A software system designed by Serenic Software for government & public administration and non-profit organizations.

About AwardVision

Serenic’s grant management software, enables you to successfully compete for grants and awards to support your mission. AwardVision integrates with the Serenic Navigator financial management system, providing a single repository for compliance information, program monitoring and financial data. Full Microsoft Office integration makes it easy to edit and store Word documents, such as grant application templates, within the system and import data to and from Excel. Easily meet each funder’s unique tracking and reporting requirements, even in multiple currencies.

AwardVision works hard from the start. Its intuitive design ensures your team hits the ground running, requiring minimal transition time. You get an integrated, transparent solution that puts your entire organization on the same page; one that gives everyone in every department real-time access to the same ?nancial and program information. Equally important, it gives you a unique combination of tools that enable your organization to demonstrate proper, professional accountability and effective use of the awarded resources.

AwardVision Makes It Easy to Track and Manage All Funding

Successful grant management doesn’t have to be that hard. AwardVision will make your grant management easier start to ?nish. It’s a comprehensive solution that will:

  • Improve decision making and enjoy access to real-time information including expenses, subawards, obligations – all presented in easy-to-understand displays.
  • Increase ef?ciency – Productivity goes up since information silos are eliminated; everyone has access to the same information, reducing “back and forth” communications that waste too much time.
  • Streamline processes – Get a comprehensive picture, start to ?nish, of your entire process and eliminate redundant and potentially con?icting data issues.
  • Automate, simplify grant compliance – Access data in the format you need as often as you need.
  • Provide user-de? ned multicurrency viewing – Use AwardVision to view and report grant data in different currencies, depending on your multinational operational needs.
  • Ensure funder restriction compliance – Better manage grants by linking all relevant ?nancial activity to a particular segment.
  • Increase ?exibility – Choose to incrementally vs. fully obligate funding.

User Reviews of AwardVision

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