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Municipal Services Software

A web-based multi-module management system designed by Bellamy Software for government & public administration companies.
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Local Governments provide an increasing array of services to their citizens

Bellamy Software helps municipalities automate the administration and account for the delivery of these functions:

  • Municipal Taxes
  • Land Management (used by Tax and Utilities systems)
  • Name & Address Management (used by all systems)
  • Utilities Billing
  • Business Licensing
  • Animal License
  • Bylaw enforcement
  • Cemetery services management

Animal License

Bellamy’s Animal License application provides the functions necessary to maintain animal license information, including:

  • License issuance
  • Reminder notices
  • Vaccinations
  • Payment processing

System Highlights

  • Facilitates entry and retrieval of animal license records
  • Rate schedule based on male/female or altered/not altered.
  • Online license information
  • Linked to Property Master
  • Notes Capability

System Details

  • User-defined features – breeds, color, vaccinations, rate tables
  • Integrated with Bellamy’s Cash Receipts – automate your license payment processing
  • Comprehensive Reports – Animal license and table listings
  • Inquiries – License views and payment history
  • Security – customize all menus to include only those options required by each user

Business License

Bellamy’s Business Licenses software application automates your business licensing and renewal processing

The system helps ensure that all phases of license issuance, renewal processing, and payment processing are handled in a timely manner. Business Licenses is a flexible application that you can tailor to meet your specific licensing needs.

System Highlights

  • Conforms to your fee schedule by providing flexible fee calculations
  • Facilitates entry and retrieval by business and license records by allowing quick access to license information
  • Increases flexibility of the license renewal process by allowing multiple licensing periods
  • Provides forms that can be adapted to fit your renewal notice and license printing formats
  • Purge master and historical information

System Details

  • Fee Calculations – calculate fees using a base fee plus additional charges
  • Invoicing – using Bellamy’s Accounts Receivable application
  • Penalty Calculations – calculate penalties to assess against licenses
  • Partial-year fee calculations – calculate partial-year fees
  • Numerous Search Methods – retrieve information about business licenses or license records using a variety of search methods. Business Licenses maintains your search criteria until you change it
  • License Classifications – establish license classifications that define our business licensing processes
  • Flexible License and Renewal Notice Printing – generate renewal notices and licenses
  • Lists and Reports – Business class, SIC codes, Annual Renewal and more
  • Inquiry – Ability to search for license information by a variety of criteria
  • Integration with Bellamy’s financial applications – use Business Licenses with Cash Receipting to automate your license payment processing. Use it with the accounting software to automatically update license revenues to the proper General Ledger accounts.

Bylaw Enforcement

Bellamy Bylaw application enables you to enter, maintain, and track all types of citations. All tickets are maintained on-line, offering in-depth inquiry and reporting capabilities.

Cemetery Management

Bellamy Cemetery application provides the functions necessary to maintain your cemetery registry information.

The system includes user defines tables for capturing and reporting on:

  • Multiple cemeteries
  • Sections within cemeteries
  • Individual and Family Plots
  • Maintenance services
  • Fees Levied

Land Management

Bellamy’s Land & Parcel Management is a centralized database of address and parcel information

All of Bellamy’s land-based software application access property information contained in Land/Parcel Management’s location records. Sharing this data eliminates the need to store duplicate information in individual applications, ensuring higher levels of accuracy and consistency.

System Highlights

  • Saves time and eliminates redundant data entry by centralizing storage of location information
  • Prevents data entry errors by maintaining consistent address information using a street dictionary
  • Facilitates property research by tracking the history of related party and address changes for a piece of property
  • Speeds up information entry because you can add and change information quickly for multiple locations, and you can select the types of information you want to work with each time you add or update location information
  • Allows easy access to all amounts due for a specific location by providing all balances due, listed by software application to which they apply, on one screen
  • Provides a common access point for a geographical information system (GIS)

System Details

  • Land Key – define and format the parcel identification number that represents the physical location of the property
  • Alternate identification number – determine the type of information stored as the alternative identification key field
  • Balance due information – view all amounts due for a specific location
  • Legal property descriptions – use an unlimited number of free-form text lines for legal property descriptions
  • Property valuations – store properly valuations and exemptions for an unlimited number of years
  • Unlimited miscellaneous information – maintain an unlimited number of free-form lines of notes, comments, and other miscellaneous information for addresses, parcels, and subdivisions
  • Related party information – store multiple related party codes that you define to identify people or organizations related to a location or a parcel
  • Address history – track changes over time to addresses and parcel Ids
  • User-defined information – customize stored data, such as property use, zone, and subdivision codes to your specifications. Set up an unlimited number of fields to store additional location information
  • Street dictionary – set up a dictionary of all valid street names and number ranges for your area, and use the street dictionary to verify location addresses.
  • Zip codes file – retrieve city and state information by merely entering zip codes
  • Street and location aliases – set up and view information by nicknames or commonly used terms for street names or locations
  • Location selection – retrieve location information using a variety of methods
  • Mass change of location information – quickly change street address and other information for multiple locations using the mass change feature. Print a detailed report of all changes made
  • Mass location addition – add groups of locations that have similar characteristics, such as a new street in a subdivision
  • Maintenance paths – determine the types of address and parcel information you want to work with whenever you add or change location information
  • Parcel processing – process parcel splits and combines, copying existing parcel information to new parcels
  • Automated journal management – journalize all changes to location information. Determine the length of time to keep the history of changes
  • Printed location information – print a list of all information set up for a specific location
  • Location liens – assign liens to locations for informational purposes, maintain lien information, and view lien information assigned in other Bellamy land-based software applications

Municipal Taxes

Bellamy’s Tax Billing & Collections application provides flexible billing and collections functions for taxing entities.

You can calculate property taxes, collect revenues, and adjust bills for land, residential improvements, and non-residential improvements. The Tax Billing & Collections system is fully integrated with other Bellamy software applications to provide a completely automated Tax Billing & Collections solution.

System Highlights

  • Calculates tax charges, supplementary tax charges, penalties, interest, and miscellaneous charges
  • Prints Assessment Notices, Tax Notices, statements, tax notification letters, tax arrears letters, official tax rolls, and labels
  • Stores three years of property valuations
  • Reflects tax payments immediately
  • View unapplied transactions
  • Online tax roll information
  • Notes capability
  • User-defined penalty options
  • Billing capability through Accounts Receivable for Tax certificates and property searches

System Details

  • User-defined features – tax codes, assessment codes, local improvement codes, and other information
  • Flexible Tax Account Selection – use a variety of account information to retrieve tax accounts, including owner name, street address, and others
  • Property Valuations – set up an unlimited number of codes and combinations for tracking property values to meet billing needs
  • Yearly and Supplemental Tax Calculations – calculate property taxes for single or multiple billing periods for yearly and supplemental billings
  • Penalty Calculation – user-defined with multiple calculation methods
  • Refunds – refund overpayments by selecting specific accounts or processing in batch for specific customers
  • Inquiries – multiple customer views, transaction history, payment history, and credit information
  • Detail Online Inquiry – view current customer and account information using online inquiries, based on the year they affect
  • Comprehensive Reports – aging, sub ledger (in detail or summary), penalties listing, customer lists, and labels
  • Purge Procedures – ability to purge transaction history based on user-defined selections
  • Security – customize all menus to include only those options required by each user

Name & Address Management

Bellamy’s Name & Address Management provides a central database of name and address information.

The Name & Address system uses a unique number for each record, and all information can be retrieved by other Bellamy software applications. Sharing this data eliminates the need to store duplicate information in individual applications.

System Highlights

  • Access name and address records from appropriate applications
  • Maintain tables for City, Province/State, Country, Postal/Zip codes
  • Print customer mailing labels
  • Purge master information
  • Generates a variety of reports
  • Online master maintenance and inquiry
  • Primary address shared by all applications
  • Mailing address can be defined for each subsystem
  • Notes capability

System Details

  • Detailed Online Inquiry – view master information using online inquiries, including cross-reference to display accounts and balances in all billing subsystems
  • Purge Procedure – purge master information based on user-defined selections
  • Reports – Name & address Master listing
  • Inquiries – multiple master views, multiple mailing address (if used), and cross-reference information
  • Security – customize all menus to include only those options required by each user

Utilities Billing & Collections

Bellamy’s Utility Billing application provides complete autmomated workflow for metered and flat rate utility billing - including deregulated markets such as electricity

Manage your full suite of utility services:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Gas
  • Solid waste & recycling
  • Any other miscellaneous charges.

The flexibility of the application allows functions to be tailored to meet business and operational requirements. The Utility Billing system streamlines processes by automating tasks such as customer and location maintenance, bill processing, delinquencies, penalties, refunds, and meter maintenance. The Utility Billing system is fully integrated with other Bellamy software applications to provide a completely automated utility solution.

System Highlights

  • Unlimited Services Per Customer
  • Budget Payments
  • Meter Change Program
  • Multiple Billing Cycles
  • Initial and Final Bills
  • Work Orders
  • Historical Account Information
  • Credit Information
  • Miscellaneous Charges
  • User-Defined Penalty Options
  • Powerful Inquires with Access to Actual and Budget Information
  • Meter Inventory
  • User-Defined Bill Messaging
  • Custom Letter Generator
  • Notes Capability
  • User-Defined Pro-Ration of Charges
  • Direct Debit Payment
  • Automatic Generation of Credit Refunds
  • Purge Transaction History and Customer Master Information
  • Recalculate Bills for Cycle or Single Customer

System Details

  • Penalty Processing – user-defined with multiple calculation methods
  • Meter Reading Interaction – works with meter reading hand-held devices
  • Deposit Processing – ability to apply to final bill, calculate deposit interest, and allow multiple deposits per account
  • Refund Processing – ability to transfer customer credit balance to Accounts Payable subsystem
  • Winter Averaging – calculate average consumption over a specified time for billing purposes
  • Budget Billing – ability to budget service charges based on previous history for a specific period
  • Automatic Posting to General Ledger – post all financial transactions to the General Ledger
  • Exception or Cycle Billing – bill all accounts in a cycle, or bill only final accounts
  • Multiple Rate Charge Types – flat service, unit usage, meter consumption, and meter consumption with pressure factor
  • User-Defined Rate Codes – ability to control prorate factor, define penalties, define taxes, calculate a rate change during billing cycles, establish maximum and minimum billing accounts
  • Computer Estimation – user-defined number of cycles, monthly adjustment factors, and previous customer history
  • Work Order Processing – process connects, disconnects, and service works orders with reporting and inquiry capability
  • Invoice Entry – normal invoices, adjustment invoices, bill calculations, deposit, and invoice cancellation
  • Meter Reading Inputs – estimates, meter book entry, and meter reading devices
  • Inquires – multiple customer views including consumption/charges, work order, financial, budget, meter change history, notes, credit information, and online service calculations

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