A higher education ERP system.

Product Overview

Ellucian Banner is an ERP system designed specifically for higher education institutions. It offers flexibility in deployment through SaaS, private cloud, and on-premise options. This solution focuses on enhancing collaboration across departments. Its key strengths lie in providing deep expertise in higher education, scalability, and extensibility to meet the unique challenges of educational institutions.

Formerly SCT Banner e-Education from SunGuard, the modern Ellucian Banner includes student information management, human resources, finance, and financial aid modules.


  • Flexible deployment options
  • Expertise in serving higher education facilities and organizations
  • Scalable and extensible for growing systems
  • "Plan your course" feature steamlines student registration and scheduling


  • Must contact the vendor directly for pricing details
  • Reporting functionality is on the basic side
  • Users have reported issues with timely customer service

Target Market

Higher educational institutes of all sizes. Its features are tailored for managing the complexities of higher education processes, including accounts, endowment management, and sponsored research accounting. The software is particularly beneficial for institutions needing a comprehensive view of their operations and financial activities.

Not Recommended For

Smaller educational institutions or high schools, as the functionality and price point may be more than what smaller schools require or can afford.

About Ellucian Banner

Video Overview

Modules and Features

Ellucian Banner Student

  • Registration
  • Advising
  • Administration tools
  • Key reporting

Ellucian Banner Human Resources

  • Position management
  • Information on the go
  • Talent management tools
  • Employment administration
  • Payroll processing

Ellucian Banner Finance

  • Financial management
  • Data
  • Procurement
  • Research administration

Ellucian Banner Financial Aid

  • Financial aid management
  • Tracking and disbursement
  • Analysis

Product Overview

User Reviews of Ellucian Banner

Submitted on August 22nd, 2020 by Anonymous

The worst paid software I’ve ever dealt with.

The Good…

I look forward to the day when our 9 year contract expires. That’s right folks, they’ll sell your exec’s a nine year contract! There is no way anyone knows what software their organization will require in 5 years much less 9 years.

The Bad…

Banner is a web version of late 80’s early 90’s software and it really shows. There is no user dashboard, no analytics, no attachments allowed; and all the pages have nonsensical names like SPRIDEN which mean absolutely nothing except that you and all of your staff will spend years learning an old, cryptic table and function lables conceived in the mind of a long-since retired oracle DBA. Data entry must be done anywhere from two to six times by your business users. Hardly any automation! I seriously believe that excel spreadsheets on a san would be more effective.

Submitted on May 30th, 2018 by Jesse Nebres

I like the plan your course feature. Before registration you can pick the courses you intend to take, and right when registration time hits, you can click submit your class schedule, and then you’re good to go. Classes fill up fast for the best teachers so it helps to make sure we can register on time for classes we need to take.

Submitted on May 30th, 2018 by Adrian Rodriguez

The registration system is really popular now with students because we can do scheduling that we couldn’t do before. I can plan my days schedule and don’t have to worry about it. The new registration system we can take advantage of contacting the professor directly as it’s more comprehensive. We can look at their time and schedule and I enjoy that more.

Submitted on August 28th, 2017 by Stephanie Boledovich

The first time I sorted my fields by the timesheet sequence, and I then went and reordered them and saved, it was great. I was able to do that so much quicker and easier than in the past.

One of my favorite features about Banner 9 for HR is the business analyst side. I am responsible for managing our rule form, such as web time entry and what we display to you in web time entry.

The form behind that has a list of our earn codes. Those earn codes have different columns. One is timesheet sequence so I know how to put what on the timesheet in what order. These columns are sortable by earn code, timesheet, sequence number. It saves me time and impacts payroll when updating salary tables.

Submitted on August 23rd, 2017 by Carole Wilson

I’m the business systems analyst at UNC Wilmington.

My staff can type in Banner Finance journal entries and find the form. They can type in just journal and it will bring a drop-down. I love that aspect.

Banner 9 will help our institution with the goals of integrating other systems with Banner. We currently use SciQuest and that implementation will be extended functionality with the fact that we have that extensibility in Banner 9.

When we looked at Banner 9 Finance I wanted to make sure my users were comfortable with the form.

I pulled in finance users on campus to help with data testing to find out what they would use. That got everyone to buy-in from every division before the final campus test. It’s going to make your life so much easier because it’s easily adoptable,

Submitted on December 8th, 2016 by Frank Abney

Instead of making modifications ourselves locally we’ve used partner development groups to get our needs in the product.

They have a strong community. When I have had a problem, I send a message to the community and to support. Often the community is back almost immediately. It’s a wealth of knowledge. Support is also there to follow up with answers.

Since they are primarily higher education, Ellucian has been a great partner. They have evolved their product offerings and I feel better about them because they understand the offerings we want.