detailed Online Inquiry – view current financial account information using online inquires, with the ability to view multiple years, actual, and budget detail
  • Account Adjustments – create debit or credit adjustments and correct subledger, as well as control accounts in the General Ledger
  • Purge Procedures – ability to purge transaction history in detailed or summary based on user-defined selection
  • Comprehensive Reports – account transaction reports, master listing, audit reports, and user-defined financial reports
  • Security – customize all menus to include only those options required by each user

Human Resources

Gain flexibility and control of your Human Resources information

This application is very flexible in that the user has the ability to define most of the codes used to store the employee information. The user can also define fields for storing information that is unique to their organization.


Information stored in the HR System can be very sensitive in nature. Security is available to allow the client to define which user is allowed to view, report and edit HR information.

Recording employee information is the key element in any HR department. The HR System was designed to store most of this information including:

  • Employee Training/Education/Skills
  • Certificates
  • Contracts
  • Tasks
  • Evaluations
  • Leave of Absences (Employees on leave and employees replacing those employees)
  • Additional Information - User Defined

Since each organization has different requirements for tracking employee information, the HR system allows the user to further define what is to be stored.

  • Reporting includes:
  • Numerous HR Master Reports
  • Employee Age Report
  • FTE Comparison Report
  • Many others


Take control of your payroll accounting and employee records

You can tailor Payroll functions to your organization by following your business rules to define codes for all earnings and deductions and other system constants. All information is maintained on-line, providing comprehensive real time inquiry and reporting capabilities.

The system is fully integrated with other Bellamy software applications an offers many advanced time-saving features:

  • On-Line Processing
  • Daily Time Entry
  • Maintains ongoing stats, and accruals for:
    • full time,
    • part time,
    • seasonal,
    • casual,
    • temporary,
    • leave of absence
  • Bank account splitting
  • LAPP Deduction processing
  • Electronic Canada Savings Bond deductions
  • Easy automatic Retroactive Pay Calculations
  • T4 and T4A including Electronic Filing
  • Record of Employment and Electronic filing
  • Workers Compensation Board Reports
  • Cafeteria Plan Deductions
  • vDeductions for Insurance, medical, dental plans
  • User-definable deductions for social club, employee purchase plans etc.
  • Maintain unlimited payroll positions, grids per position, other grids, locations
  • Auto-updates for annual or Seniority or performance based grid increments
  • Optional specialist pieces for bus drivers
  • Optional Substitute teacher management pieces
  • Flexible Employee work-related Expense processing
  • Affiliations & dues management
  • Allowances management
  • Manages accruals and scheduled or ad-hoc payout of vacation pay


Bellamy Software’s Purchasing application offers a wide range of functions to automate a centralized purchasing department or decentralize purchasing to the departmental level. The Purchasing system is fully integrated with other Bellamy applications to provide a completely automated purchasing solution.

System Highlights

  • Online Purchase Order Information
  • Calculates Taxes
  • Prints Purchase Orders
  • View Unapplied Transactions
  • Ability to Encumber the General Ledger when Purchase Order is Applied
  • Notes Capability

System Details

  • Automated Purchasing Operations – create purchase orders, receive goods and services
  • Encumber Purchase Orders – select whether purchase order is to be encumbered and in which year
  • Manual Purchase Orders – enter purchase orders that were issued manually or quoted over the phone
  • Receiving – ability to enter packing slip upon receipt and use it for validation when invoice is processed
  • Purchase Order Format – use preprinted forms or blank paper
  • Expenditure Account Security – limit a requester’s access to specific expenditure accounts for use purchase orders
  • Comprehensive Reports – includes ordering and receiving edits
  • Inquiries – includes multiple purchase order views, in detail or summary
  • Detailed Online Inquiry – view purchase order information
  • Interface to other Bellamy Applications – the use of default set-ups in Bellamy’s Accounts Payable, Project Costing, Inventory, and Work Orders applications reduces data entry
  • Security – determine security by user, including authority levels for purchase order access. Customize all menus to include only those options required by each user

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